Monthly Archive 24/12/2013

ByDanish Pastry

Reflections on Goalposts

A recent autumn storm caused the destruction of the metal goal fame in our garden. The small goal with the weather-beaten net had fallen into disuse. But I liked it seeing it there on the grass. I suppose I half-expected, half-hoped, it would be used again. Once, it was a father and son thing and had been constructed carefully from a nice set of plans. At the time, it impressed both son and daughter no end. But that was then, this was now. Read More


Bonkers OCNC Thread

Since it appears that there are some organised campaigns on the blog designed to embroil us in this terminal nonsense again and again, I have introduced this new thread. Anyone wants to debate this as an alternative to sticking pins in ones eye, here’s the place.

Usual rules as far as TSFM-etiquette apply.