A Question of Trust (Updated)


I had the pleasure of being at Murrayfield yesterday to …

Comment on A Question of Trust (Updated) by titaniumrod.

I had the pleasure of being at Murrayfield yesterday to watch Scotland’s superb win against Italy. As often happens when going to rugby, it occurs to me that football could learn so much from rugby. On the pitch, the ref radio is a great idea. You can listen in to the ref as he talks to the players and explains his decisions. No need for all unnecessary debate that surrounds refereeing in football. It was suggested to me that they couldn’t mic up the refs in football due to the players swearing at the refs and the constant dissent. Well, dissent ruins football. If micing up the refs removes it then that can only be good. Swearing at refs and dissent are bookable offenses anyway so refs could just start applying the rules – revolutionary!

Off the pitch, the whole experience was far more pleasurable than attending many football matches, particularly those involving the Glasgow clubs with the larger supports. No swearing unnecessarily, no quasi Irish history, no sub-human toilet protocols, people enjoying themselves, the sport and each other’s company.

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