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What the FUQ ? – Frequently Unanswered Questions During the last …

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What the FUQ ? – Frequently Unanswered Questions

During the last 6 months here at The Scottish Football Monitor, we have developed a reputation for asking intelligent questions about those things in Scottish football that just don’t seem to add up. Despite posters on this blog and its predecessor RTC asking these same questions ad infinitum for well over a year now, a good many remain unanswered (or perhaps ignored and unasked) by those with the power to do so and there are now understandable signs of frustration and (dare I say) despondency being exhibited at the lack of response from the football authorities. In truth, there are still a lot of uncertainties and inconsistencies that need to be explored and resolved before any real progress can be made in our quest to improve the beautiful game in this country.

In any normal society we could rely on the fourth estate to ask these probing questions on our behalf and to not rest until they were answered fully by those responsible (i.e. those whose job it is to respond to such questions). However, as we have observed over the past few years, most Scottish football journalists are either too lazy, too scared or too corrupted by bias or corporate kickbacks to bother with that old ‘seeking the truth and informing the citizens’ malarkey. As a result it has been left to us citizen bloggers to ask the pertinent questions, solicit appropriate answers, posit theories and opinions, cogitate and postulate potential remedies and dissect all official, superficial or accidental utterances from the usual suspects. (Take that Mr Grossman!)

To be fair to the Scottish hack pack, they have, at least, now conceded that they are “probably best placed for analysis” of the issues, having already accepted that any new stories are most often first broken and broadcast in the blogosphere. Despite this haughty view of their presumed value being out-and out nonsense, at least they are beginning to realise that the fifth estate (that’s you and me by the way) is starting to seriously intrude on their presumed market share of the minds of Scottish football fans. It is also unfortunate that this ‘analysis’ for which they feel they are best placed doesn’t seem to go as far as actually asking difficult questions of anyone of any importance.

This state of affairs has most likely been going on for a very long time, it’s just that we either didn’t notice it before or we didn’t have the luxury of Google and forums like this which allow us to analyse and verify or disprove the information we were being fed by the mainstream media. In order to counter this new found ‘voice of the people’ the MSM have come up with a number of little ‘tricks’ which help to keep many of us asleep, ‘onside’ and unquestioning of their authority and their honesty.

One of these tricks is to generate what is called ‘Hyperattention’. To get this hyperattention, the MSM exclusively focuses on a single agreed narrative about an event or an issue which has the effect of marginalising other points of view that are equally valid, if not more so. In the early days of the Rangers saga it was all ‘we’ll lose the Sky contracts’, ‘Scotland needs a strong Rangers’ and ‘there is no vehicle for demotion to the SFL’ despite all these statements being questionable and at least up for debate. It appears that it is narratives, not facts and objective data, that now take center stage in the journalist’s world.

Another tactic is simply to manufacture fake news with which to spark controversy and deflect from the real issues at hand. A classic example of this was in the autumn of 2011 when Scottish tabloids (one in particular) decided to concentrate on promulgating an irrational fear and hatred directed towards the Celtic manager, Neil Lennon. Whipping up unnecessary and dangerous hysteria while simultaneously deflecting from Rangers financial implosion and imminent demise. For weeks Neil Lennon was all anyone in the street talked about while on RTC posters were discussing Craig Whyte failing to keep up with Rangers’ PAYE and NI obligations.

The MSM’s modus operandi is aimed at ‘manufacturing consent’ and has to be planned and organised at a strategic level. They are therefore likely to be beyond the ken of the likes of Messrs Traynor, Keevins, Jackson, Leckie et al. However, that doesn’t stop them from playing a significant role in this corporate conspiracy to encourage the incorrigible and dupe the deluded. At their level they simply have to write what they are told (or not write what they are told not to write as the case may be) and, in fairness, some of them are exceptionally good at that.

One of the most simple strategies to get people to believe what you want them to believe (and which even the most worn out hacks can employ without direction) is a well- known and well-tested mind control technique of repeating the same mantra over and over again until it becomes accepted as truth in the eyes of the trusting public (think Craig Whyte, Armageddon, World Record Attendances and New Company/Old Club). Once these mantras have been firmly fixed in the minds of their intended victim there is little point in spending time and energy trying to persuade them otherwise. As Mark Twain noted “Never argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level then beat you with experience”.

Journalists and editors who oversee the making of the news play much the same role as screenwriters in the filmmaking process. Their apparent power stems from the fact that the public tends to look at news as being ‘real,’ whereas they know that movies are totally fake. However, ‘news’ about Scottish football in general and The Rangers in particular is the farthest thing from being real.

While these ‘public perception devices’ are being utilised more and more often these days, It is becoming apparent that some of our citizens are more susceptible to their influence than others. Sites like this one provide a vehicle for those of us who do not accept the ‘pre-approved’ view of events to air our opinions and resolve our concerns. We seek answers not because we have a latent mistrust of the authorities (though that would certainly be understandable given the way they have behaved) but because the alternative is to sanction wanton greed and corruption and to willingly accept lies as fact. For me, that is a path I have no desire to go down.

In my humble opinion, it is important that we keep asking the awkward questions because we need answers and we need them soon otherwise a large number of intelligent fans could be lost to the game completely, allowing football to become the stronghold of the stupid, the gullible and the wilfully ignorant.

But then again, I am just a semi-literate bampot, so what the FUQ would I know ?

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A Roman God, a New Year, a Paycheque a Sports Jacket and that thing called football!
Should read: part-owner of the club/company.

A Roman God, a New Year, a Paycheque a Sports Jacket and that thing called football!
briggsbhoy says:
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 20:22

The only real difference is that Celtic are now a ‘public limited company’ meaning that you can buy shares and become a part-owner of the company.

A Roman God, a New Year, a Paycheque a Sports Jacket and that thing called football!
Facts are Facts

Let me make this easy for those hard of thinking football pundits, Rangers, the football club, was formed in 1872, incorporated (i.e. became a company) in 1899 and, after creating almost 140 years of history, went into administration unable to pay their creditors (including the tax man) up to £50,000,000 and were subsequently consigned to liquidation in 2012.

In summary, Rangers, the club which became the company are no more. Simple.

In the football business, the terms ‘club’ and ‘company’ are, more often than not, used interchangeably. This is a historical anomaly which has served simply in order to maintain the fan’s sense of ownership and belonging to the ‘club’. Despite it being the truth, no-one likes to think of themselves as a supporter of a ‘company’ which happens to run a football team. Whist utilising this transposable narrative is common practice and perfectly acceptable to both fans and the authorities, it is technically and legally a false description.

In law, clubs are really no more than unincorporated associations which, unlike companies, have no legal personality of their own. Just because a company uses the term ‘Club’ in their name does not in fact make them a club in the legal sense of the word. Just in the same way as if I called my son Prince, that wouldn’t make him royalty. A company can however ‘operate a football club’ although this ‘club’, having no distinct personality, can neither enter into contracts nor sell shares.

Rangers ‘history’ ended when the assets of the old club were sold to Charles Green and they were no longer able to operate a football club. It is only Rangers the brand that lives on.

The word ‘brand’, in marketing terms, comes from the rather dubious practice of burning an identifying mark onto the body of livestock to distinguish one group of beasts from those of another. In essence this brand became the recognised logo for a particular breeder or supplier of cattle to the market, making it easier for the buyer to identify and purchase on the basis of perceived quality and the reputation of the brand owner.

A brand identity is one of the most valuable fixed assets of any company yet Duff and Phelps sold this ‘asset’ of the old Rangers to Charles Green’s Sevco 5088 for a solitary knicker.

Contrary to Mr Green’s view, you can neither buy nor sell history, you can only buy and sell assets. Mr Green bought the Rangers brand and is using this brand identity to sell this new club to fans of the old club (though whether BDO find that it was undervalued and gratuitously alienated from creditors remains to be seen).

He therefore can go on claiming that he bought the ‘history’ all he wants because it is basically meaningless in both football and business terms.

And that is that.

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Thanks BRTH, excellent blog as always.

My only worry is that your little allegory could give the impression that CO was somehow ‘duped’ by the big bad corporate beasties residing at Edmiston Drive and that he did/does not have access to ‘inside’ knowledge about WTF is going on over at Ibrox.

Personally, I don’t buy that, however, as we all know, this ‘poor’ guy has always had it within his powers to put an immediate stop to his ongoing personal nightmare by simply applying the agreed rules ‘without fear or favour’.

Without even having to use the powers invested in him, he could simply brandish them like a sword of truth to cut through the Gordian knot of Sevco/The Rangers ownership. That he failed and continues to fail to do so, even to the detriment of his own authority and the game in this country as a whole, smacks of either fear or complicity (or perhaps even both).

This guy isn’t just your run-of-the-mill chairman or CEO content to turn a blind eye to the dodgy dealing of his minions in the pursuit of personal profit (a la Nick Leeson’s line manager). This man has the honour of being elevated to a place where he represents our entire nation in a huge part of our Scottish culture.

If he can’t stand up he should stand down.

The Immortality Project
Hi guys,

Just catching up with the last few days postings. Ecobhoy’s post this a.m. is absolutely on the money. The work that Ecobhoy, newtz, castofthousands et al have undertaken to expose the corruption at the heart of our beautiful game is nothing short of exemplary. These posters are doing the work that our feckless MSM was supposed to do. I believe that we owe them all a debt of gratitude for their tireless efforts. More power to your elbows chaps.

The Immortality Project
Regarding your suggested transfer of my ramblings to Twitter, can I point out how hard it is to express an opinion with a 140 character limi

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