A Sanity Clause for Xmas?


Comedy gold from Andy Goram in a sky sports news …

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Comedy gold from Andy Goram in a sky sports news interview this evening. Half my mug of cocoa just about landed on the dog!

As a matter of fact, he basically informed the nation that it was a ‘strange one’ that the board knocked back a £16 million personal pledge from Dave King and accepted £2 million from Ashley instead.

Where to start?!

Death should be a welcome relief to this mob!

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A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
So there I was sitting having my tea and toast this morning when, after reading the real news on TSFM, I stumbled across an article on the BBC website stating that Rino Gattuso was in for the Hamilton Accies job and upon further reading that John Hartson was also interested in the position.

Whilst reading, and for my sins, I had Talk Sport on in the background. Didn’t they only have the afforementioned Mr Hartson on with Alan Brazil and didn’t Alan only ask John about the link! I’m paraphrasing here, but John categorically denied having any interest in the job and claimed it must be some agent at it.

Au contraire John, what has happened here is that some BBC journalist / PR spin man has again tried to create a link between Celtic FC and the team that plays in Govan. Truly desperate stuff and yet more confirmation of my assertion the other day that the BBC is now little better than the tabloid press.

A question I have is that has the BBC always been this bad? Clearly their choice of employees is questionable at best ranging from the embarrassingly neutral Mr Spiers to the embarrassingly inarticulate Mr Dodds but surely, surely we should expect a superior standard of reporting from our national broadcaster?

And don’t get me started on Richard Wilson’s performance last night :slamb: :slamb: :slamb:

A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
Re Ecoboy at 10.00am

Sorry Eco, I lost all faith in our ‘National Broadcasters professionalism and integrity’ a long time ago. There are a few notable exceptions but as a rule of thumb they are generally at the standard of the tabloid press nowadays.

Clearly you are impressed with Richard for not addressing them as the Three Bears, meanwhile everyone else on the station does so. You’re hearing something completely different to me if you think RW’s a broadcaster of impartiality and integrity :slamb:

A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
John Clark mentioned it yesterday and for me too it’s all about gravitas when it comes to the likes of Richard Wilson.

He must be absolutely loathed to describe, in his mind what are three respected Rangers minded businessmen, as the Three Bears. Hence he chooses to give them the respect and ‘dignity’ he thinks they deserve by naming them individually on the BBC.

I personally prefer the more widely used pantomime reference when it comes to identifying them, but obviously I’m not Rangers minded.

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