A Sanity Clause for Xmas?


Sarver says: “I think Rangers is a gem. It just …

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Sarver says: “I think Rangers is a gem. It just needs some love and it needs to be polished.” and, apparently, its “a treasure in the community”… !!! Can I have some of what he’s been smoking?

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A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
Tincks says:
January 18, 2015 at 3:34 pm

My over-riding impression is of the dam creaking.

That’s my impression too – cracks starting to appear.. seepage turning into a trickle… hopefully when it bursts it will sweep away the existing SFA, SPFL, and SMSM with it…

A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
Three things I really like about TSFM, which IMO set it apart from most of the Scottish Football scene:

1) questioning minds – with the intellects and hearts of posters generally triumphing over the emotions that so often rule football supporters
2) fellowship – across fans of many clubs from many backgrounds
3) humour – which often has me rolling in the floor. By comparison, it is very noticeable that those who seek to manipulate our game, and the knuckle-draggers who seek to get their way through threats and violence.

IMO the primeval and aggressive element of the bears – and the similar elements to be found in many club’s supporters – represent the worst aspects of the old paradigm in our society, and we should stand up to such people fearlessly, as we expose their ignorance and hypocracy. Meanwhile TSFM blazes a trail to a new paradigm, where followers of all clubs can join together with respect for each other and for the concept and maintenance of sporting integrity – where fans of all clubs can enjoy the game without any of the sectarian or supremacist baggage of the past.

Scottish football needs a strong TSFM (and – with deference to Red Lichtie – a strong Arbroath).

A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
redlichtie says:
January 16, 2015 at 10:50 pm

So, who else thinks MA may just pull the plug?

absolutely – it looks to me as if that is his game… he seems to be taking every opportunity to rile the bears, and I think his main target is the RRM and I suspect that he would very much enjoy rendering their recent share purchases worthless at a stroke. Call in his 3 million, having pre-empted any attempt of others to use Ibrox and Murray Park as security. Send out a strong message – don’t mess with Mike! Presumably we will not have to wait long to find out if this is the case…

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Spot the difference?
Allyjambo says:
January 29, 2015 at 9:48 pm

…what will be the biggest match Hampden has witnessed since the day before!

nice one AJ 😀

Spot the difference?
Esteban says:
January 28, 2015 at 7:55 pm

If even if Ashley didn’t care, he might sell more season books or merchandise if he pretended he did. If he wanted to be cynical about it, he could deliver the odd Greenesque ‘everyone’s against us’ speech and watch the effect on the cash registers. The fact that he doesn’t bother must be even more of a worry.

One almost gets the impression that Mr Ashley doesn’t give two hoots for the Ibrox faithful… Rather, as someone posted here earlier, it is as if he has a grudge that he is venting – like he wants to humiliate them at every opportunity (the AGM being a classic example).

Spot the difference?
jean7brodie says:
January 28, 2015 at 7:11 pm

thanks Jean 🙂

Smugas says:
January 28, 2015 at 7:15 pm

I think it is genuinely only now dawning on the authorities and media that those that they have cravenly assisted into position may not actually have rangers best interests at heart…

Yes – far too late to save their situation IMO. It seems to me that, in effect, the authorities and media have both been working against the interests of ALL fans of Scottish football, including Rangers fans. Whether they have been acting out of fear, bias, ignorance, greed, self-interest or whatever, I feel sure that both the authorities and media will reap the rewards of their misjudgement in due course, as those that they have been duping finally waken up.

Spot the difference?
IMO Mike Ashley has just driven the final stake into the heart of the beast that was consuming Scottish Football. Let me try to get this straight…

Sports Direct have, effectively, assumed the responsibility (and the security and other side deals) for the £3m MASH loan, and have generously forwarded a further £2m net new cash to be consumed by the new club – presumably already spent on the January wages… Then there is the mirage of a “reversible” offer to forward another £5m, if and when they feel like it… or not! All of this has been successfully spun to the media as a new £10m loan! As commission on this special offer, Sports Direct effectively assume full control of Rangers Retail, and can thus rewrite the Rangers merchandising contracts to be even more onerous than they already are… Also, inter alia in the their goodie bag, they get security against everything of value that remains in Sevco (Ibrox being irrelevant as it is clearly more of a liability than an asset now, what with escalating repair bills, onerous contracts, fan boycotts, and so on)…

IMO this beats Abbot and Costello’s “two tens for a five” hands down. I’ll give you 2 and you give me… all your remaining hope for the future…

Sports Direct have just delivered the final blow to a Sevco and RIFC already thoroughly looted by a seemingly endless conveyer belt of spivs. The new club (or is that clubs? TRFC and RIFC…) are now mired in a complex web of debts and mysterious long term onerous obligations, and anyone with a heart would already be calling in the liquidators to put them out of their misery…

When the dust settles, what will be there for a Third Rangers? A crumbling Ibrox with multiple onerous contracts intact, and repair bills that themselves will cost more than a new stadium (suitably downsized for the drastically diminished support)? A “club” whose image rights and very identity will have to be licensed (on suitably onerous terms) from Sports Direct? A rapidly-dwindling fan-base who are getting right royally sick of it all, and understandably, after being consistently duped by an SMSM who have become nothing more than a propaganda outlet for the spivs that have been ripping off these same fans repeatedly, and aim to continue doing so.

All of this being “overseen” by utterly craven and corrupt football “authorities”, who are now so compromised that it seems clear that whoever is in charge of “Rangers” can write their own script…

Not to mention the growing web of litigation both civil and criminal, that will surely drag on for years if not decades yet…

What a mess. I don’t see any future for Rangers that will be in any way acceptable to most of their fans. The utter lack of integrity displayed by the SFA and SPFL over many years has already ensured the demise of the real Rangers, and their Frankensteinian replacement is now ready to follow suit… and any further versions are now seriously crippled before they even start, thanks to the business acumen of Mike Ashley, and the supporting cast of assorted spivs.

The corruption of the “authorities” centres on Rangers. When the beast that Rangers has become is slain, then surely the downfall of these “authorities” cannot be far behind? They have sold out the very constituency that they were attempting to save. Possibly Mike Ashley will wish to toy with them for a little while first, just for his own amusement…

The media likewise has sold out the very constituency that they are in fear of offending.

The SMSM are already in decline and are being replaced by social media and the internet bampots, so no problem there. But if we want a worthwhile future for Scottish football as a whole, then we must ensure that the SFA and SPFL are liberated from the shameless crooks and incompetents that are currently in charge. They are now (or will be imminently) on their knees and vulnerable. IMO only fan power, mobilised via the internet, can right this wrong.

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