A spectre is haunting Scottish Football


If you borrow money with no intention to pay it …

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If you borrow money with no intention to pay it back, it’s not really borrowing, is it.
It’s stealing.

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Whose assets are they anyway?
Press Association ‏@PA 7m7 minutes ago#Breaking Former Rangers owner Craig Whyte declared bankrupt at the High Court in London

The Case for a New SFA.
me too.

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Does ‘approved’ comment mean only Thumbs Up, or could it be Thumbs Down?

Spot the difference?
How do all the rest of the clubs feel about this?

“Johnston told BBC Scotland. “”It gets competition back in there and that’s what’s good for Scottish football.””

Obviously, with the tightest top league in years, the fact that 2nd place is guaranteed not to belong to another Glasgow club. we can’t possibly be having competition, can we?

I wonder if competition is all about marble staircases and all other clubs looking up.

Harper Macleod and LNS
Just a general feeling, but those who are currently Celtic fans and feel they will ‘turn their backs’ if the Celtic plc starts to re-use the old-firm tag line…

I really rather feel that Celtic plc have been painted into a corner, and any move by them to further alienate or anger either side of the traditional blue and green elements, will serve to do nothing more than ratchet up the hatred, emotions, passion…and none of which, in this context, would be positive.

In other words, any statements or actions that jeopardise either fan safety or shareholder returns, are going to be a complete no no.

I resent who ‘they’ were, much as I resent who they now claim to be, but I would not want to be in Glasgow on the day of the semi-final anyway, but in particular, if Celtic plc start refuting the ‘old-firm’ by trying to claim it doesn’t exist, or that the club playing out of ibrox are only 2 years old.
None of it.

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