A spectre is haunting Scottish Football


Just a thought wrt “liquidation 2.0” and re-injection into football …

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Just a thought wrt “liquidation 2.0” and re-injection into football – we now have the Lowland league and with it the opportunity to win a play-off into league two. Therefore, I would argue that it and the Highland league are the de-facto starting points for senior football and disruption would be at a minimum as you would not need to shuffle clubs up/down divisions after they have budgeted for the division they expect to be in.

Also, on the junkie analogy earlier, I have often used in conversation over the years to describe the SPL and the chasing of TV money and having to “compete” which was the be all and end all to the clubs. Only now are Motherwell, Aberdeen, Dundee Utd etc. recovering from that addiction.

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A spectre is haunting Scottish Football

It is disappointing Dundee United tried to pursue this tiresome, legally incorrect and provocative argument given that it has been repeatedly confirmed by the football authorities in Scotland and beyond that administration and liquidation of the companies that owned the Club did not break the continuity of the Club’s history or its record of honours won.

Fantastic legal news for Airdrieonians, Clydebank, Third Lanark and Gretna. They can find new companies and retain their football history. Current Airdrieonians can rename themselves The Clydebank to allow a fresh company to take over the mantle of Airdrieonians and reclaim their scottish cup win and european adventure. Huzzah!

Makes me wonder why the hell Clyde bothered spending the last ten years paying off historic debt at the expense of the playing side and becoming debt free in October when we had this other legal course of action available.

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Fantastic Voyage ..

Riever, as I said earlier there has never been an example in Scotland similar – where an entire football club has been phoenixed at the time and not years later. I had been looking at many other similar examples in England, Northern Ireland and Europe to see if the attitudes were the same. Which is what brought me to declare this more of a Rangers Celtic think


Read the link articles above. Airdrieonians tried the very same and applied for league membership. Funnily enough, the authorities felt it would "set a bad precedent" for debt dumping and continuing as a football team so let Gretna in instead (what a great move THAT turned out to be). I guess Airdrie were not "socially fabric" enough or "socially unrestable" enough. 40 out of 42 clubs in the SPFL know exactly what liquidation will mean for them. 1 suspects what it would mean and the other seems to feel impervious.

Clyde fan with many Airdrie supporting friends who knocked their pans out to avoid liquidation. No interest in either R or C.

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
Demotion, relegation and “placement” all mixed up together to describe Livingston moving from division 1 to division 3.


However, it is in the context of the SFL commenting and therefore based on their rules at the time.

ETA: Just saw Scott C’s earlier post on the same topic. Apologies.

Accountability, Transparency, & Brave Sir Robin

Great to see this initiative and the club trying to engage with its support after a horrendous and contentious past ten years.
I asked a couple of pointed questions regarding turning their gaze farther afield to the administration of the game. Hopefully there will be some follow up on those in the wider report. A previous question of mine resulted in the response that “the SFA/SPFL does not speak for the club”. So while there have been plenty of comments on here that the clubs ARE the SFA, that view may not necessarily be shared by the clubs themselves. 

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Clyde drawn at home to Partick Thistle U20’s in the IRNBRU cup. I will be giving this competition a wide bearth as including colt teams in senior competition leaves me cold. Here are some choice quotes from the Clyde board in response to a question regarding the new format:

The club was not involved in any consultation process regarding the format and the announcement of the format was shared with us one day prior to it being released to the public. The decision was made by the SPFL board.

The Challenge Cup has always been very marginal, and there is no prospect of the revised format being commercially viable for us if we play at home to small crowds.

The competition can be viable if we do not have home matches as the hosting club picks up all of the costs and related work and simply hands us 45% of the gate, which even on small attendances will always be positive.

What’s not to be excited about there? The only hope is that the format falls flat on its arse and is changed, in full consultation with all clubs. It means short term financial pain for clubs but needs must. My hope is that Barry ferguson plays the under-19’s for that game but no doubt if he did we would be hit with a fine for disrespecting the competition.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
And this from four years ago on the Sevco vote… http://www.clydefc.co.uk/news/2012/06/30/4134/#.V2E_1tIrKUk

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