A spectre is haunting Scottish Football


Fair points Goosy Goosy. Without getting into the whole old …

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Fair points Goosy Goosy. Without getting into the whole old club new club thing, while acknowledging there is a break, and not buying into the whole holding company scenario, I always have thought of Rangers as something that would go on even after liquidation became inevitable, and thus have put up with a lot while also being as outrage as everyone else here at the likes of the five way agreement. Reconstruction on a Rangers benefit basis though would just be a step too far, final nail in the coffin.

While hindsight is a wonderful thing, I really do wish we’d got together and started the fan based club you mention immediately after liquidation. I don’t really buy into the entitlement scenario often put forward here, but I do think that as a fan base we were conditioned to rely on one “big man” running the place and when liquidation occurred we just waited for the next one to step up. Personally, given everything that’s occurred since then, I’d rather that Mr Ashley had just jumped in with both feet at that point.

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A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Nothing more than mischief making from me here, but the dual ownership issue is with UEFA rather than the SFA I believe. English teams generally can’t be bothered with the Europa League, therefore perhaps it would actually suit Mr Ashley to have a way to get Newcastle out of the Europa League while simultaneously getting Rangers into Europe, kill two birds with one stone?!

That one might get me thumbs up. This one won’t. Having followed Mr McCoist closely throughout his career, him being my ultimate hero all the way through my childhood (and even those of you who don’t like him, watch some of his goals, you’ll see why), I actually have a view of him and his current goals / ambitions which I think is probably not exactly mainstream. I remember reading in his autobiography many years ago about the fans singing “Ally, Ally, get to f***” and his determination to turn that round. After improved performances, the “Super Ally” ditty was born, and remained in place after truly outstanding performances over the years. My take on him as a manager is that he believes he will turn it round, as he did as a player. I respect this view, and this determination, however I think he was markedly more talented as a player than he is as a manager.

I know many here speculate on his desire for cash etc., but he is already a wealthy man and I doubt his sole motivation in any of these recent developments is cash.

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Danish Pastry I won’t repeat what it said but there’s an image at the link below.


A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
I must be missing a step here weeman…Celtic fans daub vile graffiti celebrating the Ibrox disaster, a Rangers supporters group issues a statement condemning this and yet somehow the Rangers group are in the wrong? If the graffiti had been about Hillsborough wouldn’t you expect some comment from Liverpool fans? I also notice that you’re too busy having a pop at the RST to mention a harsh word about the graffiti itself.

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One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
Cluster One I said we’d remained competitive longer, not finished closer. At the turn of the year we were genuine title contenders and had finally beaten Celtic in the league for the first time since liquidation. We’ve fallen far away now but that’s what I meant by remaining competitive – previous years have seen us out of serious contention by the end of July!

One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
Cluster One I’d certainly like him to stay. I think he’s done a great job, some fantastic results in Europe and kept us competitive in the league far longer than previous regimes, not that that is saying much. However I think progress has been made and have confidence that it will continue to be made. Celtic are not a great yardstick for Rangers at the moment, given how far ahead they are in terms of budget, but if you look at Rangers compared to others in the league we are doing well (or at least doing what we should be doing with the relative budget). 

One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
The Ryan Kent clothesline on Scott Brown was pretty outrageous, you don’t generally see someone so blatantly battering another player. One suspects a lengthy ban is to follow. 

Disappointing result for me today obviously but I thought it was a very entertaining game in a lot of ways, and momentum swung strangely during the match. 

I remember after the World Cup final in 2002, everybody was wondering what Materazzi had said to Zidane. Who knows what Scott Brown was saying today, but he clearly had a good script. It’s a nasty side of the game in my view, I remember it even from playing fives when guys would say horrendous things just to wind you up when there was no competition involved at all. I’m not defending Rangers players reacting at all by the way, before I get shouted down for that. For context I’d reference the Neil Lennon / Ally Mccoist situation a few years ago when Mccoist obviously said something very incendiary to Lennon and caused that nasty confrontation. 

Pretty much a league win today for Celtic. Do Hoops fans want to see Mr Lennon in charge permanently? 

JPP: Perverting Justice?
Allyjambo / Upthehoops,


I think you’re both mistaken. There may still be some Rangers fans who see Mr Murray in a positive light, but I don’t know a single Rangers fan who thinks of him positively and everyone I know sees quite clearly how he is the author of Rangers downfall. 

Fantastic Voyage ..


So what you’re essentially saying is “I think it is an absolutely shocking decision. Who are these people? I want to know who these people are.” I only highlight this because once upon a time a certain Rangers manager was pilloried from pillar to post on here for not dissimilar sentiments. And by not dissimilar sentiments, I mean I copied and pasted his statement above and it matches fairly exactly what you said. 

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