A spectre is haunting Scottish Football


Davythelotion says: November 28, 2014 at 7:53 am I can’t see any …

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davythelotion says:
November 28, 2014 at 7:53 am

I can’t see any indication of how much the latest 10 redundancies cost, the payments made to Imran or the severance payments to Wallace & Nash.


Presumably because the accounts are up to end of June 2014, when both Wallace & Nash were still in post and the other redundancies had not occured

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A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Danish Pastry says:
December 21, 2014 at 8:35 am

To be honest, the Bampot tribe has more in common with native Americans than most cowboys, in that what was theirs was taken from them.

Ah’ll get ma feather…


…and the SFA is run by cowboys

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Cowboys and Indians:

Stewart Regan – Sitting Duck
Neil Doncaster – Big Chief Talking Bull

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
ratethisthenyabampots says:
December 18, 2014 at 7:15 pm

Apologies if already posted.



Also put me in mind – for some reason which I can’t quite put my finger on – the repeated quote from one of the Pirates of the Caribbean* movies: “The Dutchman must have a captain!”

*any proximity to the British Virgin Islands is entirely coincidental

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Fergus McCann v David Murray
martin c 7th August 2020 at 18:10
Im rather concerned re the FMs and the SGs response to some young men going to the pub. There has not been a cat 1a worker told not to go to the pub.

These young men are being victimised for catching a virus- could’ve happened anywhere. They are being blamed, we are being told its their fault, they are being portrayed as part of a wider problem of antisocial behaviour within the context of the global pandemic in Scotland.

They have done nothing wrong- why the big fuss- im sure you couldn’t enforce anyone not to do what is legal despite what a contract says or “rules”?

The first problem that they have is that professional footballers (rightly or wrongly) are seen, as Nicola Sturgeon said today, to be “role models”. In the current circumstances, role models arguably carry a greater responsibility (again, rightly or wrongly) for the consequences of their actions.

The second problem that they have is that their actions appear to have been outside of what is permissible in their workplace and occupation at the present time. That in itself should be the basis of disciplinary action from their employer.

If eight pilots went on the lash the night before attempting to fly transatlantic 747s (other aeroplanes are available) no one would bat an eyelid at the inevitable tribunals, sackings and possible criminal charges. Likewise HGV drivers (with something more earthbound than a Jumbo). Circumstances have changed, and none of us can behave exactly as we did before.

Professional sport has been allowed to restart partly under sufferance and partly, I think, as an experiment. It behoves all involved professionally to behave professionally and to adhere to all the relevant guidelines/rules/advice at all times.

Two quick final points:

You could argue that going drinking after their weekend performance is unprofessional in the first place.
I’d favour awarding a 3-0 to St Johnstone, and any other teams involved in games needing to be cancelled under circumstances such as this. Aside from anything else, why give the players involved a chance to get appearance money or a win bonus for a fixture that had to be rearranged because of their own indiscipline and/or stupidity?

Les Says It is Time to Ask The Audience?
Good afternoon everyone. It must be about six years since I last posted on here although I'm still a regular reader.

Apologies if I've missed this, but has anyone anywhere suggested a transitional league structure for next season with 14 top division clubs and then three divisions of 10? This would obviously avoid any relegations this season while still maintaining promotions, including those from below the SPFL.

All hypothetical anyway if the Falkirk statement is an accurate reflection of the position among top division clubs.

LNS – A Summary
While following James Doleman’s twitter feed yesterday, I was trying to remember where I’d come across Mr Justice Peter Smith before…

Full transcript of judge’s luggage rant at British Airways lawyers emerges

(reposted to hopefully avoid moderation)

LNS – A Summary
So, Dave King meets Neil Doncaster and within 24 hours the RIFC board reverse their position on repaying a £5 millon loan to Mike Ashley.
Two conjectures:
1. The SFA must really want Mike Ashley away from everything.
2. They have a certain amount of leverage with Dave King.

Whose assets are they anyway?
dj7 5th November 2015 at 8:18 pm #andygraham.66 – cant agree that 2002 CUP is null and void – just cos Rangers were cheating… cheats should not prosper – why should other teams be punished cos rangers played first game in an illegal manner. Teams played before with illegal players – did not void those touranments….. Runners-up got there fair and square – and deserve honour – and its an honour ayr deserve – since after 100+ years not won anything major… Its sport we need to recognise the smaller teams and allow them to win something…… or else. Can we have thread on “Who won 2002 Scottish League Cup?” as got 22 up votes…. and just 1 down. 


But you also have to consider the teams who lost in the previous rounds to Rangers as well. They have also been cheated. That’s where the competition unravels and why a ‘void’ result is fairest all round.

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