A spectre is haunting Scottish Football


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SKY news “Craig Whyte appearing in court today with regards to takeover of Rangers, which led to administration and then it’s subsequent liquidation”
Easy as that, simple small truthful statement which seems to be outside our smsm remit. Shame on them

We should now see this reported ad nauseum in the coming weeks & months.

Regan & Doncaster thought the old club / new club argument was simply an issue for the fans. I bet they think differently now.
Armageddon is looming , but not in a way they could have ever imagined.

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A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Well I, for one, congratulate Derek on his new role after passing what must have been a rigorous interviewing process.
Did Sevco actually advertise the vacancy ?
Serious question . Honestly.

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
As you say, not to open a can of worms.
There is no reason to ban Union flags but you have to ask yourself why anyone would actually want to take one to a Scottish domestic game.

In fact a now that I’m in my 50s and a long way from Scotland I understand why people would take a Union flag to a Scottish league game.

I remember a “conversation” with my late dad from circa 40 years ago when I thought I’d follow the English example of getting a UJ emblazoned with HMFC. My late dad took one look at it and told me in very industrial language that I would NOT be taking it to any games and to get rid of it. When I asked him why , he screamed at me ” because we are not Rangers”. I finally know now what he meant.

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
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December 4, 2014 at 5:31 am



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So was The Scottish FA Convention a success?

What do the fans think – and know?

Football fans opinions are dismissed (sometimes rightly)on the basis that they (we) are a fickle and partisan bunch.
I would prefer to use the terms “customer” in this context. Customers are listened to , their cash is fought over by the competition , they are acknowledged as the most important part of the business.
What does the customer think ? What is the “customer experience ” all about ? How are customers opinions/feedback sought ?
Football must be the only business in the world that is still stuck in the 19th century. The overwhelming majority of clubs don’t really communicate with their customers on any significant level. They don’t really care about their customers , value for money or the “customer experience”. They still think fans will blindly buy season tickets/turn up regularly as though the world hasn’t changed in the 140 years since most clubs were formed.

Except the world has changed – unbelievably so in the last 20 years. The advent of TV means football clubs are more concerned with TV income , “the brand” , merchandising. The customer in their native land is all but ignored.

So , lets attack clubs and the “authorities” from the standpoint of unhappy customers (albeit with cash to spend) and let’s attack them as a failed business model. No governance, no leadership, no idea, no vision. Lazy. Isolated. Corrupt – according to one of their own members. The list goes on and on.

And what happens to a business that displays theses failing ?

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Stevie G – The Real Deal?
All Celtic wanted was a fair, open ballot to decide venues. Not only did the SPFL refuse to do that, they even refused to explain why.  I think that says it all, however we are just going round in circles.


All Celtic wanted was a 50% chance of not playing outside Glasgow. That and an utterly disingenuous statement that players from all clubs were being deprived of a chance of playing at the national stadium (that coincidentally happens to be 3 miles from  Parkhead) is sheer hypocrisy. You'd think Murrayfield was some kind of dilapidated shed on the dark side of the moon. 

We have an outcome (finally) that delivers a solution that's fair to everyone, overcomes the problems caused entirely by the participation of Celtic & The rangers in Euro competitions on Thursday (let's not forget that fact). But ,no,it's not enough -because Celtic didn't get to influence the decision making that led up to it. Celtic didn't get their ballot. Celtic wanted a ballot that could have seen a meagre Hearts support traipsing through  to Hampden for a ludicrously early evening kick off that was threatening to turn into a total boycott of the game. All so Celtic could have their say. 


And while this site is so absorbed in the question of "sporting integrity" – I didn't see much outrage about the fact that the Scottish football authorities have signed a contract that is prejudicial to the majority of its member clubs – ie the contract clause that favours the new OF in perpetuity AND also requires games with crowd potential of 20K to ALSO be played in Glasgow. Where's the sporting integrity there ? But that doesn't matter – it's all about Celtic not getting to have a coin toss with Rangers for a face saving exercise.


JPP: Perverting Justice?
. If that is the case then it seems crazy for the SPFL not to go down the fairest route, unless they deliberately don't want to be fair, which we can't rule out as it stands.

But they did go down the fairest route. 

They had to get the games played on the same day but avoid a doomsday scenario in Glasgow.

Ergo, move one to a perfectly suitable venue (which had already been in the frame as a potential new national stadium). 

Not only that , it removes the need for one team's supporters to travel. Marvellous. 

The only thing "unfair" about it is Celtic wanted a ballot to have a 50% chance of avoiding playing outside Glasgow. It is ridiculous for Celtic to try to weasel out of playing at Murrayfield by saying players from all sides should have the chance to play at Hampden. Utterly disingenuous.  Celtic are quite happy to be the beneficiaries of a contract that says all their league cup semi final games MUST be played at Hampden. How's that for "sporting integrity".  Is that not “unfair”. Incredibly Unfair ?

The football administrators are there to administrate and have done so (albeit very belatedly to any degree that takes on board the needs of the fans). And as Hearts fans were told, it's only a 45 minute drive – so where's the problem ? 

JPP: Perverting Justice?
With fans of all sides (other than Rangers, as thing stand) currently having strong grounds to complain about where their game is to be played; and for want of the capacity of our governing bodies to have anticipated this shambles, or to be able to come up with a mutually acceptable compromise solution, the only fair option is to ballot in order to determine venues.


Hearts have never complained about playing at Hampden and it did not feature in their "astonishment" at the proposed farce. This was about the timing of the KO – unprecedented in its timing and inconvenience factor. 

I was "astonished" that SPFL/SFA/Hampden thought it more important to hide behind a contractual clause for this ludicrous proposal. The OF clubs didn't question it – why should thy , they are both playing what is effectively a "home" fixture. But to suggest there should be some kind of ballot is effectively saying what we all know : it's all being dictated by and for the OF.  For Celtic to say HMFC somehow has an advantage at Murrayfield is utter nonsense and completely disingenuous. Not only that , if Celtic TRULY believe that to be the case ,then it is abundantly clear that Celtic have enjoyed the very same advantage every time they've played at Hampden. Talk about hypocrisy !

JPP: Perverting Justice?
Oh dear , first it was the immovable contract clause (that gives the new OF unprecedented privilege unheard of anywhere else in football) and now it's all about making sure they retain that privilege. It's utterly pathetic.  For 140 years Glasgow teams have had all the cards stacked in their favour : play all the big games in Glasgow with Glasgow based refs (some even known to be supporters of said teams) – but move one game and it's not acceptable – and this from a team who have contributed to the fixture chaos because of THEIR Europa league games. 


When all is  said and done – this it what it has always been about ; Who was going to blink first , Celtic or Sevco.  As a Hearts fan who would have had no possibility of attending under the original proposal (and I know MANY more in the same boat) I don't care where it's played. We now our place.

The Vice Closes
I’m struggling to see why the UK national anthem riles (some ) Scots. It isn’t anti Scottish, Scotland/the Scots don’t get a mention and as for a folk song , that dirge Scotland has adopted ? I don’t like it, never have but why people see what they do in itis beyond me.

But to the meat of the matter, that irresistible force : sectarian singing. The hypocracy that surrounds Celtic on this matter is staggering and the number of CFC fans that take the moral high ground on this matter equally so. CFC fan sing pro IRA songs – we all know it, we’ve all heard it. So let’s stop pretending otherwise. 

The clubs have voted to exempt themselves from punishment by the footballing authorities , so quite clearly they don’t care. The police cannot and never will deal with this effectively. Let’s stop pretending we are outrgaed by this – we are not because if we were we’d be shouting from the rooftops about it. So, it goes on, and on , as it ever will. That truly is “Scotland’s Shame”.

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