A spectre is haunting Scottish Football

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Somers statement is breathtaking. Particularly the paragraph about anti Rangersness …

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Somers statement is breathtaking. Particularly the paragraph about anti Rangersness in the media, Scottish Football in general and perhaps even (although he hopes not) in the governing bodies. Surely everyone can see that assisting Rangers return to the top would be good for everybody.

I paraphrase ever so slightly


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A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Davies doesn’t fit this scenario – he loves a fight with a board.

Neither will friends or ex team mates of McCoist.

Hence the McDowall decision. He will hate that he’s been put there, but if he wants his salary to continue he’ll need to do the gig.

Ooft so messy

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Now that IS a shocker!

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
I take it things like appearing on ‘A Question Of Sport’ become ‘gross misconduct’

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Who Is Conning Whom?

You seem to have conveniently forgotten about the Martin O’Neill era Celtic team renowned for being a physical pressing team. That’s OK tho. A fine team all the same.

This season we have gained points and progressed well in the cups. Our ‘physical’ tag has come from the games against Rangers & Celtic. In the semi – there were two punishable elbow incidents – ours was the 2nd. In the final there were two punishable tackles ours was the first.

In the quarter final we brushed Aberdeen aside 3-0 with a pressing game and some excellent flowing football. On the Saturday they fielded a team of very tall defence minded players and scraped a 1-0 win in a dreadful game. Over the two matches a Celtic player committed two punishable tackles similar to the ones mentioned above (that’s just an aside btw)

I like to think I’m pretty honest. I’d freely speak about us playing terribly, parking the bus, spreading it about, whatever. Absolutely no problem in discussing it.

This current team are physical, they press and have been great to watch this season. Celtic are the last of the SPL league teams to come up against us this season and with the exception of the elbow debacle in the semi, we’ve somehow managed to avoid the hammer thrower tag. We’ve played Aberdeen three times, Hibs twice and miraculously we’ve generally received plaudits. Both games vs Hibs have been outstanding. What a great team Neil Lennon has there.

If we are going to get anything from games vs Celtic then we will need to press and harry. If anyone domestically is going to get points then they will need to play that way if we don’t it’s a procession. I am in no way condoning anything outwith the laws of the game. If we do then I expect the appropriate action being taken.

I suspect a new phenomenon is at play here tho. This unbeaten run. This Brendan era. Some Celtic fans are expecting the procession. Teams to turn up and ‘take it’. Either open up and be punished mercilessly or sit back and patiently wait to be broken down.  Fun for you, not for us

Its a shame. Scott Brown struts about in front of the defence spraying the ball around. Pirouetting comfortably and conducting the next attack. Brilliant to watch – but let’s be honest that hasn’t always been his game. He’s not as ‘physical’ as he used to be. He’s been a ‘physical’ pressing asset for Celtic like, Lennon, Thompson etc all were in excellent Celtic teams and some seem to be forgetting some of the blood and thunder games that Celtic have participated in vs the old Rangers, Hearts, Aberdeen etc all in recent history.

Im not trying to be confrontational here. I’m being cognisant of recent talking points – however I think they are muddying the waters somewhat. There are some good good players at Fir Park right now and we’ve had a good first round of fixtures. I thought we wanted a bit of competition?

Who Is Conning Whom?
It’s been a long old road since the days of RTC and we’ve witnessed some dreadful behaviour (and in some cases significantly criminal and disgusting) towards many of the characters who have strived to get the story out there, campaigning for justice to be delivered.

With this at the back of my mind I find it pretty disappointing that on Twitter that guys like Phil an Clumpany, known to us here and quite aware of the way this stuff works, participate in and facilitate a procession of followers piling in, as far as I can determine a pretty poorly justified on the BBCs Jane Lewis. It looks like a 5 year old tweet when she’s relaying info from a Bill Millar interview has been retweeted which has resulted in her timeline being scattergunned by a load of cheerleaders dishing out some OCNC medicine to her.
it might just be me. But to see so many apparently grown men behaving in such a way smacks a wee bit of bullying and misogyny.

If I’ve misrepresented anybody . . . . Well there all big enough etc I’m sure they’ll be fine

Who Is Conning Whom?
“I felt a tug on my arm and I went down”

Time to Ditch the Geek Show
Scottish Football Needs A Strong *Rangers eh?

A statement made frequently over all media platforms through a compliant media, usually by an EBT recipient.

You would think *they were being held back, unfairly sanctioned, restricted from operating.

The glaringly obvious fact that *they continually fail to comprehend is, *they have huge match day income and therefore access to considerably more income and therefore a huge football budget than every diddy team in the land. Endless free publicity in the media. Zero scrutiny on corporate governance.


Time to Ditch the Geek Show
Just a few quick comments on the second semi final yesterday.
As a ‘well fan I went to Hampden with a quiet confidence. I’ve watched the team develop and bond rapidly under Stephen Robinson, who has unearthed some real nuggets in Kipre and Hartley at the back, brought unthought of performance levels from Bowman & Tait and stuck by the homegrown guys like Campbell & Cadden. Loads to be positive about. The pinnacle performance wise being the 3-0 quarter final win over Aberdeen.
We’ve played away quietly and notched up a few points and a cup run while remaining unfancied by the majority of particularly broadcast media pundits. Michael Stewart had us relegation favourites towards the end of our first televised cup game vs Queens Park at Hampden (we won 5-1).
ive watched a few of The Rangers recent televised games. I’ve genuinely thought that they are inferior to us in a footballing sense. Vs partick and St Johnstone I thought they were dreadful and definitely there for the taking in the cup tie.
Anyway, yesterday while not playing well at all, particularly in the first half we managed to more than match The Rangers at Hampden. All stats I’ve seen have had us shading the game possession wise, shots on / off etc.
However in very few media outlets has it been acknowledged that Motherwell ‘won’ that game. Rangers apparently lost it. Or The referee ruined the game. Then you’ve had the quite ludicrous succession of players present and past talking about our over physical approach, how it somehow ‘wasn’t football’ etc etc.
I’ve followed my team through thick and thin for 40 odd years and have witnessed no end of dirty tricks from this mob and their previous incarnation. Starting from the shameful Scottish cup semi of 1976 to pitch invasions at fir park the following season when they were 2-0 down. Witnessing an endless line of proud hard men – Greig, Spackman, Hurlock, Brown, Black, Souness, Gough even Joey Garner FFS – the lust goes on, players who could dish out more than the odd tackle or elbow. Listen I could go on for hours listing honest mistakes that turned a game for them.
We wanted it more yesterday. We matched them all over the park and in Louis Moult we have a player that just wasn’t exotic or Latin enough for them to part with the cash for who showed every single one of their duds how to finish. 
Very little credit has come our way and I feel for the players because they really should be getting a wee bit of publicity and limelight for their contributions thus far. In Campbell & Cadden we have two young guys that could join McGinn and Tierney in pushing for International honours at some point given the right support and encouragement. 
Im not daft enough to believe that we’re going to win this cup or have any more than a decent league campaign. However we seriously need to look at how we report the game here. That wasn’t Barcelona being mugged by a bunch of pub team cluggers yesterday – it was a case of the better team (not on top form) winning the game that was presented to them. Simple as that.

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