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Amurkypath @ 23:22 There you go, in your eyes it’s all …

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amurkypath @ 23:22

There you go, in your eyes it’s all about kicking poor Sevco
The ultimate aim is to try and shine a light on the corruption and double dealing that lies at the very heart of the governance of our game

The end game as you put it, is to see justice and fair play applied across the board
Clubs can be thrown out of competitions for a missing signature, but right now there is a campaign underway to have any punishment waived, if it is proved that RFC (IA) fielded improperly registered players over a period of ten years

That cannot be allowed to happen

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About the The Scottish Football Monitor
Dear Lord, Jack has been rolling them out today
Amazing they have all appeared since the Dear Former Leader’s attempt at “it wisnae me”
They are about the only thing concerning RFC (IA) that is transparent

About the The Scottish Football Monitor
Methinks Jack has a new nom de plume
You can stamp your feet, scream, and shout, but it won’t change facts

About the The Scottish Football Monitor
As you may all be aware, they were suggestions last night from some posters, that this blog should stop concentrating on the Sevco situation
A very quick scan of the MSM this morning will surely disabuse anyone of that idea

They are back at their sycophantic, nauseating, slabbering over the spawn of the most disgusting and corrupt club ever to disgrace Scottish and indeed British football
In the eyes of the MSM, the normal order has been restored, and they are able once more to drool over every word uttered by their “heroes”

Sevco, aided and abetted by the SFA/SPL/SFL, can and will do whatever it likes, without a single word of disapproval from the cheerleaders
Any attempt to discipline them will be met by a torrent of criticism from these cheerleaders

Scottish football, and the MSM is rotten to the core
RTC began as an attempt to out the MSM, and as the story unfolded, the blog became so much more than that
We can’t afford to stop now, and for those who complain that we are too Sevcocentric, you won’t deflect us from the main aim of this blog

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Peace – Not War
PORTBHOYNOVEMBER 25, 2016 at 15:02
The man is a fantasist
He can’t fund the current operation, but is talking about a massive stadium refurb
When will they waken up

The Offline Game
First of all congratulations to Hibs and all of their supporters
They won the game on merit, fairly and squarely
The pitch invasion however cannot be condoned or glossed over, and both sets of fans are equally culpable

The TRFC statement is a deliberate attempt, in my opinion, to place the blame entirely on the Hibs supporters, and video evidence, emerging via YouTube, appears to show that both sides carry responsibility for the post match scenes

Neither can the SFA escape criticism for what happened
This was their game, organised under their banner, and they to have a degree of responsibility for what happened

I await with interest the outcome of the various inevitable enquiries

The Offline Game

This is my final word on this subject
Can you show definitively where Rangers, who were already members of the SPL,  applied for membership of the SPL and subsequently the SFL

The fact that journalists refer to Rangers in their articles does not mean that was the reality, and was all part of the continuity myth

The only organisation that applied for membership of both the SPL & SFL was Sevco Scotland, who subsequently changed its name to TRFC
That is an indisputable fact ,as you well know, but you carny on with your denial

I won’t be posting on this subject again

The Offline Game
MAY 13, 2016 at 16:56

Tommy there is no need for interpretation
Sevco Scotland were granted membership of the SFL despite meeting absolutely none of the criteria required for membership
No need for splitting hairs, as facts, however unpalatable some find them, are facts
I intend to drop this now, as it is detracting from the main thrust, which is the TOG report and Res12

The Offline Game
MAY 13, 2016 at 16:31

Lawman says Rangers were voted into the 3rd Division which is completely untrue, otherwise you are 100% correct

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