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Am puzzled now and again by the attitude of some …

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Am puzzled now and again by the attitude of some here about the situation TRFC find themselves in.Minty , AMC, Whyte and the MSM have been well and truly exposed….there is no doubt about that. The initial attempts to brazenly put them back into the higher leagues was rebuffed in the most dramatic and humiliating of fashions…..whats not to like about that???
The forthcoming leagues re structuring is by all accounts and from all quarters out of date, it will happen and will probably benefit TRFC in some way as well as others….I reckon we all have to live with that and the end result , one would hope, it is for the greater good of the game.The defiance shown by the blue hoardes can grate at times but look, they are playin in the 3rd division FFS…..who , really would have thought that possible 2 years ago.They deserve it, absolutely , but that they have been made held to accountand the public humiliation is exraordinary.In the meantime the small clubs of SFL3 all get a big payday this year.Its a relief that Ibrox was full the other night.

The rest is now a matter of process……its taking time, its going to take alot more time, but as someone who enjoys seeing TRFC eat humble pie and throw itself into one disaster after another,there is alot to like about stretching this out a few more months yet. AMc , and the former managers can talk about not accepting this or that, it does not matter…..the official history books will be ammended , Minty will be completely dis credited and serious consideration will be given to revoking his knighthood.For the players, I think thay can deserve some sympathy (ok, not much) but I believe in the modern game that advisors and agents are left to there own devices with regards wages and payments and the players just try and get on with playing and training…..perhaps this whole hilarious debacle will cause that to change. The club will be stripped of titles surely, but physically taking medals off of players (even mangement) who were oblivious to the illegality of it all is ,I think , a bit mean spirited……although i would make an exception for Novo and Hately.

So , have they been ‘punnished enough’? Clearly not.However, we should appreciate that there is a process at work here and calm our jets a bit until it has delivered findings and reccomendations.As far as the MSM goes……..c’mon lads , you can’t really be gettin upset about what is said /written by these guys…….they are so out of touch and behind the curve we should enjoy them.Someone made a great comparrison to Chemical Ali or these halfwit Arab press spokesmen.


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About the The Scottish Football Monitor
The drivel of the past 24 hours must mean that the tribunal is imminent……within 2 days i’d say. Enjoy it now…….it will be beautiful

About the The Scottish Football Monitor
john clarke says:
August 6, 2012 at 18:46

JC the pertinent point is he uses SPL rules whilst knowing full well he was breaking SFA rules…….a great man once said ( ok, it was me) that a great big file is gonna land on the desk of M . Platini if this is not dealt with appropriately……..dinna fret…..regan & doncaster do not answer to minty and his like, they are yesterdays men…….the awful thing is, they already had a ( fair ) advantage……best supported , highest revenue, sponsorship ……..it just was not enough when CFC broke the dominance

About the The Scottish Football Monitor
……what a coward of a man…….blaming the farce that is RFC on events of just this past year…..he takes the public for fools………recall his mystery visit to MurrayPark just before admin to “visit the doctor”!!!!!!!!! Whatever was that all about?……..makin sure amc got the story right……events have overtaken this chancer……thats all he was a chancer with a great line in credit……..he might be in crutchies, but he has some pair o ‘ baws on him .

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