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‘uneat’ = ‘unseat’ Doh! …

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‘uneat’ = ‘unseat’ Doh!

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About the The Scottish Football Monitor
TimAlloy @ 19:24
This is from CQN today

As we draw breath and await our fate in the draw on Friday for Q3 of Champions League (CL), I was browsing the excellent Bert Kassies site on possible opponents etc.
The top 12 countries merit 22 automatic places in group stages. I note that Scotland is ranked at 15 which is the last position which merits 2 places in CL Q3, which means we have 2 qualifying rounds to reach the group stages.
Next season it looks as though Scotland will drop down to 18, thus only 1 CL place and requiring the champions (i.e. CFC) to enter at Q2. This round commences tonight, meaning we will start our competitive season early next year (mid July). The following year we also lose the ‘Manchester effect’ from our ex-rivals, so it doesn’t look much better (purely from a stats perspective obviously!)
As Scotland’s coefficient is based on 5 years of stats and our annual contribution is calculated on total points (wins, draws, bonuses etc) divided by number of teams qualifying, we have suffered from inclusion and early exits of (no disrespect) the likes of Gretna, Queen of the South etc.
Also the schadenfreude of seeing ‘them’ being humiliated with an early exit was always tempered (slightly) with the knock on effect of reducing coefficients, thus making qualifying and progressing a harder task. As top players are also attracted by CL group qualification, it also makes recruiting talent more difficult.
In addition, with Celtic’s current coefficient of 32.728, if group stage qualification goes by the stats, we will be in Pot 4, ranked 27 out of the 32 qualifiers. Best case we could draw Porto, Copenhagen and Dynamo Kiev. Worst case it could be Barcelona, Man City and Juventus !
Gone are the heady days post Seville when we were ranked in Europe’s top 25 2005/2007. We are now ranked 63, thus harder draws in qualifying and group draws. Accordingly I think despite continuing fiscal prudence, we may have to speculate to accumulate in order to make a mark in Europe by increasing our status through results.
Winning the SPL for the next few years, despite any complacency, should be a given, and possibly fertile ground for blooding our undoubted young talent. But reversing our recent European performances may require some real investment in quality players.

About the The Scottish Football Monitor
CrazyHorse at 15:18
I like your optimism and I really hope your prognosis is correct. However, those of us with incipient paranoia reflect on the following:
If the rules had been followed, Sevco would have not been admitted to Division 3.
The transfer embargo is a chimera.
I suspect that we will not hear of Craig White or Ticketus again. I believe Ticketus to be drip feeding funding to Sevco in the expectation of not sustaining a total loss and recouping their investment via future ST sales in the top flight.
The return of Sevco to the SPL with haste will be gerrymandered by the coalition of Regan, Doncaster and Ogilvie. It seems that it will take an Act of Parliament to uneat this unholy trinity.
I do not expect anything decisive to emanate from Lord Hodge. Unless the internet bampots keep up an exhaustive and exhausting campaign (and who is not weary of it by now?) the malevolent powers-that-be will contrive to quietly drop any investigation of the double contracts.

I have some hope that the liquidators, who I trust are more independent and less complicit than
the administrators, will act in good faith in the best interests of the creditors and revoke the most egregious contracts.
As it is, we now have Sevco, with the same survival instincts as Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction,”
back playing at Ibrox, with essentially the same name, strip, colours, chants of bigotry, contempt for rules and sense of entitlement.
You are quite right that we could not possibly have anticipated the present situation, but the Establishment has now hunkered down for a siege and I am not at all optimistic that the Forces for Good will prevail.

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Jean7brodie @ 22:47

“Somebody please help. I can’t see an end to this iniquitous thing.”

Excuse me? What have I ever done to offend you?


Naming the Rose
Neepheid at 16:15:

I understand your rationale. I also think you are correct that many Sevco followers will feel obliged to contribute, some possibly due to desperation at the potential demise of the most important facet of their lives. I know some of them personally and their sentiments span the spectrum from cynicism, scepticism, unease, all the way to hope or blind faith that Mr. Green is the Messiah.

Given the general economic malaise, I am dubious that even 10 million is attainable. I also could be totally wrong. And if I hold my breath any longer waiting on the Tribunal findings or Lord Hodge’s decision, I may expire shortly!

Naming the Rose
Neepheid at 14:06
Well written post Mr Turnip Head, but I’m a little surprised that you estimate that 40,000 will subscribe to the pending share issue. Given the level of trust in Mr. Green expressed by Sevco fans in an earlier post, surely twenty million pounds is unattainable?

Make our Mind Up Time
You are doing a first class job and your objective is laudable. If the incipient and endemic corruption in Scottish football is not rooted out, we will inevitably sink to the level of a San Marino in world football. It is my perception that most posters will follow your guidelines, although I am also sure that there will be periodic ‘gloating’ outbreaks depending on future developments.
Anyway, keep up the good work! I really enjoy reading the blog on a daily basis.

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