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Interesting legal point of view re RTC’s latest blog and …

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Interesting legal point of view re RTC’s latest blog and the f@nny Graham.

Looks like yer man Graham has put his foot right in it πŸ™‚

From KDS

(ps,any of the legal dept want to comment on this?)


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About the The Scottish Football Monitor
Our own Stephen I believe.


About the The Scottish Football Monitor
Interesting re FOI, Salmond, HMRC and Deid club FC


About the The Scottish Football Monitor
All that’s needed to save the game here is for clubs to cut the price of entry and allow kids in free. And the clubs should give away tickets free to encourage people to go to the games.

St Johnstone have taken the lead here along with, of course, Sevco πŸ˜‰

All joking aside Β£15 for a game is about the right price right now IMO.

There’s nothing difficult here, drop the price and encourage punters and the clubs will make money from catering etc.

Things are difficult for people right now what with food prices and fuel costs, I was reading a thread on KDS in which people were discussing the price of their TV/Phone deals with the various companies such as Sky etc and one guy said he was paying Β£108 a month, Β£108 a month for the phone, fitbaw, TV &etc. My jaw dropped reading that post.

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Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
From Goosey’s post.

β€œFor the avoidance of doubt, Sevco 5088 Limited bought the assets of the Rangers Football Club and then transferred them to Sevco Scotland Limited so that all the assets would be in the Scottish registered company that is Rangers FC.”

The interesting phrase here is ‘For the avoidance of doubt’ re ‘Newtz’ on P McC’s blog.

Obviously yer man is on the inside as he used that phrase in every single post on that bog.

Charles Green – What Will Football’s Authorities Do?
TSFM says:
September 17, 2012 at 15:16
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Piston Broke & Longtimelurker;

Posts removed for totally unacceptable language. Blanket stereotyping of people is insulting to many valued posters on this blog and cheapens the whole tone of what we are trying to do.

Any repeat and I will have to remove posting rights.


Just what is the point of this blog exactly?

Why don’t you, PL, just write whatever it is you want to write and be done with it?

What is the point of a blog like this or forum or whatever if someone constantly deletes and edits other people’s posts?

This blog is descending into farce,

Who can take it it seriously when anything that appears on it is the work of one or two people?

Joseph Stalin would have been proud of this blog.

This blog is now, in my eyes at least, a complete joke and a total waste of time.

Joe McCarthy had nothing on this blog.

“Goodnight and Good Luck”

William H Murrow.

Charles Green – What Will Football’s Authorities Do?
From KDS re phoenix companies from HMRC’s website.

Makes for interesting reading (apolos if already posted).


Charles Green – What Will Football’s Authorities Do?
I hope that I have the guts to put this on my own blog for the entire world to see if I ever, God forbid, am in a similar position.


Charles Green – What Will Football’s Authorities Do?
J Maclure says:
September 12, 2012 at 21:25
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longtimelurker says:

September 12, 2012 at 21:11

Oh, that’s all right then, it’s Paul McConville after all.

Nothing to see here, move on.

Lets get back to discussing the problems in Scottish Football (especially Rangers, especially them).


I’m not here to defend P McC mate I’m sure he’s big enough and daft enough to look after himself but this was been done to death on RTC after another rangers fan (Adam or one of his many guises) threw the same mud and it didn’t stick then.

Go to Paul’s blog and read his explanation.

There is nothing to hide it’s all there.

There’s only one team in Scottish fitbaw that’s ripped off every single one of us to the tune of Β£135million is it any wonder that people on here are ‘interested’ in that now defunct team?

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