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Iki@16-28 I think regan should be asked if Rosemary’s baby win …

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I think regan should be asked if Rosemary’s baby win the scottish cup will they get a place in Europe.This should answer whether they are a new club or not even for the cheerleader’s in the msm.New clubs don’t get to play in Europe for at least 3 year’s it’s that simple Stuart

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It is obvious that sdm thinks we are all like the halfwits who were and are still afraid of him.Does he really expect us to believe that crock of s**t he came out with on Monday.If as he say’s he has done nothing wrong why will he not call a press conference to clear his name,it’s not like there would be hack’s in attendence who would ask him any awkward question’s.The man is a serial lier and conman who could not give a rats a** what we think of him.I think we all know there will never be a journo in Scotland who will ask him anything other than what’s on the menu tonight Sir David.

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Make our Mind Up Time
just want to see if this goes through

Make our Mind Up Time

Charles Green – What Will Football’s Authorities Do?
In Green’s statement has he not said he was willing to accept sanction’s for spl/div1 admittance so surely he was admitting guilt but now he want’s to put up a fight because the bampot’s told him to gtf when he would sold part of thier history for spl silver

Still a Battle for Survival
I really hope that the sniveling coward that is the ceo of the spl tonight fetches his spine from whatever cold storage unit he left it in.Absolutley disgusting that this cretin Green has now proved beyond any shadow of doubt who is running our game.
Doncaster and Regan were warned that leniency would be seen as weakness and dead club and it’s supporters would take full advantage of that cowardice and weakness.Somebody joked[i think it was a joke]to call the police but this should happen as he is winding up a support who are more than willing to act on his rant’s

Still a Battle for Survival
CW OT I see that Autism is a cause close to your heart.I posted on rtc that my son is a 20yr old Autistic man so i also hold this close to my own heart.We have had to constantly fight red tape since he was 2 but eventually we got him placed in an appropriate school.He has now left school goe’s to tech 2 days and has a placement for adults with learning difficulties the other 3 days.I posted over on rtc a few months back about how rfc getting away with not paying thier way was affecting not only my son but many,many others[directly or indirectly] as he has had his transport removed for 3 of the 5 days due to budget cut’s and it really got to me how rfc not paying thier way affected h***reds if not thousands of innocent people who deserve better in life.
i now know why first post is in moderation now the above word

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