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What relevance does how other leagues organise their finances have on the best way forward for Scottish League Football?
We have the least competitive league with the fewest winners in the last quarter century (ie 2 winners in 25 years) of ANY league in Europe. Even the smallest diddy league countries have less monopolistic domination than the SPL has suffered.
Of course all leagues tend to be dominated by a handful of the biggest clubs but there is still more variation and occassional surprise winners than we have had or look like having unless we make radical and drastic changes to the set up.
Celtic & Rangers fans are highly unlikely to agree but something needs to be done to deliberately curb the domination of the Glasgow clubs and give the other clubs a chance at the title.
If you look at a graph of attendances for Scottish football all the clubs follow the same trends in rising / falling attendances until the 1990’s when crowds in Glasgow shoot up and everybody else decreases.or flatlines. The gulf has never been wider.

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jocky bhoy says:
August 9, 2012 at 16:59

Jocky I don’t personally think there is anything fundamentally wrong or disagreeable with your stance as you enumerated, why biggest gripe about it is that it doesn’t solve anything.
We had a system which probably was far from perfect, probably corruptable, but look at it’s consequences – it enabled a more levelling effect than we have now. Between 25% and 30% of titles went to clubs outside of Glasgow. Sure Celtic & Rangers remained the dominant clubs and indeed Celtic enjoyed their most dominant and glorius era under the subsidising-the-diddy-teams-system.
How would your changes (which actually propose to change very little) improve things? How would enable say Aberdeen or Hearts to narrow the gap and perhaps win the odd title under a system that would maintain the massive financial disparities that have been created?

If the rich people in the big house leave the peasants to starve then eventually the rich too will suffer ….. unless of course the rich move to a new world and leave the wasteland behind them?

About the The Scottish Football Monitor
Jocky & Philip

Whether modern football has vastly more sums of money pouring through it than 30 years ago or less money now than it had ten years ago is somewhat irrelevant.

the principles remain the same at whatever scale or value – if you give vastly more to a few and much less to the remaining then overtime the differences are not linear they are exponential and the disparity widens.

Scottish football was more competitive because through a variety of economic factors (gate-sharing, wage-restraints, more equal financial distribution etc) some of the wind was taken out of the Sails of the big ships (Celtic & Rangers) and that extra puff helped get at various times Aberdeen, Dundee Utd, Hearts, Hibs, Kilmarnock, Dundee etc much closer to the Glasgow clubs than they are now.

Between 1946-85 those clubs I listed above won 12 out of the 40 Scottish titles competed for. Since 1985 we have had ZERO non Glasgow winners of the SPL title in 27 seasons since Aberdeens last title win.

You can argue about fairness and commercial imperatives all you want – the simple facts are that changes to the economic model ie dropping gate sharing, skewing the income distribution towards the top 2, voting methods that preserve the failed/failing status quo etc have all served to benefit Rangers & Celtic more than any other clubs and our football has become completety uncompetitive at in terms of title winners & even title challengers.

Jocky you also got your dates a bit off – Aberdeen & Dundee Utd dominated between 1979-85 but Heysel & English clubs banned from Europe was after 1985. Indeed English clubs ban helped bring the likes of Butcher, Woods, Hately, Roberts etc to Rangers as well as the lavish sums offered and paid to them.

Phil – Falkirk and several other SFL clubs would be welcome additions to the SPL – we need an enlarged league and a fairer voting system and income distribution.

The current SPL set up is a spectacular and systemic failure.

About the The Scottish Football Monitor
smartie1947 says:
August 9, 2012 at 16:00
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Over the last 2-3 days, I have detected a feeling of dejection among many regulars at the continued denial/deflection by the MSM in Scotland to the biggest story likely to arrive in their careers.

And yet still despite all the stone wall of denial, deflection and silence it was still possible to defeat the crony-ism and commercial interests that would have seen Sevco-Rangers in the parachuted SPL or SFL1

Even though those fighting the good fight of revealing the truth and for sporting integrity got miniscule column inches and precious little airtime compared to the succulent lamb brigade we still won the argument as bloggers, and club forums and word of mouth between fans/friends proved more powerful than the propaganda.

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Like the initial FTT result this fudge is simply baffling and morally wrong. Every human being with an ounce of integrity knows judgement is simply wrong and no justice has been served by Lord Nimmo-Smith.

A disgrace it really is.

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Radio Clyde SSB? Can’t believe we are still debating that shows ‘merits’ ffs it’s car crash radio, imo there is nothing about that show that isn’t moronic, listen at your peril but if you get annoyed by it then basically it’s your own fault for listening, change the dial!

The Real Battle Begins?
Since you asked the current situation at Tynecastle is i believe as follows;
1. Hearts have agreed an extension and 2 part payment plan on the 450k small tax bill due. This is due to be paid by 3rd december and is dependant on guaranteed income Hearts will receive from 300k still due from Rangers as payment for David Templeton, i hope we have an arrestment order ready to secure these funds as obviously any delays could have critical impact, and also the gate share money and split of TV money that Hearts will receive from this weekends live Scottish Cup derby with Hibs.
2. At last reports over 600k funds had been raised by fans in shares, merchandising and match tickets.
3. The players and staff have agreed a temporary deferment of wages, whether this will trigger further SPL sanctions or censure remains to be seen.
4. I believe there has been some hearing thus far of the Tax Tribunal for the disputed 1.75M Big Tax Case, i don’t know if the hearing is ongoing, delayed or being negotiated/settled however I was informed that a small but important breakthrough had been established and this would improve Hearts prospects.
Forgive me if any of this is inaccurate but it is my summary of current events as best i understand them. 🙂

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what kind of society are we living in where rtc blog has to be erased from existance?
Will this blog be next?
Will the vested monied interests and their legal and media whores seek to suppress all attempts of those seeking to uncover truth?

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who decides the editorial content of radio scotland sport fooball productions? It seems that latterly Stuart and Tam are the anti-dote to Jabba and Chick however Jabba is still given far more airtime to proffer his sermons. Who decides such things?
Regards Tom English he’d do better starting his own blog and trying to find some audience and relevance as newspapers like his own are dying and the churnalist propaganda they promote so easily exposed as lies or mistruths by blogs like this one and previously RTC.

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