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Silence is golden but my eyes still see. Have any of …

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Silence is golden but my eyes still see.

Have any of our learned posters who have e-mailed the SFA, UEFA or Platini, ever received a reply to the questions asked or statements made?

UEFA and Platini, when asked to intervene, did they say point to Scotland on the map?

I agree with posters who are saying that we need to get the information on this blog out to a wider audience. My difficulty is in how we manage this. UEFA and Platini seem not to be bothered about what is going on, the MSM have their own agenda to follow and the SFA will hide behind confidentiality and will never admit to breaking the rules.

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

Green, Regan and Doncaster have played this to a clearly defined plan.
Regan and Doncaster have delayed decisions, changed rules, created new rules and ignored rules completely. It took two weeks of negotiations for the SFA to accept Greens terms for membership. Green took the SFA to the wire with the SFA granting membership in a state of panic, so much so they further disgraced themselves by making the announcement during the Olympic Games opening ceremony, in an attempt to hide it.

Does two wrongs make a right?

The EBT’s decision and dual contracts investigation will show that for a good number of years RFC(IA) have cheated in all the football competitions that they have taken part in, both at home and in Europe. This was through players who were improperly registered and therefore should not have played in any of these matches. Scottish clubs have lost the opportunity to participate in European competitions for a good number of years. How they did this is by signing players that they could not afford by any means other than through cheating the tax payer to pay these players high wage demands.
So how does the SFA deal with this football club who illegally played players for years, who owe millions to other football clubs by deliberately not paying for those players, who have gone into administration in the main as a result of avoiding paying Tax and NI, but have also left many other small businesses unpaid and struggle to cope.
What they do is to break numerous of their own and UEFA rules to allow them to continue playing in Scottish Football. They invent new things like Conditional SFA membership. They ignore the rights of the smaller clubs to have the chance of entering into the SFL. They lie about Armageddon if TRFC are not in Scottish Football. They break the rules to maintain a team who broke the rules and like the magic circle, will not tell us how they pulled off the trick.

When is a condition not a condition?

The SFA under Regan, have placed conditions on SFA membership some of which appear to have no time limit to be complied with. The condition of accepting the consequences of the dual contracts, only appears to be valid up to the granting of SFA membership.

Why was no time limit placed on paying their various football debts, because they had insufficient money at that time perhaps, I doubt we will ever know.

Why have the SFA not stated what will happen if TRFC continue to fail to meet all of the conditions of membership?

Is it best when you say nothing at all?

Why is Regan non committal on whether the SFA consider TRFC to be a continuation of RFC(IA) or a completely new club. Is it because he does not have an answer to either and would have to justify how either option could have been granted membership?

A leader leads and a follower follows.

As DJ mentioned previously, this was not solely a decision by Regan, however it is the SFA who are supposed to be the protectors of our game. They are supposed to be the organisation that ensures the rules are followed. They are supposed to be the organisation that looks after all Scottish football clubs and ensure that without fear or favour the rules will be followed.

Sorry for the long rant.

nowoldandgrumpy Also Commented

About the The Scottish Football Monitor
Timtim that is the problem with all of this, it may take organisations outwith football to force the hand of footballs governing bodies. The football club that is resposible for all of this will no longer be in existence. The SFA and SPL have delayed any investigation to ensure that they continue in some form. They knew that if they investigated this when they should have, RFC(IA) would be kicked out of Scottish football.

About the The Scottish Football Monitor
I thought David Stoker was one of the people who wanted sporting integrity.

Seems like money talks more now.

David Stoker ‏@davidstoker_lfc
I’m thinking of phoning the Falkirk board for Friday’s Euromillions numbers.

About the The Scottish Football Monitor
Naismith has scored 3 tonight.

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John Clark 21st September 2015 at 6:56 pm

A Scottish judge in a Scottish Court, finding against a Scottish institution. Not going to happen.

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Anyone in London tomorrow?

HereWeGoFor5InARow ‏@BhoyEddie2 48m48 minutes ago
“@pnot888: Very interesting at Chancery Court,London tomorrow Sports Direct v RIFC


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parttimearab says:
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May 19, 2015 at 10:06 pm
neepheid says:
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May 19, 2015 at 4:44 pm
Scottish FA statement / Mr Dave King
Tuesday, 19 May

“In considering the request, the Board of the Scottish FA has sought and received specialist independent legal advice, both in Scotland and South Africa”

Was it LNS they asked for legal advice?

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Just noticed this on http://www.lse.co.uk/member-info.asp?page=2&nick=Aquaboo
Do not know how true it is or posters reliability.

Self certified yet in contradiction to Article 10.2 (j) of the SFA articles? We have a meeting on Friday to confirm that we are one of 3 clubs who will submit a complaint to the SFA. The grounds of the complaint are based upon his directorship of the BoD of RFC from 2007 onwards when that Club used tax evasion measures which brought Scottish football into serious disrepute and ultimately led to the liquidiation of a very prominent member of the SFA. As a Director, he would be party to and complicit in the tax evasion. He did not take any actions to stop or inform authorities of the act.

Raith and Alloa will make the complaint formally next week. Our biggies tell us that more will be co-signatories. It was funny……a rabid Rangers bigot predicted it would be Celtic, Dundee united & Hibs the three instigators! More his sad way of thinking than reality!!!

Spot the difference?
just seen this on twitter. If true does that mean they still have to pay the two hotels some money?

Andy Newport @AndyNewportPA · 20h 20 hours ago
Understand that the custom and practice of City law means that meetings at Millennium Gloucester and Grange Tower Bridge hotels will…

.still have to be called. They will immediately by adjourned. The custom of it means there has to be time to physically travel from…

…one venue to the other before the next meeting can be opened, which is why the MG meeting was 10am and GTB was at noon. Also why…
..March 4 might be viewed as too soon for the Ibrox date

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