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About the The Scottish Football Monitor

The purpose of The Scottish Football Monitor is to pay homage to, and carry on the work of the groundbreaking RangersTaxCase blog (RTC). The aim of the Scottish Football Monitor is to cast a questioning and watchful eye on Scottish Football officialdom and the compliant mainstream media (MSM).

Scottish football, in the immediate wake of the Rangers FC liquidation, faces great challenges. The MSM have provided no sensible checks or balances on the actions of the authorities. The Scottish Football Monitor aims to provide those checks and balance.

The cosy relationship that has existed between the media and people at the top of Scottish Football has dissuaded those who may otherwise be moved to blow the whistle on wrongdoing. The Scottish Football Monitor aims, through time, and by winning the trust of ordinary fans, to fill a gap in the football media in Scotland that has been up to now filled only by RTC.

The Rangers FC saga, its consequences, and consequences of the accompanying stream of untruths and misdirection fed to us by the MSM is far from over. RTC was successful in getting the previously buried truth of the Rangers tax case into the mainstream despite a hostile MSM reaction. The Scottish Football Monitor hopes to use the skills and expertise of those in our community to a cast light on matters that those in authority would have concealed, or at least present alternative arguments to those being presented as having none.

Scottish Football Monitor asks contributors to remember only a few things;

1. The site is not the domain of any one club and is open to fans of all clubs.

2. Absolutely no discussion with regard to religion should take place.

3. Posters should refrain from using foul or abusive language.

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Trisidium is a Dunblane businessman with a keen interest in Scottish Football. He is a Celtic fan, although the demands of modern-day parenting have seen him less at games and more as a taxi service for his kids.

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campsiejoePosted on9:21 am - Aug 4, 2012

Mr Smith’s concern for Scottish football is quite touching
I am sure he had the same concerns as he attempted to spend his way to dominance with his former employer

Another of the cabal, who is now on the doomsday wagon, as the fair treatment of Sevco is not something that he is used to
If, as he suggests, Sevco had remained in the SPL with points and financial penalties, you can bet your bottom dollar, he would have been screaming from the rooftops, how unfair it was

Smith, Sevco have been treated fairly, and believe me, Scottish football will be just fine

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tic6709Posted on9:28 am - Aug 4, 2012

ANYBODY, how do you get your Gravatar back?. I liked mine. I lost mine because someone didn’t like his,bullcrap.

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Hoopy 7Posted on9:42 am - Aug 4, 2012

Lord Wobbly. On the button as usual.
WS is a hypocrite. Respect has to be earned.

Throughout this sorry saga Rangers and their cohorts have displayed neither respect nor integrity. They are the authors of their own misfortune and will pay the ultimate price.They deserve everything and more that is going to come their way.

I also believe that Sevco will go the same way as their Satanic fathers, leaving all the sychophants in the SPL/SFA with much egg on face.

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tic6709Posted on9:48 am - Aug 4, 2012

Does anyone know how many ST’s Sevco have sold so far ?.Have they came anywhere near break even numbers ?.

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john clarkePosted on9:51 am - Aug 4, 2012

Auldheid says:
August 4, 2012 at 00:45

Roger, Auldheid.

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Danish PastryPosted on9:55 am - Aug 4, 2012

You can create your own at https://en.gravatar.com/

That way you have complete control over it, can update it, and so on.

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twopanda bearsPosted on9:56 am - Aug 4, 2012

White Bricks today – “Excuse me while I reach behind me and zip up the back of my head”

Practice makes perfect then

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Livia BurlandoPosted on9:57 am - Aug 4, 2012

stunney says:
August 4, 2012 at 03:39
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This was like a sample piece of everything that is wrong with the Scottish papers. A ‘name’ has an opinion, but no new information and no particular expertise on the subject, but a hack is willing to turn his ill-informed remarks into 800 words of toe-curlingly bad writing. No wonder nobody buys the paper. Oh, and the website is a dog’s breakfast too.

And, the opening paragraph misrepresents Strachan’s position.

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Danish PastryPosted on10:03 am - Aug 4, 2012

Tic 6709 says:
August 4, 2012 at 09:28
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ANYBODY, how do you get your Gravatar back?. I liked mine. I lost mine because someone
didn’t like his,bullcrap.

The default ones have been deactivated. You can create your own here.


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AuldheidPosted on10:11 am - Aug 4, 2012


Clubs should be made aware of supporters concerns in every way possible but it has to be in numbers to grab their attention and gaining critical mass is difficult.
This is why persuading individual trusts and associations to act is important because they are fewer in number to reach but the weight that they carry by being representative is considerable. Around 100 Celtic supporters from various supporter groups were able to get transparency and accountabilty on the SFA reform agenda in 2010 and the McLeish report that came out was littered with it.
This gives an opening at the Conference to ask him how much heed he now thinks is being paid to bringing that about given the secrecy surrounding The Rangers SFA membership, rule breaking and the SFA President being accountable to no one in spite of being paid by the very instrument responsible for dragging the game he is supposed to promote into the gutter.
There is another way to put pressure on and I’ll post it after I dig out an e mail on which I put a suggestion forward.
But for this to work we need as many pressure points as possible and supporters will know the local conditions affecting their clubs best where pressure can be exerted.

Some clubs like Clyde and Raith Rovers have already declared their hand against the ” integrity is ok but” brigade and we need more to declare.
There is no “but” in integrity otherwise its not integrity.

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tic6709Posted on10:16 am - Aug 4, 2012

Danish, Thanks for that,I tried to register/log in and it would not let me. I’m gutted,I liked my wee beastie.

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Lord WobblyPosted on10:20 am - Aug 4, 2012

Billy Dodds insists he never had a side contract during his Rangers days and was not aware of any others doing so.
The former striker was paid using an employment benefit trust but told BBC Scotland that it was a one-off method of terminating his deal.


So Billy Dodds situation is the same as Juninho’s then. That just leaves each and every one of the other EBT recipients to explain themselves.

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longtimelurkerPosted on10:25 am - Aug 4, 2012

Tic 6709 says:
August 4, 2012 at 09:48
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Does anyone know how many ST’s Sevco have sold so far ?.Have they came anywhere near break even numbers ?.


During the week on KDS there was a taxi driver style rumour post that said that they had sold somewhere in the region of 20k SBs but a rather more erudite poster said that figure was “crap!” and postulated that they will probably only sell about 16k and have gates of around 20k.


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redetinPosted on10:26 am - Aug 4, 2012

Remember! Using smilies will brighten up your post. But too many will spoil it.


.post img {
float: left;


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john clarkePosted on10:28 am - Aug 4, 2012

Lord Wobbly says:
August 4, 2012 at 08:10
‘….Why Walter Smith thinks that preserving that would in any way give us respectability is beyond me…..’
Your Lordship, with the unerring accuracy of the aristocratic bowmen that your illustrious ancestors undoubtedly were, has hit the bull’s eye.

I have recently been re-reading Konrad Heiden’s 1944 account of the rise of the Nazis.

A good part of their success lay in their skill in lying, and , with the ready compliance of the then equivalents of the succulent lamb brigade, in successfully concealing their hypocrisy.

I see certain parallels in the world of the Scottish Football establishment.Lies are told.Stories are concocted. Dirty deeds and deals are done in secret. Whitewash is liberally poured, as dishonest men protect their like.
Guys like Walter long ago lost their understanding of what sport actually is.
Their dark night will come.

Anyway, my Lord, I’m about to set off for not Parkhead 🙂 but Celtic Park, where there is going to be a superbly competitive sporting event, which will remind us all of what it is all about.

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redetinPosted on10:30 am - Aug 4, 2012

Moderator, Is it possible to turn on an EDIT function on WordPress, so that a post can be re-opened and edited to correct mistakes?

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ikiPosted on10:30 am - Aug 4, 2012

stunney says:
August 4, 2012 at 03:39
The link should have read as follows, perhaps,

http://www.scotsman.com/sport/spl-without-rangers-a-nightmare-for-Walter Smith-says rangers-newco-1-2450045

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goosyPosted on10:38 am - Aug 4, 2012

One solution to the SPL / SFA corruption

1 Each Club Director on the SFA, SPL Boards gets elected by ST holders when their STs are renewed The Candidates are listed on the Renewal Letter The slate includes the option “none of these” to represent fan dissatisfaction

2 Prior to the election each Club Representative declares his preferred candidate for each of the key posts in the SPL and SFA including President, CEO, AT ,Compliance Officer and Head of Referee Committee Bios are included for new candidates

This would make it simple for fans voices to be heard through their Clubs

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Fedup-longtimeagoPosted on10:38 am - Aug 4, 2012

From Billy Dodds’

“I can see that there was maybe a small advantage for the club but as players and coaches you don’t think about it.”


Half the players used ( Who didn’t think about it) during the period would not have been there unless they were happy with the financial aspects. That is, money in the hipper. Players of “superstar” status in Scottish terms must have been told what was going on. Whether they were clever enough to believe it was or wasn’t illegal is imaterial. These players gave the club a massive advantage and had the rest of Scottish football spending money they couldn’t afford to try and keep up with them.

Dodds is obviously talking keech as usual.

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parttimearabPosted on10:39 am - Aug 4, 2012

Lord Wobbly says
August 4, 2012 at 10:20am

I was particularly taken with Billy’s statement that;
“I can see that there was maybe a small advantage for the club..”


he is either incredibly devious or incredibly stupid, I can’t quite decide.

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Caveat EmptorPosted on10:41 am - Aug 4, 2012

So Walter wants the SPL to prove that EBT’s gave his teams an unfair competitive advantage. Actually, I’m expecting the usual obfuscation and delay from the ‘investigation’ but I am eagerly anticipating BDO getting started. When (if) Lord Hodge is of the opinion that D&D’s administration can end and liquidation commence, we can look forward to a forensic analysis of the Ibrox shennanigans. A long drawn out affair it promises to be and I wonder what ‘spin’ the MSM will attempt as the veil is lifted.
In the meantime, the ‘been punished enough’ mantra will be peddled in the hope that the subliminal message sinks in. Do they think we are stupid?

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subterraneancPosted on10:46 am - Aug 4, 2012

It’s fantastic that this site continues the great work of RTC and other Internet Bampots but a sad indictment of Scottish Football Administrators and the Scottish Mainstream Media.

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ikiPosted on10:49 am - Aug 4, 2012

From Billy Dodds’
“I can see that there was maybe a small advantage for the club but as players and coaches you don’t think about it.”
At the time, maybe he did not think about it but he has had plenty of time to think since then and this makes his remark all the more stupid or deceitful.
His contribution to the debate should always be tagged with ‘This man lied to his broadcasting colleagues and to a nationwide audience.’

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AuldheidPosted on10:52 am - Aug 4, 2012

Re Walter Smiths Scotsman interview. Alex Thomson nails the myth here:

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tic6709Posted on10:54 am - Aug 4, 2012

longtimelurker Cheers mate, do you or anybody else have any idea how many ST’s they will have to sell to pay All the bills every month ?.Is it possible ?

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Paul McConvillePosted on11:05 am - Aug 4, 2012

Couple of quick links on a sunny Saturday. Ecojon was intrigued by the coverage of the name change this week.


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AuldheidPosted on11:05 am - Aug 4, 2012


Once the SB sales numbers firm up I’ll update my wage calculator to see the average wage that can be supported.

I suspect the business case is dependent on as short an absence from the SPL as can be manipulated and in allowing it to be passed the SFA are complicit in undermining the game’s integrity.
I can accept an SFL entry but to allow financial doping to continue is a breach of FFP principles and a continuation of the behaviour that got the game and Rangers into trouble.

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Paul McConvillePosted on11:08 am - Aug 4, 2012

And briliantly it looks as if the ancien regime’s hassle with forms has carried over – could it have rendered Sevco’s Rangers name change invalid!


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nowoldandgrumpyPosted on12:17 pm - Aug 4, 2012

A bit concerned with Doncasters comment on SKY. He will look at the league tables around xmas and implement the required changes. What are those changes?

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patsymcd1888Posted on12:29 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Does anyone know how many ST Celtic have sold this season?

Thanks Patsy

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ollielogiePosted on12:51 pm - Aug 4, 2012

I suspect Mr Dodds ‘defense’ regarding his EBT will be the taste of more to come ie no side EBT contract during the period he was registered as a player for R(IA). Am I correct in remembering that Mark Daly has had sight of side letter(s) and does anyone remember how many?

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NeutralAxisPosted on12:58 pm - Aug 4, 2012

From the lips of Sir Walter in The Scotsman.

“It’s all right to come up with comments like sporting integrity, but the main thing is for Scottish football to gain a level of respectability and I think we are in danger of losing that.”

So even after everything which has happened, he still doesn’t realise that the new found resolve of every other club in Scotland, the growing sense of fraternity against a common enemy and the continuing and likely eternal pariah status of his club, the concept of sporting integrity is not an affectation or whim.

It’s the new belief that the right way to do things is the only way to do things.

“Rangers” either have to get with the programme or forever be condemned to pariah status.

It just takes a little courage to face down your enemies within and join the rest of the human race.

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coineanachantaighePosted on1:07 pm - Aug 4, 2012

The reason why Smith’s comments don’t make much sense is because since he doesn’t grasp the meaning of the words “respect”, “respectability”, integrity” or any of the other words with similar meanings. Hence any sentence he tries to construct using these words will come out as gobbledygook.

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Dark BluePosted on1:33 pm - Aug 4, 2012

GeordieJag posted earlier that he thought Rangers might still have their SPL share. This could come in handy if a certain team in the SPL was to liquidate and newco to get rid of debt. This could be facilitated by having a certain person on the sfa/spl board_M. J. inviting The Rangers into the SPL(on sporting merit of course) or am I just paranoid?

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Kindred SpiritPosted on1:58 pm - Aug 4, 2012

R.E. Dodds

He just remarked on radio that he was at “love street”

now i think im right in saying that the saints have been away from “love street” for over 3 years

so maybe Doddsy’s memory regarding EBT’s is a wee bit blurred

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Long Time LurkerPosted on2:05 pm - Aug 4, 2012

I am assuming that Sevco / The Rangers Football Club have provided the SFA with a business plan and evidence of financing, and that SFA have granted a license on the basis that they believe that the licensee can fulfill all of its obligations and remain in business.

What if Sevco / The Rangers Football club do not raise enough capital over the season which is a possibility if they experience lower season ticket sales than projected etc. (they cannot have sold much if any season tickets at the time the SFA provided a license) – would the SFA have any liability over their decision to grant a license?

Have the SFA confirmed that Sevco / The Rangers Football club have settled all of their football debts?

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BlindsummitPosted on2:19 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Long Time Lurker says:

August 4, 2012 at 14:05
I think the answer to all of these is a resounding NO. Not that the SFA will tell us of course. That would be too much transparency……

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redetinPosted on3:23 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Long Time Lurker says:
August 4, 2012 at 14:05

I am assuming that Sevco / The Rangers Football Club have provided the SFA with a business plan and evidence of financing, and that SFA have granted a license on the basis that they believe that the licensee can fulfill all of its obligations and remain in business.

My expectation is that with the current state of affairs, all of these matters will be considered to be commercially confidential. A long as there is no transparency around the business dealings of the clubs fans will continue to be suspicious of football management.

Sporting integrity requires financial transparency.That’s why there are so many rules around contracts and payments; we must know that the game is clean and free from financial doping, which it demonstrably has not been.

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smallteaserPosted on3:23 pm - Aug 4, 2012

nowoldandgrumpy says:
August 4, 2012 at 12:17
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A bit concerned with Doncasters comment on SKY. He will look at the league tables around xmas and implement the required changes. What are those changes?
The changes are that the top team in the SFL3 will move with all of their points into the SPL, if that means that they are now top of the SPL, then live with it, lets move on for the good of Scottish football!!!

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smallteaserPosted on3:31 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Long Time Lurker says:
August 4, 2012 at 14:05
The non disclosure of all football debts being paid and the non disclosure of all the conditions of their acceptance is not just lax, it is part of yet another cover up.
When date have they to pay football debts by?
Are the international debts also to be paid, i.e. Rapid Vienna.
How much of the TV rights are they being paid?
Is there an agreement on future punishments?
Who are the owners?
Have any securities been agreed up front?
Have HMRC asked for securities?

How transparent is the new transparent SFA/SPL!!

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Geordie BhoyPosted on3:32 pm - Aug 4, 2012

nowoldandgrumpy says:
August 4, 2012 at 12:17

A bit concerned with Doncasters comment on SKY. He will look at the league tables around xmas and implement the required changes. What are those changes?

nowoldandgrumpy, the SFA & SPL are determined to get Sevco back into the SPL as soon as they can and under any pretence. Presumably, Mr. Doncaster expects Celtic to run away with the SPL and hopes that Sevco are (still in business and) running away with SFL3 … therefore, the only “sensible” means to promote “competition” in Scottish football is to invite Sevco into the top league.

It is all for the good of Scottish football – really!

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Parson St. BhoyPosted on3:33 pm - Aug 4, 2012

And the show goes on.
SC004276 RFC 2012 P.L.C. STATUSR



Document Image Available

RES15 31/07/2

RES15 31/07/2012 CHANGE OF NAME 31/07/2012










MISC 12/03/2012 COURT ORDER 09 MARCH 2012

2.11B(Scot) 22/02/2012 NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATOR’S APPOINTMENT: CASE NO.1:IP NO.00008570,00008699
From Sevcomedia. http://www.rangers.co.uk/

The Rangers Football Club (No SC425159), Ibrox Stadium, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow G51 2XD

Note the different company numbers. SC425159 incorporated 2012.
SC004276 incorporated in the !9th century

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Geordie BhoyPosted on3:42 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Logie says:
August 4, 2012 at 12:51

Logie, see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-18148818

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smallteaserPosted on3:48 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Is someone at it with the Charlie Mulgrew suspension or am I being paranoid again?
Mulgrew could have served his 1 match suspension against Milan last weekend if this had been raised earlier, the Dutch take two weeks to report it, aye right.

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fara1968Posted on3:54 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Aberdeen asked for more tickets for Celtic park today. Sold all of them. Well done Aberdeen fans.

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paradisebhoyPosted on4:09 pm - Aug 4, 2012


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ollielogiePosted on4:17 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Geordie Bhoy says:
August 4, 2012 at 15:42

Thanks GB – So, BBC have had sight of 38 players side letters, which, I would assume, forms part of the prima facie evidence reported by Harper McLeod. Methinks (i) The enquiry shouldn’t take too long and (ii) The Mr Dodds defence won’t stand up for more than 20 seconds….

Paul McCconville piece possible sanctions and deliberate/accidental tactics of Chic was interesting …. Is it too paranoid to imagine Chic publicly campaigning against title stripping while keeping his fingers crossed for exactly that (as alternative to financial penalties)?

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coineanachantaighePosted on4:18 pm - Aug 4, 2012

You surely don’t expect a player to be able to serve a suspension by way of a preseason friendly, do you? Who you think you are, Rangers? 😀

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coineanachantaighePosted on4:20 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Oops, posts slipped in while I was typing. That was meant for smallteaser – in a preseason friendly, joke kind of manner. 🙂

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Philip José FarmerPosted on4:22 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Fara says:
August 4, 2012 at 15:54


I agree, hopefully it bodes well for attendances at home games.

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VegaPosted on4:27 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Smallteaser and Geordie Bhoy, are you seriously suggesting Sevco in the SPL at Christmas?
Cos if you’re joking you want to use a smiley…

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VegaPosted on4:28 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Lots of football chat too. Early doors for the standards to be slipping.

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smallteaserPosted on4:29 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Mr Bunny says:
August 4, 2012 at 16:18

You surely don’t expect a player to be able to serve a suspension by way of a preseason friendly, do you? Who you think you are, Rangers?
The offence happened in a pre season friendly.
Its a bit like two yellow cards in a Scottish Cup tie lead to a Scottish Cup tie suspension, not a league game.
Who do you think you are, Hugh Dallas?

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rabPosted on4:33 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Asked if Scottish football was heading for League of Ireland status, Smith said: “We are heading there. It’s a slow process, but we have to face that. It is not going to be helped by the withdrawal of funds and no matter what anyone says, Celtic and Rangers kept the interest in terms of Sky TV and people like that.

Lord Waltermort manages to encapsulate the power of misinformation in one sentence.

Wally, can i call you Wally, it seems apt. The scottish first division is a richer, more supported league than the irish league, so you appear very foolish when you make ridiculous claims about our top league. I also don’t know if you noticed but the sky deal was announced to a fanfare of abba’s money money money, whilst Stewart Regan rode a donkey ( ahem ) through the thronged masses, peeling off £50 notes. Alright, it wasn’t quite like that, but it did get signed, so again you appear a little foolish with your sinister insinuation that sky money will disappear.

Oh, and any chance you could answer a couple of wee trivial things about silly payments or something from rangers when you weren’t even there. Cheers.

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smallteaserPosted on4:34 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Vega says:
August 4, 2012 at 16:27
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Smallteaser and Geordie Bhoy, are you seriously suggesting Sevco in the SPL at Christmas?
Using the current Laws and Rules in place in Scottish football I don’t see why not.

Rules of Scottish Football
1) Do what ever is best and quickest to return Rangers to the top of the SPL
2) See Rule 1

Smileys are for kids! Smiley

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VegaPosted on4:39 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Smileys are for kids? My apologies; I stand corrected. Got that everyone?

In better news, Cosgrove is on Your Call so hopefully Traynor will get less of his own way…

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Itsagoal!Posted on4:58 pm - Aug 4, 2012

I am very concerned about Doncaster comments about reconstruction. A previous poster on RTC regularly mentioned the quote from the First Minister that reconstruction was going to happen, backed up by his appointment the former First Minister. They clearly think that a year without ‘Rangers’ will be too much for us all. But frankly they mis-understand that we the fans are not having it. If they want 3 leagues of 14 – then fine, but New The Rangers start in the 3rd league not the second one and definetely not the first one! no fix, no way

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NawlitePosted on5:03 pm - Aug 4, 2012

I’d like to thank Bluff & Bluster for his post on August 4, 2012 at 00:11 where he posted a link to various people/places who could/should be contacted to voice displeasure, ask questions and (in some cases) offer thanks!! http://honestyinsport.weebly.com/index.html.

It’s the lack of this sort of info that led to my earlier comment of ‘being hopeless and can’t help’. That ‘s not my general state – honest (though according to Mrs N…..!).

I’d reiterate his thought that the blog could do with a “who to contact” page so we can take individual (but coordinated?) action.

While we shouldn’t sit around waiting to be told what to do by our (blog) leaders, I agree that “we need to be more organised than they are, and we need to aim all of our arrows at the same targets.”

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VegaPosted on5:18 pm - Aug 4, 2012

I can’t see any mechanism for allowing NewClub Rangers into the SPL next season, given they failed to “get away with it” for this season.

What I expect to see is either an SPL2 (not popular with the league clubs) or a three league setup. Either of these scenarios would allow the new club back into the top division in two seasons rather than three. I believe thats the best they can hope for, but this relies heavily on them still being in existence in two seasons time…

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AuldheidPosted on5:42 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Delahvnt raising the how can they afford it question?

This will be asked more and more as the season proceeds.

A gate of 22,000 only supports £1.6k a week as an average wage. If they are front loading wages they MUST get back in SPL tout de suite which raises questions on SFA granting a licence and what will be done to help to make sure SFA do not get egg on their face.

It still stinks Mr Regan.

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VegaPosted on5:48 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Traynor denies referring to Armageddon so that’s Tam Cosgrove started ripping him a new one.

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riw1Posted on5:58 pm - Aug 4, 2012

17.52 04-08-12. The time & date Dr Cosgrove planted a very big nail in a Doncaster coffin. Stirring stuff !

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HamerdoonPosted on6:04 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Traynor has no credibility. Cosgrove is making him look utterly foolish. Thank goodness the internet bampots are phoning in here and tackling this pure excuse for a journalist.

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HamerdoonPosted on6:05 pm - Aug 4, 2012

obviously ……….poor excuse for a journalist!!

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VegaPosted on6:06 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Congratulations TSFM, namechecked on Your Call

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VegaPosted on6:07 pm - Aug 4, 2012

By Tam needless to say. Jim just thinks we’re rude to him.

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riw1Posted on6:08 pm - Aug 4, 2012

TSFM given quite a promotion by Dr Cosgrove. Even Traynor giving a grudging respect.

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Danish PastryPosted on6:08 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Bravo Stuart Cosgrove, just gave The SFM a plug!

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Long Time LurkerPosted on6:09 pm - Aug 4, 2012

What’s the difference between some people spoiling internet forums with their bigotry and a small number of journalists spouting rubish and pushing a particulair line – question to Mr Traynor

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Danish PastryPosted on6:12 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Bet Stuart Cosgrove would do a guest blog, if asked very nicely …

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BampotPosted on6:14 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Stuart Cosgrove mention this website and instantly Jim Traynor was quick to dismiss and talk it down on BBC Scotland. I wonder why that is Jim.

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smallteaserPosted on6:18 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Was there any announcement of Rangers being accepted into the SFL3?
Was there any announcement of the registration of Black & Shiels & Little, this was supposed to happen on Friday.?
Have all of the other players registrations been moved to the new club?
Have all of the contracts agreements been lodged with the SFA & SFL for all Sevco players?

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riw1Posted on6:20 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Danish, I agree. He gave a respectful promotion about the reasoned debate on RTC that has “morphed” to here. That rather compromised Traynors response & let to him saying.. ” Yeah Stuart, but don’t you think & I’m not talking about that one, that some of these sites are just rude ” ? Brilliant stuff. I’m sure the good Doctor would lend his scribing skills to place a blatt.

Bear in mind he is one of the most highly qualified & senior media executives in UK, His position as Head of Programmes & Creativity at Channel 4 sets him well above the bar. Ergo when he very politely destroyed Doncasters efforts regarding TV deals, unlike the vast majority, he does know what he is talking about.

He would be a great scoop !

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BrendaPosted on6:20 pm - Aug 4, 2012

riw1 @ 17:58

Missed it what did mr cosgrove say??

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VegaPosted on6:27 pm - Aug 4, 2012

Not much as it was a defence of Internet Bampots in general but he mentioned that this weekend RTC had morphed into TSFM.

If I try hard enough I will remember to call him Stuart…

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