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Heard tonight, from a reliable but not un-conflicted source, that …

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Heard tonight, from a reliable but not un-conflicted source, that the hat is being passed round by King and his board. Much hope was placed in Brian Kennedy to provide the resources that might allow a charge for European footie next season. Alas that ship may have sailed.

Medium term strategy has now been replaced by a short-term one, and although there is concern with regard to liquidity, cashing in on some assets in January is now the main plank of the ‘stay alive’ strategy – those asset sales funding repayment of any loans raised this month to pay the bills.

My follow-up question was quite simple. “What circumstance, actual or theoretical, would bring an end to this hand to mouth stuff?”

The answer is “as far as we can see, none”

My trouble with this kind of info is that plausibly extrapolated scenarios are not too difficult to come up with. I’d have more trust in that kind of information if a reasonable answer was provided to the last question – but I suspect what I got was an intelligent guess, and not inside knowledge.

On another note, I was visited at home last week by a former footballer of my acquaintance, who played under Billy McNeill and Alex Ferguson. On other business in my neighbourhood, he was on the cadge for a cuppa and a catch-up.

During the course of our chat, it transpired that he is very strongly and genuinely of the belief that TRFC ARE RFC – no ifs or buts or maybes.

“Are you one of these sad people who think it’s a new club?” he asked me? 13

“Drink yer tea!” I replied sighing, bringing an end to that strand of the discussion, embarking instead on a discourse on Jeremy Corbyn, which led to speculation that he was turning Labour into a ‘different party’. 08

My theory that people who make their living out of football are invested heavily in the Myth gets another nudge in the direction of credibilty. Wish I felt better!

Can I ask John Clark to count to one hundred before replying? 🙂

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Accountability, Transparency, & Brave Sir Robin

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Accountability, Transparency, & Brave Sir Robin
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Accountability, Transparency, & Brave Sir Robin

Just watched the Jimmy Edwards, sorry, Traynor show on SkySports.

Have to admit, in all the time I knew him, he was totally in control of everything around him. In this clip he not only looked to have lost control, but by his actions also effectively emasculated and embarrassed MW.

Kind of exactly NOT what a PR minder is supposed to do.

Traynor is a good writer, but absolutely the opposite of what is required of a PR officer. The wheels are most definitely coming off the Blue Bogey.

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Seems unlikely that Morelos is part owned by anyone else. However there’s only way of testing either theory is if he is transferred, and that seems an ever decreasing outcome given all we have talked about for the last four years is how much he will be offloaded for.
Also, what happens if he runs goes contract down? Would that mean that the 14% would also disappear?
Just doesn’t sound right at all.

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Certainly not beyond the possible. Much bigger game being played on the Indy highway than in the narrow lanes of Rangers*

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