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CORRUPT OFFICIALOCTOBER 11, 2016 at 17:52 23 Votes
TONYOCTOBER 11, 2016 at 16:50phil’s latest ———————– If Phil is correct then we are talking overdues stretching back 8 months at least. That would be quite a while before this season’s fixture list was compiled. If Sevco have played by the rules (no laughing at the back) then the SPFL should have been well aware of these overdues when compiling said fixture list.If I can refer you to JC’s post.JOHN CLARKOCTOBER 10, 2016 at 08:44“HMRC Obligations and ReportingE20Subject to Rules E21 and E28, any Club which:……E20.4does not within twenty eight days of the date of an assessment issued by HMRC on or after 1 June 2014 pay to HMRC the full amount of the Club’s Tax Liabilities arising as a result of that assessment……….. shall report each such Default Event in writing to the Secretary within 2 days of the Default Event arising…”

They probably have not been issued with an assessment for missing a couple of quarters VAT (apart from the speculation today that that might have happened now). So, technically, they would not have to inform the authorities that they were up to the same tricks as their predecessor, if that is indeed the case. If it’s happened now, of course, they will undoubtedly be hit with a transfer ban (that was what happened to Hearts wasn’t it?) 14

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If 50% of the people have to take up the offer then how does that defend the position of small shareholders, which is the point of the rule as I understand it. 


It’s not 50% of the people. It’s enough shares to take the concert parties holding to 50%+1. If they already have 35.5% or thereabouts, it’s less than 15% of all shares; about 24% of the shares out there that they don’t already hold. He will undoubtedly try to stiff Margarita/Blue whatsisname etc by trying to claim they can’t trade their shares, so that could end up in court again

Enough is enough
I’d like to see statistics regarding the ground covered by the various players last night. I lost count of the number of relatively tight TV shots where 3 or fewer Celtic players were ‘covered’ by 8 or more outfield Bayern players. They were everywhere

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OCTOBER 15, 2017 at 09:37
I wonder how DK’s legals satisfied themselves that they would get their fees? Is it the practice for QCs to ask for money up front? Or will King be able to claim on the ‘directors’ liability’ insurance cover?

John, I think PMG has blogged that he asked the RIFC board to cover his legal expenses and they said no. As for Director’s liability, I’m not sure it would cover this

Time to Ditch the Geek Show


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Alisdair Lamont not at court today

Hopefully someone else will live tweet it. If I had known I might have gone down there myself, being unexpectedly at home

Time to Ditch the Geek Show

OCTOBER 12, 2017 at 22:28
Other people’s money I should think, EJ. Did someone on here not once say that he had borrowed from one of the 3 bears or some such thing.Anyway great posts tonight. Thanks also to JC for keeping us updated.


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