An Honest Game? Convince Us.

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It’s late, time for bed and time for a stand …

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It’s late, time for bed and time for a stand down of the Tartan Army until this Collection of ‘Blazers’ get starved of cash and get disbanded.


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An Honest Game? Convince Us.
SBC, because it’s the best we have against the murky doings of the SFA, how ever I feel it’s becoming rather middle class in its views against the fairly obvious SFAs deceit to assist one team above all others, this is not about Sevco/IRangers, it’s about a governing football association that is heavily conflicted and this forum with its following could bring the SFA to account if it organised a stand down of the tartan army
maybe then could a Scottish minded group grow a team and best referees without aharge.


An Honest Game? Convince Us.
Has this forum turned into a competition on who can write the best legal letter?

No one will win that, except those paid to protect the SFA/Sevco and other parties that may be wanting things ‘hushed or shredded’, Auldhied has a good grip of the SFA and my £ is on him, however where is the outrage against the SFA on all Rangers rule breaking! Why can’t I mention referees here, did Cambell Ogilvie lie to Stuart Regan, did Stuart Regan cover for CO?
Why are Hearts not slashing costs to the bone to make sure our season isn’t a farce!
How the heck did Clydebank/Airdrie Utd suddenly become liquidated Airdrieoniens again.
Why has Sevco been allowed to intimidated by ‘dog whistle’ threats across the board, A M had a list of those ‘involved in football betting’ this appears to have been ‘shredded’ after ‘blackmailing’ SevcoFA to let I B off.

Here’s a question, what exactly did Gordon Smith (ONC in Business) do at Sevco/Hampden, pass licenses for Europe?

TSFM will wither and die out as there is no appetite to actually take action against SFA/Sevco.



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Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
I may have had a moment of clarity regarding the £278,000 monthly sum leaving New Rangers and the strange case of the stadium not being available to MASH as collateral.

When the Clumpany Rangers Intergalactical FC was formed and Sevco Scotland Ltd transferred ‘stuff’ over to it, I think they forgot to move the stadium.

My legitimate copy of ‘The Deeds’ purchased direct from Registers of Scotland (public document) has the Owner as Sevco Scotland Ltd on it, have RIFC been in rented accommodation since birth?

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Scotland v Gibraltar, it’s likely that their will be more men in Hampdump today than the entire population (men, women & children) of The Rock, what’s the point!

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Here’s a thought I have ‘borrowed’ from Joe McHugh:

‘Should Mr King and Mr Murray both become directors it leaves the door open for HMRC to go after a phoenix company for the £20m unpaid at the time of liquidation as well as the ongoing appeal over the Big Tax Case.’

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Paul Murray, good lord, will no one ask him a question.
When ripping into past directors, no one pointed out he and DK were on the board who sold the club to Whyte, FFS! This guy is not right in the head!

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Unfortunately Allyjambo you may well be spot on.

Liquidation is the new Administration it seems, only in Scottish Football and for one ‘peepil’.

Deary deary me, our game is stinking.

This ‘stench’ of manipulation from Ogilvie and Doncaster will put more fans off the game than this Zombie team can bring in to the game, one eejit still believes in the ‘rangers global fanbase’ myth that their own Dir. Hugh Adam dismissed, the other is Sevco through and through.

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