An Honest Game? Convince Us.

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THIS is what sickens me most about Scottish Football right …

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THIS is what sickens me most about Scottish Football right now.
A player from team X goes to watch a match between Team P and Team Q; in the company of some fans from Team P he sings a song critical of Team Q. The SFA decide to haul him in front of them and presumably he will be punished.
A player from Team H is caught betting on over 100 matches. Some of these bets involve matches in which he played, for team H and for earlier teams. The SFA / SPFL give him a small fine and a 7 match ban.
Clubs A and B consistently and over a period of many years make statements about the fact that they are too big for Scottish Football and are considering moving to a league in a different country. The SFA does and says nothing.
All of the above instances bring the scottish game into disrepute but some do so more than others.

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An Honest Game? Convince Us.
ianagain says:
April 3, 2014 at 12:02 am
I can see Hearts going unbeaten until the end and causing some caution amongst those above and below them. Inducing a wild spending spree elsewhere (no doubt including some Hearts players).
OK let’s get one thing straight. Hearts are not bottom of the SPFL because they lost 15 points. They are bottom of the table even if that 15 points were not deducted. Apart from their uncanny ability to beat Hibs they are still the worst of the bunch. Why would any Club hoping to climb out of the Championship purchase any players from a club that had just dropped into the Championship?

An Honest Game? Convince Us.
it’s a long shot but if results go Hearts’ way in April Hibs might once again fail to send Hearts down to the Championship on April 27th. I’m a Hibby and I can just see this happening again 🙁

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History, Neighbours and Made Up News
As a Hibby I have no axe to grind here.
Could any one of the Celtic FC fans / season ticket holders / shareholders on this board ask the following question to Celtic please?
” How much damage to Celtic Park was caused by visiting fans in seasons 2015-16, 2014-15, 2013-14, and 2012-13?
How much damage to Celtic Park was caused by visiting fans in season 2016-17 so far? “

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
Are there any fans of other “diddy” clubs who typically would watch a C v R match on TV? I am almost 60 but have no recollection of EVER watching one. Would be interested to hear the viewpoint of others.

The Offline Game
Some contributors have touched upon TRFC’s potential lost income from the Europa Cup. In the Europa Cup they would only be quaranteed one home match. Since some of the potential opposition would be the likes of Maribor, Austria Vienna, Partizan Belgrade, HJK Helsinki, Hadjuk Split [ see link at bottom] they would not necessarily be favourites to qualify for the next (3rd) qualifying round. Plus a trip to Finland or Croatia or even further afield is far from inexpensive.
However in the “new-format” League Cup they will be guaranteed 2 home games. So far no real idea how the Pools will look but for the sake of argument they could end up with Dundee and Dundee United at home on a Saturday, and 2 teams from the lower Divisions. I guess my point is that unlike the UEFA draw, it is not inconceivable that the SPFL could engineer things in favour of TRFC. Add to that much lower travel costs.
Call me paranoid, I know. My point is that while they will miss out on European “exposure” and perhaps the chance to have used playing in Europe as a carrot for potential signings, I don’t see that they are financially worse off. Unless of course they were banking on reaching the Europa Cup Final like they did 5 or 6 years ago?

The Offline Game
Could one of the many ‘Well fans post a wee summary of the crowd invasion at the end of last season’s playoff match between ‘Well and TRFC?
I don’t want to introduce any whataboutery, I’m just trying to work out how Saturday’s kerfuffle compared with that one.
I have no recollection of any calls for Motherwell to be thrown out of the SPFL Premiership? What was ‘Well’s punishment by the way?
Thanks in advance ‘Well fans.

The Offline Game
Nothing at all on the SFA website about Saturday’s post-match kerfuffle.
And on the SPFL website they announce Scotland’s 4 representatives in Europe next year as Celtic, Aberdeen, Hearts, and Hibs.
Perhaps giving too much credit here but maybe they’re just waiting for all the hot air coming from Ibrox and some sections of the Scottish Football press to disappear.
I am sure the powers-that-be are rightly looking at all the video evidence before taking action against individuals.
That’s as it should be.

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