.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers


CASTOFTHOUSANDSJUNE 9, 2016 at 22:25       Maybe it was …

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CASTOFTHOUSANDSJUNE 9, 2016 at 22:25  
    Maybe it was a poor analogy, but far from suggesting they were arbiters of fair competition, I was rather suggesting they would take advertisers fees from wherever and whoever, as the would do with, for e.g. BMW, Toyota, Mazda, etc.   All competitors, but able to advertise in the same arena, whether it be print, tv, trackside, or on the side of a bus. 
   I suppose gazumping, could be an explanation, but as they produce a price list and the ad was originally accepted, highly unlikely, and I believe illegal.  I can’t get the Guardian here, so have no idea who or what filled the void.  
   No, I genuinely believe that this is not about covering up what we pretty much are sure of, but of hiding what it may lead to. 
Whether that be an extended ban for Sevco, or something else, I can only guess at, but it is altogether just to smelly. This is the 4th excuse given, from an editorial decision, to not an editorial decision, to the order came from on high, to it was written in French. 
   Only the third, the order came from on high, hasn’t been disproved yet. 

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.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
  I noticed this last night, and clumps has done a short blog about it. 


   Clearly this “slip” came about because he is aware of the truth, and may even be part of his everyday vocabulary. Yet he continually peddles the myth, regardless of what he is aware of. 
   This takes a rare breed of person……But not rare enough !   I am not particularly proud to say I could never do such a thing, in much the same way as I would not be proud to say “I don’t snatch old ladies hand-bags”.  
   It’s just not normal behaviour of someone acceptable to the human race. There is nothing decent or acceptable about it. I don’t care how big his mortgage is. 

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Good call Nawlite. 04

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Quite interesting that Mr Warburton is making comments about the lack of travel to foreign climes by young Scottish players. His own Jason Holt was on loan at Sheffield United when he was unable to command a regular starting place in Robbie Nielsons Championship winning side. Jordan McGhee has taken the same approach this season.   
 I posted the other day that Warburton was “Talking cack” and linked a couple of Celtic players loaned out overseas.. Not through partisan reasons, but as a Celtic supporter, they readily sprung to mind without having to indulge in significant research.
   Your additional input is appreciated.  04 

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Questions, questions, questions
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Questions, questions, questions

Questions, questions, questions
Vernallen 2nd April 2022 At 16:30
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Would the Club 1872 evidence of serious wrong doing by the board have similar weight to the dossier assembled by the Rangers in regards to the SFPL/SFA a while back
That is always a possibility Vernallen, but there is one subtle difference. One set of allegations did not achieve its objective, whereas the other did.

Questions, questions, questions
John Clark 2nd April 2022 At 12:36

Yes, CO, I’m inclined to believe so.

A dark place right enough John. I believe every fan-base on the planet would be demanding the release of documentary evidence supporting such allegations, whether they went to Australia or not. It’s the casual acceptance of the fan-base, that this is the normal way of things in the Sevco boardroom that gets me.
Albertz may point out that there is a falling membership, but for a while it was large, and stocking it with vast sums of hard earned cash…..However they appear to have lost their tongues.
It really is a sad indictment of those fans that they are not demanding, “Get it oot anyway!”

Questions, questions, questions
So fan group, Club 1872 claim to have evidence of serious wrong doing, but are happy to keep quiet about it, and keep it under their hat, if they get their own way…….Is that where we are now in Govan?..

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