.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers


I think the problem for The Granada and The Professor …

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I think the problem for The Granada and The Professor is that they were only shown the original version which was of course written in Swiss (Hilversum) and is only spoken by a handful of people in the remotest Alpine Cantons. N’est pas?

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.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
As a light diversion I would heartily recommend The Secret Assistant Manager. A series of online pieces on our favourite game. 

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Here we go again
Cluster One @13.32
And in addition to the efforts of Mr Charles and Mr McCoist the stunning volte-face by the entire SMSM ensured that season books were sold and the ground work laid for the IPO.

Moving On Time?
ClusterOne@18.09 yesterday 

The late Ian Archer’s description of Rangers being a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace springs to mind here. 
I’ve not commented much lately but the current moves to sell DK’s shares aptly demonstrates that cash is King and King is all about the cash.

Moving On Time?

From the BBC article it states that the 9  Dundee Utd first team players in isolation will also miss the game against the current league leaders. The league being decided the way it was last season was unsatisfactory to many. This season is rapidly becoming farcical. The soulless games were bad enough but more and more are now less and less competitive. Ghost teams playing ersatz football in empty stadia. Is it really worth the effort? 

Moving On Time?
Homunculus @12.40

In terms of propaganda, then look no further than the post election United States. If something more domestic is preferred then there is always the SMSM in relation to the liquidation of Rangers (1872) 

Fergus McCann v David Murray
John Clark @09.31

The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to a stadium near you. Well maybe not in Scotland.

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