.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers


Roy Greenslade has reproduced the French ad he says was …

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Roy Greenslade has reproduced the French ad he says was sent to the Guardian – along with a fairly conciliatory statement on the Res12 issue itself – on his Twitter timeline.

Now I have no doubt that CQN are telling the truth about never having translated the ad into French. So from where did this French version originate?

Really spooky.

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.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers

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.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers

The Lord Hodge delay is a reminder of how contrived and stealthy the whole process in the immediate post-CVA period was. I still do not think that the OCNC debate is a particularly worthwhile one, since it is already a matter of fact that the old club was liquidated. I’m not so sure that any further justification is necessary on our part.

On the other hand, the immediate post-Res 12 period is turning out to be a damp squib of collective amnesia  – and sadly, the same can be said of the TOG report on both Res 12 and the flawed LNS inquiry.

OCNC is a difficult thing to obtain traction because of the ‘black is white’ approach of the liquidation deniers, but LNS and Res 12 are both areas where the debate has managed to migrate from the parochial and escape to the notice of others. That is where we should be setting our focus I think.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers

On the Brian McClair thing, I have no special ‘in’ with him. I am also advised that he is not doing media interviews, so my guess is that there probably is a confidentiality clause.

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Seems unlikely that Morelos is part owned by anyone else. However there’s only way of testing either theory is if he is transferred, and that seems an ever decreasing outcome given all we have talked about for the last four years is how much he will be offloaded for.
Also, what happens if he runs goes contract down? Would that mean that the 14% would also disappear?
Just doesn’t sound right at all.

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Certainly not beyond the possible. Much bigger game being played on the Indy highway than in the narrow lanes of Rangers*

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