.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers


I seem to recall a post on a sevco 2012 …

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I seem to recall a post on a sevco 2012 site mocking the CQN ad but believe it referred to the ad in the Swiss paper .
I have checked back the posts on the said site and it seems to have gone 

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.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
The questions I think every scottish football supporter has to ask themselves today is 
Will the CHEATING begin for this new IBROKES entity .
Now that we are all in no doubt that sporting integrity is not the first thing on the minds off the peepil running our game and the MSM have shown us that their own survival matters more than the truth .
When does the (CHEATING) helping hands stop and how many are enough .
If the new club need to make the top six or they go bust ,will a wee helping hand be given for the good of our game 
If the new club have handed out contracts beyond their means to try and get a euro slot ,will a wee helping hand be given 
If the sevco supporters begin to walk away at the lack of a league win ,will the peepil and even one of the other clubs ease of their title charge to help out (just for the GOOD of our GAME of course) .After after all it’s not personal it’s just BUSINESS.
It sounds crazy but I’m afraid that is where I am at the moment .
After all that has gone on I am in no way confident that any and I mean any deals could not be done behind the fans backs to keep the BUSINESS running as I believe the powers that be at the SFA ,SPFL and CLUBS are convinced that they know what’s best and we the SUPPORTERS are incapable of seeing the bigger picture .
IMO they have taken a path that will not end well ,as any sport that is not honest or fair is not a sport at all and when more and more supporters wake up to that fact then there will be no way back for Scottish football .
I believe their will be a Ratners moment for Scottish football
Ratners was a jewellery chain that was doing rather well selling jewellery at what was assumed reasonable prices ,now I think a lot of their customers knew it was not top class jewellery but when Ratners man at the top declared at a company get together that they were basically selling a crap product for profit the business collapsed overnight.
One of these days one of the peepil wil bend or break one rule to many and that will expose the scam and leave the paying punters in no doubt about the product their spending their money on and that will be the end .
What the people running our game have done ,is to leave our game hostage to whoever is in charge at sevco ,if they do not get the helping hand they need they will threaten to pull the plug and walk away .
Remember Charles Greens threat ,well HE got what he wanted ,didn’t he .
No need to panic though as the peepil running the new club now are fine upstanding citizens and will demand they are made to play by the rules 
Oh wait ……..

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
The taxman cometh 
Does that web site not ask peepil to contribute to the updating of the said site 
Check the last updated date 
how lucky was that ,even luckier was that a sevconian spotted it within a matter of hours and was encouraging bloggers to pass it on all their forums .
Makes you wonder if there was some bad news in the pipeline to expose the BIG LIE 14141414

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Re Robertson’s withdrawal from the vote .
A quick look on a sevco 2012 forum and it gives you a little insight to the legacy left to ALL the other Scottish football supporters by allowing the BIG LIE to continue .
I does not bode well IMO.
This victim myth has stoked fires that may take a decade or more to put out .

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Dear Mr Bankier
testing testing testing

Dear Mr Bankier
If, as has been stated Celtic have yet again failed to move the Res 12 issue forward in any meaningful way after yet another AGM then I am left with the conclusion that the club is complicit in what has went on in 2011/12 . Also with the way DK is running the new club over in Govan ,it may not be long before they need another financial helping hand .If so can any Scottish football supporter be confident that those in charge of our game (clubs too) will not provide a revenue stream with the laughable excuse that it's for the good of the Scottish game . It looks very much to me that this issue has shone a light into something club chairmen and the SFA/SPL don,t want the paying supporters to know about . The way the Res 12 issue has been dealt with by Celtic and other clubs leads me to believe that they are all involved in a cover up .

Dear Mr Bankier
Could it be that it was just a coincidence  Scottish football witnessed the year of the "honest mistakes"2010/11 , knowing what we know now ,I have my doubts .


It looks like ragers 1872 's only chance of existence was CL revenue and the only way of having a chance of CL revenue was as league winners . If that were the case ,why would the SFA deny them the licence .

What if  the perilous state of the finances over in Govan led to decisions being made in order to give a lifeline to a club who died anyway due to circumstances outwith their control (FOOTBALL RESULTS OUTWITH SCOTLAND ) .

Could it happen ,who knows ? but the delay in investigating the issue properly does nothing to ease supporters doubts 

Stevie G – The Real Deal?


With that in mind ,how likely is it that sevco 2012 will meet the FFP criteria for next season .

Some have mentioned that they think the regular rants from statement o'clock for the most trivial gripes are more of the distraction plan to keep people's eyes of the real issues over Govan way .


What if ?,,,,,,,

a new club that had to abide by the rules of FFP would not be able to realise their high risk business plan .


the club tried to circumvent the FFP rules by say ,inflating other costs ,say sponsorship or maintenance costs that could then be used to pay wages they could otherwise not afford ,would that be breaking the FFP rules ?.


I am sure though if a club  spent say ,over 4,5.or £6m on maintenance people would notice it ,you could expect maybe heavy machinery ,major works lots of workmen on site ,work possibly staggered over an extended period as to avoid disruption to customers .


Then again I know nothing of building costs or plant hire so maybe there could be expensive  MAJOR works done with behind the scenes . Although if it were my club ,I think I would be shouting it from the rooftops as a good news story of my commitment yo upgrading my ground 


Stevie G – The Real Deal?
Cluster One 2nd November 2018 at 20:45

That would be very interesting indeed .

Oops there's my washing finished ,time to put a new load in 

back in a mo 

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