.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers


Greenslade should say where he got that proposal for the …

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Greenslade should say where he got that proposal for the design of the second ad – which was never accepted or actioned by CQN – and why he is passing that off as the ad copy. 

The ad space was in black and white and was booked for 1st June and 4th June. That was a proposal from a designer for the second batch of ads. We never got that far. 

The snippet he produced was a designer draft, not from CQN and with NO Res 12 text on it – NOT ONE WORD IN ANY LANGUAGE.

It had two pages – the first with an sample English heading and the second with a sample French headline. It was never the ad copy and was never submitted by CQN as the ad copy. 

The ad copy was given to CQN on the afternoon of 27th May by the Res 12 guys. That afternoon the Guardian asked to see the copy. The copy in black and white and as produced on CQN tonight was sent to them. Minutes later the ad was cancelled. 

There was no French language version of that ad ever produced. Nor was there any colour images. What Greenslade produced had nothing to do with the ad they rejected and he knows it. 

I spoke to the Guardian executive who asked for and was given the copy on 27th May. He told me today that both versions were in English and were black and white as booked. 

Greenslade hasn’t taken our calls or answered our emails. Nor has he responded to us on Twitter. 

BRTH called to say that the exposure for the Res 12 issue is through the roof and he has been getting great feedback all day. ‘It has been magnificent!’ he said.

The entire budget spent on UK media for this Res 12 promotion so far is currently sitting at £0.00, so we can’t claim that it is money well spent. 

Other newspapers are asking to run the advertisement. Maybe the next one…

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.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Everything implied in the CQN article today is in the letter from UEFA which was received two weeks ago. 
It is much more detailed than the PR exercise with STV.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
The Guardian were given two versions of the one ad. Both were included in the CQN article on Friday evening and are just like the ad that appeared in the Swiss newspaper.
The exact same ad that appeared in the Geneva paper would have appeared in the Guardian on both 1st and 4th June. 
The text came from the Res 12 guys and was written by two regular posters on SFM and CQN. 
We booked 2 half page ads and paid in advance an agreed  fee. We asked for the size of the ad space booked. The designer entirely independent to CQN set up the design proposal in correct sizes for both newspapers.
He had no text at this stage. He was waiting on CQN. We were waiting on Res 12 guys supplying it. 
He took some sample text from his CQN file, dropped it into an early design he had created (which before all this kicked off CQN rejected) and also put his sample text into Google translate to see if a French version would be significantly longer than the English text. We saw and rejected his English version of the design).
From this he was able to advise on maximum word length from a design point of view. Both authors have a reputation for being long winded! He passed this suggested word count to CQN and we passed it on to the Res 12 guys. 
You will notice the text in the real ad was significantly shorter than in the designer working. 500 words became 200 for the final ad. All standard stuff.
CQN had senior French academic staff available to translate the final text. My wife is fluent in French and a few years ago graduated with an honours degree in French, her second degree. The headline the Guardian produced – which I had never seen – was riddled with errors. It was in pidgin French.
It was a designer mock up and I have a statement from him which I may use on CQN. It’s probably getting too boring though and the refund will be VERY handy to assist  after the breaking news developments. The story has moved on. 
The Guardian asked for a size that was smaller than the half page booked. The designer added a pink square on top of the template for the actual ad (Persistence Beats Resistance) to demonstrate the difference and this was sent to the Guardian Production office, who acknowledged their error.
Everyone knew that CQN were awaiting text at this stage. 
The designer’s file which was sent to production to query their size error had the his earlier design workings in the file. They included the Google translate example he worked on which CQN had never seen at any stage. It was not apparent from opening the file.
The Guardian said they translated the ad and got lawyers involved to check text. They must have checked this and not the print ready black and white ad we supplied and they say they rejected.
Yet they asked for the real ad and were given the real ad late afternoon on 27 May. At no stage did we discuss putting a French ad into The Guardian.
if we did go with a French ad in the Tribune de Geneve then we would have had French national academics translate the Res 12 text for us. We would never have relied on a Google Translate. 
Our submitted text was good to go from a legal point of view as the Geneva newspaper confirmed. While the ad is for Res 12, CQN were in the firing line re any potential legal consequences. So we took this very seriously. 
On Friday we had no idea what the Guardian were talking about re a French version of the ad. We submitted our ad in English, in black and white, as requested by the ad department and with Res 12 text legally cleared. They acknowledged they got this the only print ready ad we ever supplied and said that it was rejected. Unlike the Guardian, CQN at all times acted in good faith.
Their media professor is either dishonest in the way he has outlined the facts or he has been spoon fed a cut up version of the designer/ production working and told that is the ad. Clearly it wasn’t. 
If the Guardian – as we have said – simply pulled the ad and returned the funds, that would have been that. However they started all this nonsense that we submitted our ad in French, to discredit Res 12/ CQN.
Their Media Professor then got involved and made matters worse. He will have to explain that officially but some may suspect he has been stitched up.
Consider too the strange withdrawal from the Herald without ever seeing copy. To me it looks like some folk wanted to stop The Resolution 12 message get out.
One poster on CQN sided with the Guardian and said he doesn’t believe me. However I am sure that this account will be seen when it all comes out in the wash as being fair, reasonable and accurate. 
We might find out that there is one bad apple at the Guardian, who will read this and should know we are coming. 

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
À confirmer. La publicité que j’ai envoyé au quotidien qui s’appelle The Guardian’ était en anglais.

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Today’s ad was in the Tribune de Geneve as planned. 
We translated to journalistic French but it lengthened the text and we had to explain what some of the terms used were. 
We also did some research on the languages spoken by the three chaps who will look at this and English was the best choice.
Also the offshore site that is featured in the ad is obviously in English. 
We delivered three newspapers in CQN’s new Swiss paper round. 
We hope to be handsomely rewarded for our efforts.
Time will tell. 

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