.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers

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Reiver Firstly, the standing area discussion is relevant to us all.  Second, …

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Firstly, the standing area discussion is relevant to us all. 

Second, the ticket allocation discussion was not started by a Celtic fan,
and Tris’s intervention on the Irish thing was a joint mods decision to avert the very thing you feared. The original poster wasn’t just accusing (it appeared) Celtic fans of perfidy, but was having a pop at people of faith, Christians, Mulsims and others. We felt it needed a measured and temperate response. Nothing to do with Celtic – all about some courtesy and respect on the blog. Same as Res 12 is nothing to do with Rangers – they just happen to be a part of the process.

Perception is in the eye of the beholder, and I think that after a cursory glance, that first impression should by most objective standards be replaced by a rather different one.

As Tris said, nobody has accused anyone of anti-Irishness. That seemed to be the most serious of your charges, and yet it simply wasn’t true.
What has actually happened is that a couple of posters have expressed regret that another poster saw fit to equate their heritage to subversion. No hysteria, no accusation, real or implied.

I think a lot of the preconceptions I held before this journey began have been shattered – for the better I might add. The sadness that I (and Tris) feel, is that there may still be a few misconceptions around.

On the Res12 thing, I think you are so far off-base with your impressions that it’s hard to respond. Auldheid or others more associated with it might do so, but the idea that Celtic fans on here were looking at Res12 a way to gain credit for Celtic is foreign to me. I also think it is unwise to be led too much by TDs and TUs on here. Anyone can deliver one of them without logging in. In the main, I would take encouragement from what people say, not which gif they click on.

This wasn’t a Rangers blog when the mods stuck up for Ryan and other TRFC fans on here. It wasn’t a Hearts blog when they banned folk who threw sectarian insults at that club. It wasn’t a St.Johnstone or ICT or Hibs blog when we all expressed our joy at their cup successes. And it’s not a Celtic blog because the mods sought to defend Celtic fans from what seemed unfair accusations.

This is not to remonstrate with you, but I do hope you can look under the surface to see what is really going on – and have a bit of faith in what we have been trying to do here for the past four years. I think and hope the mods deserve that much.

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.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers

New blog up

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers

The Lord Hodge delay is a reminder of how contrived and stealthy the whole process in the immediate post-CVA period was. I still do not think that the OCNC debate is a particularly worthwhile one, since it is already a matter of fact that the old club was liquidated. I’m not so sure that any further justification is necessary on our part.

On the other hand, the immediate post-Res 12 period is turning out to be a damp squib of collective amnesia  – and sadly, the same can be said of the TOG report on both Res 12 and the flawed LNS inquiry.

OCNC is a difficult thing to obtain traction because of the ‘black is white’ approach of the liquidation deniers, but LNS and Res 12 are both areas where the debate has managed to migrate from the parochial and escape to the notice of others. That is where we should be setting our focus I think.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers

On the Brian McClair thing, I have no special ‘in’ with him. I am also advised that he is not doing media interviews, so my guess is that there probably is a confidentiality clause.

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