.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers

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In a valedictory epistle above, Reiver has posted some personal …

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In a valedictory epistle above, Reiver has posted some personal abuse of members, criticisms of the mods, and a wee sideswipe at SFM generally. As a consequence, the name-calling, and only that, has been removed.

My inference from the post is that in his opinion, we are all (with the exception of the Res12 folks) pathologically reluctant to campaign as vigorously as he, that the mods are apologists for Celtic, are unfair to fans of TRFC (?), and that the site is run on the basis that it gives equal opportunity only to supporters who desist from voicing their observations regarding CFC.

I am certain that my own (and several others’) long-standing criticisms of Celtic’s part in this saga has escaped him, but perhaps we are all guilty to a greater or lesser extent of cherry-picking content to fit our own personal narrative, so I wouldn’t be too critical of that.

I do not doubt Reiver’s genuine perception of pro-Celtic bias (although it would have helped had he attempted to articulate it as something other than his inferences), but it is still wrong – and making false statements and presenting them as fact is another thing altogether.

Reiver’s earlier claim that people on SFM were accusing others of being anti-Irish was reckless, inflammatory, totally untrue, and consciously or otherwise served only to side-track the blog. Had those accusations been made by anyone else we would have assumed a deliberate attempt by a troll to create division. I am disappointed that on reflection Reiver could not find it in him to correct that statement, despite having ample opportunity to do so.

Maybe it’s fatigue or something, but it has not been a good day for us. SFM is about all of us, and not just individual posters – however important their personal cause may be to them.  I sense – although I cannot speak for him – that Reiver’s frustration in failing to build momentum for his own very laudable campaign has led to some disillusionment with SFM.

He has asked, now that he has announced his departure from SFM that we will still provide him with our PM facility, so that others can contact him and join him in his work. The mods are happy to do so and wish him well in building a team to carry out that work.

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.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers

New blog up

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers

The Lord Hodge delay is a reminder of how contrived and stealthy the whole process in the immediate post-CVA period was. I still do not think that the OCNC debate is a particularly worthwhile one, since it is already a matter of fact that the old club was liquidated. I’m not so sure that any further justification is necessary on our part.

On the other hand, the immediate post-Res 12 period is turning out to be a damp squib of collective amnesia  – and sadly, the same can be said of the TOG report on both Res 12 and the flawed LNS inquiry.

OCNC is a difficult thing to obtain traction because of the ‘black is white’ approach of the liquidation deniers, but LNS and Res 12 are both areas where the debate has managed to migrate from the parochial and escape to the notice of others. That is where we should be setting our focus I think.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers

On the Brian McClair thing, I have no special ‘in’ with him. I am also advised that he is not doing media interviews, so my guess is that there probably is a confidentiality clause.

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I suspect the TDs are not from SFM folk (remember the ratings are available to all manner of trolls). It is a disgusting world-view if made in earnest. A shocking way to score a point if not.

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Ghost town today 🙂

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A very happy Christmas and a peaceful and successful New Year to everyone connected with the beautiful game in our wee country.
From Me and Tom (Tris) and all the mods. Merry Christmas from SFM

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Just out of curiosity, has anyone noticed that Ernest no longer posts since we went to the trouble of creating a whole new thread for him?

Was pretty sure he wasn’t a troll too. Render me disappointed 🙂

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