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Quite interesting that Mr Warburton is making comments about the …

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Quite interesting that Mr Warburton is making comments about the lack of travel to foreign climes by young Scottish players. His own Jason Holt was on loan at Sheffield United when he was unable to command a regular starting place in Robbie Nielsons Championship winning side. Jordan McGhee has taken the same approach this season.  13

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On Grounds for Judicial Review
A return to the ultra defensive style which brought Mark de Vries four goals in a 5-1 win in his home debut would be very much welcomed. 02 As would the losing 2 Derbys out of 14 and qualifying for the group stages of the Europa League. I had hoped that Ian Cathro would be a success and that Hearts implementing the DoF model would be a positive influence in the Scottish game making up some of the ground it appears to have lost in recent years. Given that this has not happens it is always good to have some sort of contingency plan in place. 

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
“I don’t know f the Jambos guys will be in accord , but I thought Willie Collum had a very good game yesterday, best performance I’ve seen from him .”

That seems to be the consensus view. That it is treated as an earthshattering event probably reflects how abysmal his normal level of performance is. 

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
jimbo 28th January 2016 at 4:00 pm #
“Tony, I wasn’t asked for my address.”
I know that a petition carried out in Swindon regarding the Future of Lydiard House and Park was ignored by Swindon Borough Council despite the large number of signatories. Their rationale for this was that it did not comply with some rule / standard / regulation requiring an address rather than just a postcode. 


Whose assets are they anyway?
“Earnest y21oung chap” Ernst Young, chap. Now that’s a toughie.

Whose assets are they anyway?
Statement from Hearts regarding undesireable element at Tynecastle.
Glad to see that did not take long.

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