.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers


  I noticed this last night, and clumps has done …

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  I noticed this last night, and clumps has done a short blog about it. 


   Clearly this “slip” came about because he is aware of the truth, and may even be part of his everyday vocabulary. Yet he continually peddles the myth, regardless of what he is aware of. 
   This takes a rare breed of person……But not rare enough !   I am not particularly proud to say I could never do such a thing, in much the same way as I would not be proud to say “I don’t snatch old ladies hand-bags”.  
   It’s just not normal behaviour of someone acceptable to the human race. There is nothing decent or acceptable about it. I don’t care how big his mortgage is. 

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.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Good call Nawlite. 04

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Quite interesting that Mr Warburton is making comments about the lack of travel to foreign climes by young Scottish players. His own Jason Holt was on loan at Sheffield United when he was unable to command a regular starting place in Robbie Nielsons Championship winning side. Jordan McGhee has taken the same approach this season.   
 I posted the other day that Warburton was “Talking cack” and linked a couple of Celtic players loaned out overseas.. Not through partisan reasons, but as a Celtic supporter, they readily sprung to mind without having to indulge in significant research.
   Your additional input is appreciated.  04 

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
UPTHEHOOPSJULY 20, 2016 at 13:39
Let’s wait and see if they end up part of the cabal. 
   I think we can say that of any elected candidate in any sphere. Until they take office it’s impossible to tell if a haddy has been elected, but lets give them a chance.  

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
JIMBODECEMBER 29, 2017 at 12:55
I hope the pathways in the approaches to CP are well salted tomorrow.  I read a few weeks ago that the pavements were very icy and dangerous on the way to the ground
    I think it is covered in the criteria by which a match can take place Jimbo, but I imagine restricted to the actual property boundaries.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
JIMBODECEMBER 28, 2017 at 18:17
So the SPFL have come out and said we can’t afford goal line technology.
    How much would a phone selotaped to the goalposts really cost?….OK the pinhole camera securely sited in the post or bar, but it shouldn’t run to mega bucks. 
    Interesting reading this past wee while. I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year. 

Who Is Conning Whom?
    Would it have been less embarrassing for the Sevco statement to merely have iterated. “Sorry, but we’re skint!”

Who Is Conning Whom?
DBD….Don’t you want to discover who killed your club and how?. (Because the simple fact you dismiss, is that Yes!..It did die !) Don’t you want to know who assisted them, have them exposed, and removed from office, or prosecuted if warranted?. Don’t you want rules, and governance to prevent it happening again?
   No need for a glass door to see some folk coming.

Who Is Conning Whom?
   I hear Sevco will be sending out a strong message at the AGM


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