.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers


PADDY MALARKEYJULY 26, 2016 at 14:13 ————————————————- Isnt this already done? Certainly …

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PADDY MALARKEYJULY 26, 2016 at 14:13
Isnt this already done? Certainly at Fir Park the stadium announcer reads out a long statement before every league game on behalf of Motherwell, the away team and the SPFL regarding unacceptable behaviour. Although specific songs are not mentioned, sectarian abuse is, along with abuse based on gender, race, disability and sexual orientation. Its quite a long statement, so includes other things as well. Am pretty sure its read out at all League games.

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.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Motherwell (and others) dont rely on the blue pound – they rely on the green and white pound, the blue pound, the maroon pound, the red pound – basically any team that brings more than three or four hundred supporters. After season tickets are sold that’s where money is made throughout the season for most smaller clubs.

This season Motherwell have budgeted to finish 10th and have no cup runs. They would also have included in that budget for a total of 3 home games against Celtic and TRFC. What they and  Thistle are saying is that if they had been told that there was a possibility that they would only have had 2 home games, they would have budgeted accordingly, and if it turned out they had an extra game then that would be a bonus. They would have accepted the outcome either way. Although they may have complained about it being harder to play at Celtic Park and Ibrox twice each, that’s something that the team can resolve on the day (hopefully).

For some teams, £120,000 is no doubt a drop in the ocean, but for many its the equivalent of 2 good players (or 3 average ones). 

I did hear that TRFC were given Dundee Utd’s place in the fixture computer, and that’s why the fixtures came out as they did. If that’s true, then fine, but let the clubs know what may happen in that case. I suspect that the SPFL have no idea the constraints that many clubs run under, and so didn’t feel it necessary to inform anyone. Or of course it may have just been a fix.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Certainly is genuine, I can understand your initial skepticism 03

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Motherwell have released this strongly worded statement – 

Motherwell, along with Partick Thistle and Hamilton Academical, have two home ‘Old Firm’ games pre-split, whereas some of our closest rivals have four, something that has never happened in the history of the SPL / SPFL, as far as we know.

This has a serious financial impact on our club, and we cannot and will not accept it.

It creates a significant financial advantage for some clubs over others and in our view, just as important, compromises the integrity of the competition, both in terms of the potential/need for adjusting respective player budgets up or down and the amount of games teams have to play at what has historically been the most challenging venues.

In previous seasons since the split, there has always been parity where clubs had the same amount of home games against both Old Firm sides (almost always three) and were expected to travel to both Celtic Park and Ibrox the same amount as every other team in the division prior to the split.

There was no hint of this fundamental change until we received the fixtures at 8.02am today and, therefore, like the other clubs in our position, now find ourselves significantly worse off than we were on Thursday night and with insufficient time to make appropriate adjustments.

We expect this unacceptable position to be reversed immediately.

In addition, whilst having sympathy around the difficulty of selecting games for certain times of the year, Motherwell FC believes having two midweek matches away at both Inverness CT and Ross County (the Inverness trip being three days after Christmas) sends out the wrong message.

Where possible, consideration should be given, particularly around the festive period, to the needs of all supporters given we now have two fixtures that will be largely inaccessible for a significant portion of our fan base.
I think they are trying the TRFC tactic here of not accepting the situation and expecting (not demanding to be fair) that the position is reversed. Of course that only works for one team, so good luck with that! I am glad they have also mentioned the midweek away games, thereby not restricting their complaint to purely a financial one.

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Small Price to Pay?
EASYJAMBOFEBRUARY 13, 2017 at 11:5
Big Pink February 13, 2017 at 11:18Interestingly though, Airdrie, whose old Broomfield ground was famously the highest above sea-level of all UK clubs, are actually even higher at their new place at 452′ amsl.=====================
I agree with you about Airdrie being the highest ground in Scotland but Boundary Park, Oldham at 523ft, and The Hawthorns, WBA at 550ft are both higher in the UK.
When you sit at Fir Park with the almost inevitable gale blowing round the stands it feels like the highest ground in the world! As far as the surface is concerned though the new groundsman has done a miraculous job of turning it into best playing surface in the league. (Though being a perfectionist he still wants to dig it up in the close season and do some more work on the drains, apparently they are too close too the surface for his liking).

Good Try Mr. McKenzie

CLUSTER ONEJANUARY 28, 2017 at 16:24  At the start of january league chiefs modified existing guidelines and issued a reminder to scottish clubs about unacceptable behaviour at games by fans in a bid to avoid strict liability being imposed.After todays game Motherwell v the rangers.Over to you SPFL
Indeed. I was there this afternoon and the sectarian singing was deafening at times, and then there was the smoke bomb and something else that sounded like worlds biggest fire cracker! Before the match Motherwell made their usual announcement about unacceptable behavior, so I am going to contact them directly to make a complaint. Not sure it will do any good, but as part-owner maybe I’ll get a reply!

Just be even-handed I should also say that at the 4-3 Celtic game, a Celtic fan threw a flare after one of their goals that exploded beside a young ball boy who had to be led away in a distressed state. As far as I know Celtic weren’t punished for this, but I do believe that some Celtic officials checked after the game so see if he was alright and Scott Brown gave him his signed shirt.

Good Try Mr. McKenzie
As its a bit quiet today so far, some of you might find this interesting. Its a podcast featuring Motherwell’s Chief Operating Officer Alan Burrows giving his views on Project Brave and in particular the Elite Academies proposal. Lets just say he is not for it! But he does raise some valid reasons for that, including once the elite 8 have been chosen its pretty much a closed shop after that. (Its quite a long interview, about 60 minutes, with other views being chipped in by the other podcast guys).

MFC Podcast 2016-17 – Episode 21

It seems that there is an update meeting today with the SFA at Hampden, so I will keep an eye on his reaction to that – he’s usually pretty good at tweeting directly or answering questions from fans.

At the moment the Development League top 8 are (in League order) – Hibernian, Motherwell, Hamilton Accies, Ross County, Falkirk, Partick Thistle, Dunfermline and Celtic (who have played 4 or 5 games less).  Do you think these would be the teams that are top of the list for Elite Academy status?

End of the Road for King?
CHARLIE_KELLYJANUARY 17, 2017 at 13:32 
Council for Corals appear to be going down the “If you can’t attack his argument then attack his character” route.All the questions to Mr Kinloch have been about his employment history, his gambling history, what blogs he reads etc….  What does any of this have to do with rangers being relegated or not being relegated in 2012? I’d have thought that an “objection” to that line of questioning would be in order or have I been watching too much TV ?
Maybe he’s leading up to a “Perry Mason” moment!

The Day I was on the Scotland U-23 Bench
STEVIEBCDECEMBER 19, 2016 at 01:00 
Thanks for sharing that BP – didn’t know you were ‘besties’ with Mr. Stein!
As for today’s lack of empathy with the paying punters, what always irritates me is when you see players rush in/out of buses/stadiums with their big headphones over their nuts.
May as well carry a sign that says;“I’m too important to talk to the little people!”(Based on being paid decent money for kicking a ball around a field.)
I’m guessing there is much more empathy on display at the lower league clubs?And not forgetting Turnbull Hutton who actually replied personally to emails.
At Motherwell this season on they have implemented a Signing Zone at home games, where 2 first team players turn up about an hour and half or so before the game starts and sign shirts, programmes, scarves etc, and also pose for photos with the kids (of all ages). Its proved to be very popular.

A few weeks ago they had a calendar signing where the whole first team squad turned up and signed calendars and again posed for photos with the kids. Afterwards there was a “pub” quiz in which quite a few of the players entered teams along with supporters, again much enjoyed by all.

Our new Fan Engagement Officer who has worked with clubs in England, said that he was really impressed by the players willingness to take part and engage with supporters, as at some of clubs he has been at they get wrapped up in cotton wool and kept away from the fans.

I am sure a lot of “smaller” clubs do similar things and benefit from it. 

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