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I remember reading that article and others like it around the same time. The media fawning over Murray at that point was truly sickening.

Reading it with the benefit of hindsight is a real treat. The fact that only a few weeks after he spoke those words Martin O’Neill checked in at Celtic and won the treble in his first season is really quite hilarious.

The damage that David Murray has done to Scottish football is huge. Our clubs almost abandoned youth development in the early 90’s as they needed players in fast to compete and almost all ended up spending a fortune on European players little better than we had. In my opinion the rot set in at this point in our national game. Most of our squad from France 98 broke through before the foreign invasion and in the years after ’98 we’ve paid the price alright.

It might well be a leap too far to connect the two but we produced outstanding players in the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s and that just seemed to screech to a halt after Murray got involved. 

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Enough is enough
I’m a long term lurker and thankfully for you guys hardly ever post but the DD thing has me exasperated.

It is a shocking attempt at moral equivalence. “They’re just as bad as each other” (where have I heard that before…). The swivel-eyed loons on Follow Follow and quite a few other Rangers fans I’ve spoken to have of course been persuaded that Celtic have avoided tax just in a slightly different way to how they have and that Rangers have been really unfairly targeted. 

This has the really serious side-effect of us never getting over what’s happened. They will never accept that RFC did anything wrong and the divisions will never heal. If anything they’ll get worse, especially as things at Ibrox look like they could unravel again.

If the media had told the truth from the outset most reasonable Rangers/Sevco fans would have accepted that their club cheated and would possibly even have shown some small hint of humility. By filling their heads full of this nonsense and encouraging feelings of persecution I think it’s doubtful that we’ll get past this for a couple of generations, if ever.

Like Auldheid says, I think it’s time for DD or Celtic to report BBC Scotland to the BBC Trust. I know there are plenty of people out there who feel that a club like Celtic should not be banning journalists and in many ways I agree with that but this has gone far beyond banning a single journalist for an unflattering or untrue story. This is a coordinated campaign on behalf of one club and against another by the publicly funded state broadcaster that’s helping to do long term damage to the game and, to a certain extent, a large part of our society too.

Rant over…

Peace – Not War
Paying a wee bit more and helping society if you’re doing well is the price we should be prepared to pay in order to have a fair and civilised society. Not all poor people are feckless layabouts and a lot of them will work harder than you do. I would imagine an 8 hour nightshift as cleaner for the minimum wage would not be much fun.

Nobody made it to the top on their own. Even millionaires need people to work for them, people who need to be educated, clothed, fed and kept healthy. 

It drives me crazy when we find billionaires like Philip Green keep their money in tax havens. We allow these people the privilege (and it should be seen as a privilege) of access to our population. The price should be that they put their fare share back in. We’re not asking for all of it, just enough to keep the wheels of society rolling.

Think about this. I used to work for a national newspaper. A local retailer would pay money to advertise to our readers. They would pay and in turn it kept the lights on. Hundreds of people were employed at the paper. They paid tax on their salary and bought stuff in local shops. The money was endlessly recirculated through our society and many people benefitted.

Then Google came in and the same companies started advertising with Google. The money stopped coming in to the paper and many people lost their jobs and the money trail went cold. Google takes the advertising revenue out of the country, hardly paying a penny in tax. Everyone except Google loses out. IS THIS FAIR? And the same goes for Facebook, Amazon, Starbucks etc… We just stand by and watch ourselves getting mugged.

Being allowed access to our population to trade should be seen as a privilege and paying your fair share should be seen as the price of living in a decent 21st century society.

Accountability, Transparency, & Brave Sir Robin
Sorry to have to strongly disagree with you. Did you know that there are actually more ex-Rangers players and Managers involved in these LLP schemes than ex-Celts? And that’s not counting the EBTs. Yet for some reason Celtic are on the front page.

Celtic were linked in the headline to £434m of tax evasion when it was absolutely NOTHING to do with Celtic and the £434m is a figure that includes everyone in the scheme of which there are many, with the Celtic connection being only a tiny fraction of that amount.

Why no highlighting of the ‘Rangers’ connection? It’s not paranoia or OTT. This is a deliberate blackening of Celtic’s reputation. They know that most won’t read it but will see only the headline and assume Celtic are every bit as bad as Rangers.

Have a look at https://johnjamessite.com as it has some excellent info on this. I’m a very irregular poster here but a regular reader and have to say I’m incensed at yet another example of shocking SMSM behaviour.

Accountability, Transparency, & Brave Sir Robin
I’m not one for banning the press and I do believe in free speech but the way the Daily Record treats Celtic is completely out of control and has been for far too long. 

Today’s appalling rehash of a years old story simply shows that many wealthy people will do anything they can to avoid paying their fair share of tax, regardless of their colour, creed or football team. The fact is that Celtic have played 100% by the rules and yet the Daily Record “Special Investigation” is nothing but an attempt to liken them to another big Glasgow team who have broken every rule in the book. 

Where was the “Special Investigation” looking into the contents of The Offshore Game? What about investigating the shenanigans by the former Murray empire as it bailed out of it’s responsibilities to its pension fund? Nothing. Yet Celtic get it in the neck yet again for something they have not done.

It’s time to ban the Daily Record form Celtic Park. This can not go on. With circulation dropping to around 160K you’ll find they need Celtic more than Celtic need them. 

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
As excited as I am that Celtic have qualified for the Champions League I can’t help but feel total disgust for the greed of the clubs from the big 4 leagues. This is NOT sport in any fair sense of the word. 

Yes, there will always be income inequality as some clubs are naturally bigger than others and that will never change but the way the big 4 lock out competition completely distorts the finances of the game and is helping, in my opinion, to kill it as a spectacle.

I’m sick watching the same teams who use their financial muscle to hoover up all of the best players play each other season after season. Sick of it.

The population of Europe is listed at 743m. I believe this includes states such as Russia and Turkey who are not officially in Europe as such but play in UEFA competitions. The population of the big 4 is around 256m and the rest around 484m. I would be more than happy to tell the so-called big 4 to eff off and have the remaining half a billion people can watch some pretty competitive sport.

We could maybe even call it the European Cup…

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