.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers


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.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers

The Lord Hodge delay is a reminder of how contrived and stealthy the whole process in the immediate post-CVA period was. I still do not think that the OCNC debate is a particularly worthwhile one, since it is already a matter of fact that the old club was liquidated. I’m not so sure that any further justification is necessary on our part.

On the other hand, the immediate post-Res 12 period is turning out to be a damp squib of collective amnesia  – and sadly, the same can be said of the TOG report on both Res 12 and the flawed LNS inquiry.

OCNC is a difficult thing to obtain traction because of the ‘black is white’ approach of the liquidation deniers, but LNS and Res 12 are both areas where the debate has managed to migrate from the parochial and escape to the notice of others. That is where we should be setting our focus I think.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers

On the Brian McClair thing, I have no special ‘in’ with him. I am also advised that he is not doing media interviews, so my guess is that there probably is a confidentiality clause.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers


I admire your optimism. However the new board consists of the same people – with the exception of Ann Budge – who have looked on in silence over the last five years as a driverless tank slewed its way through the fabric of Scottish Football. Consequently, I won’t be putting the kettle on in expectation of any actual rules being followed.

Mods Note: No metaphors were harmed in the preparation of the preceding paragraph!

I also don’t particularly relish the prospect of any anti-Sevco/TRFC bias either (although I am sure that came out wrong πŸ™‚ ).

I would like to think that the board of the SPFL, and other power structures within the game, will do their best to allow ALL clubs to flourish and avoid pitfalls that may await them. As long as it is WITHIN THE RULES, and with due regard to the greater good of the game.

My admiration for Mrs Budge (despite her repeated refusal to answer our requests for an audience) aside, I don’t think that she will be able to set the course to a different destination from Bent Central.

As I say though – I do admire your optimism πŸ™‚

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I suspect the TDs are not from SFM folk (remember the ratings are available to all manner of trolls). It is a disgusting world-view if made in earnest. A shocking way to score a point if not.

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Ghost town today πŸ™‚

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
A very happy Christmas and a peaceful and successful New Year to everyone connected with the beautiful game in our wee country.
From Me and Tom (Tris) and all the mods. Merry Christmas from SFM

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One

Just out of curiosity, has anyone noticed that Ernest no longer posts since we went to the trouble of creating a whole new thread for him?

Was pretty sure he wasn’t a troll too. Render me disappointed πŸ™‚

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