.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers


.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers

As most of you will be aware, the Guardian recently agreed to and accepted payment from CQN for an advertisement which was intended to raise awareness of the Resolution 12 issue, an issue pursued determinedly by Celtic shareholders for the last three years. Subsequently, and citing the thinnest of excuses, they decided not to run the ad. This developed hard on the heels of the Herald actually soliciting the business from the advertisers for their own paper, and then without even seeing the copy, refusing to move forward. (See CQN story here)

guardianGateA troubling aspect of GuardianGate is that CQN were lied to. They were initially advised that the ad was to be removed after editorial scrutiny. Subsequently they were advised that the decision came from an intervention by senior officials.


We are now focused on a media conspiracy to impose censorship in favour of a multi-million pound industry –  to the detriment of its small investors and paying customers.

So which was true – and which was the lie?

Here’s a thing about the truth; it is seldom complicated, which is why the failure by the Guardian and the Herald to deliver a straightforward answer implies that there may be more to this nonsense than any of us first imagined.

At this point, it is worth noting that the Guardian is currently running an ad campaign by Toyota, a company who have admitted lying to environmental regulatory bodies for years about emissions from their cars (the Guardian professes to be a major campaigner on environmental issues), but won’t accept a paying ad that asks some polite and important questions about the conduct of a multi-million pound industry.

The denial  of the Res 12 guys’ right to ask questions (no accusations – just bloody questions) via the once assumed to be pluralist and free press, should be ringing alarm bells all over the country, and the substantive issue has become largely irrelevant as a consequence. We are now focused on a media conspiracy to impose censorship in favour of a multi-million pound industry –  to the detriment of its small investors and paying customers.

Two so-called quality newspapers, have mysteriously, after touting for advertising business, refused that very same business, and have given no good reason for doing so. If  the Guardian refuse to accept an ad, I don’t believe that is censorship in itself, but when the dwindling number of newspaper proprietors in this country conspire to arrange an effective blackout of ideas, that is quite clearly censorship.

And for something so relatively inconsequential as football, I can only assume that we have all stumbled on to something far more serious.

Given the recent media rhetoric about Russia Today and their forthright coverage of Chilcot and Tory Election Fraud, it seems that like so many of the players in this saga, the irony circuit in the collective press brain is now as devolved as a human tail.

There are dark forces at work in our country, and they are running riot with basic freedoms.  However it is important to put the football issue into the proper perspective; if the media can go to these corrupt lengths for a game of football, what will they do to protect the capital interests of arms manufacturers, food producers and media dictatorships?

They may have lost the war, but through fix after fix at the SFA and the SPL, in the press and in the media, the authorities are winning the peace – basically by denying that any peace is possible until we all accept the notion that black is white, right is left, and wrong is right

Support for the SFA © Scotsman

Migrant fruit-pickers
© Scotsman

Back in soccer La-La-Land’s Mount Florida Fruit Factory, the football authorities most definitely lost the recent war. RFC went out of business and failed the fundamental task of any football club – to sustain itself. In allowing that to happen on their watch, the authorities failed in their most fundamental role – to keep RFC alive.

However through fix after fix, at the SFA and the SPL, in the press and in the media, they are winning the peace – basically by denying that any peace is possible until we all accept the notion that black is white, right is left, and wrong is right.

And still, even in this atmosphere, the major shareholders at all of our clubs sit and do nothing. Are they part of the problem, an integral part of the conspiracy? Or are they scared witless of the forces that may line up against them if they dare to grow a pair, like the Resolution 12 guys?

Sporting integrity has taken a back seat recently. Season ticket sales are up all over the place; Celtic provided a marquee manager; the red tops are ablaze about the ‘return’ of the Rangers; Hearts and Aberdeen are newly emerged from financial difficulty, and now enjoy the realistic prospect of new eras of success; and another competitive and exciting year beckons in the Championship.


In normal circumstances this would be fantastic news. But all of it is based on a Lie – the Lie that the game is run according to the rules, and for the benefit of all clubs. When the euphoria at Parkhead dies down; when TRFC are reinstalled (actually it will need to be with a shoehorn, but it will be done) as part of the old duopoly that sees the vital contribution made by the likes of Hearts and Aberdeen and others as insignificant; when the next major ‘bending’ of the regulations becomes necessary; all we will be left with is that Big Lie.

The clubs will eventually have to deal with that – and the complicit roles they played in ramming it down each and every one of our throats.

I hope we make them pay.


Another thing about the truth though is this;

Everyone with skin in this game, with the exception of the mentally deficient, know exactly what the truth is;

  • RFC cheated;
  • RFC evaded, avoided, and deliberately withheld payment of tax;
  • RFC failed to register players properly over (at least) a decade;
  • RFC lied to the SFA, the SPL and LNS;
  • Whilst all the above was happening, RFC won over a dozen on-field prizes;
  • The SFA rewrote the terms of LNS to better tailor their preferred outcome;
  • RFC were punished by way of a £250k fine. No other penalties were suffered by RFC;
  • RFC entered liquidation and a new club, which co-existed with RFC, began playing in competition BEFORE RFC’s SFA/SPL membership lapsed;
  • That club (TRFC for differentiation purposes) just achieved promotion to the Premiership;

As long as we keep reminding everyone of those truths, as long as we continue to give them a voice, they won’t go away.

And what if, next time, it is Hearts or Aberdeen or Celtic, who make a desperate attempt to get an edge over their rivals (an emergent TRFC perhaps)?

The irony (and I exclude the TRFC fans who frequent this site) is that TRFC, despite having the weight of the football and press establishments behind them, are being done no favours at all.

The increasing pariah status of their club is a sad but inevitable consequence of the wrong-doing by the old club, because the fans (understandably to be fair) seek to side with their own partisan interests in the face of outside hostility.

But think of this. If the initial-ism ‘RFC’ above was replaced by the name of any other club in the country, wouldn’t TRFC fans be complaining as loudly as the rest of us?

And what if, next time, it is Hearts or Aberdeen or Celtic, who make a desperate attempt to get an edge over their rivals (an emergent TRFC perhaps)?

What if they run roughshod over the same rules that were broken before but remain unfixed? What if, as a consequence, a compliant TRFC are denied an opportunity to play in Europe, or compete in a final, or win a league?

Will we then still be ‘Rangers haters’ if we protest about that or merely Hearts or Dons or Celtic haters?

This is not about revenge – it never has been – and no amount of wishful thinking will make it so. For most of us on SFM, there is no RFC to have our revenge on anyway, so the accusation makes no sense.

What we are about, what we are all about, is weeding out the clucken wort in Scotland’s football garden on level six at Hampden.

And it appears that some extraordinarily powerful individual or group, with enough muscle to bend the fourth estate to their will, wants to keep us all away from that garden..


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Trisidium is a Dunblane businessman with a keen interest in Scottish Football. He is a Celtic fan, although the demands of modern-day parenting have seen him less at games and more as a taxi service for his kids.

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woodsteinPosted on11:36 am - Jun 29, 2016

ReiverJune 29, 2016 at 11:18

Above from IE Explorer 11

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shugPosted on11:51 am - Jun 29, 2016

Was fine on chrome on mine as well went straight to the site.

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ReiverPosted on12:08 pm - Jun 29, 2016

Cheers guys. I use Firefox but I think that will be the same. Looks like I have some investigation to do this afternoon. I think it is probably because, after Homunculus’s post yesterday on TOR, I decided to install the Linux version on my machine so I’ll blame him. Are you listening Homunculus? It’s all your fault!
In the meantime here is a screen grab in case anyone has come across this before.

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mungoboyPosted on12:24 pm - Jun 29, 2016

it was fine on my iPad.
I was interested in reading about your recent experiences relating to our friend Mr James.
The one thing he DOESN’T do is sit on a fence!
I fully understand why you went there as it was another way to get your word out etc but I resolved some while ago to refrain from joining in with him, mainly due to the fact that I was sure he’d feel I was intellectually inferior and not worthy of him.
I have this vision of him typing his bon mots in a convenient, well mirrored room so that he can see himself from every conceivable angle as he works.
I posted on here several weeks ago that I was feeling some disquiet about his comments and attitudes.
He clearly had a thing about women in general and those, in particular, at the BBC plus Scottish politics whose sexuality he called into question. His comment the other day that Nicola Sturgeon was ‘barren’ was quite nauseating. A dreadful thing to say about any woman.
Following the referendum, however, he has gone into overdrive with views that to a lot of people are totally abhorrent. In addition his ‘love in’ with his bezzie mate ‘The Mensch’ is quite something.
The two of them should get a room!
I’ll still have a keek from time to time should he comment about fitba, but, as for the rest, naw thanks.
He may not be ‘We Are The People’ but he’s most certainly ‘I Am the Person’.

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RaymacPosted on12:54 pm - Jun 29, 2016

It seems I am in good company re the JJ site. Thin skinned, to put it mildly. He has some insight into football and tactics, but about as much as the rest of us. He may have researched me, which might explain his reticence to engage. Interesting individual, however, and on the money a lot of the time.

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mungoboyPosted on1:08 pm - Jun 29, 2016

He might be ‘on the money’ a lot of the time but it most definitely will not be in Euros!
(A thumb down on my previous post? Hi, JJ)

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ReiverPosted on1:17 pm - Jun 29, 2016

Mungo @1224

I think his psychology is more fragile than you may think. All the bluster and self backslapping, the use of insults to curb intelligent arguments against his beliefs, the selecting a group that he defines as an underclass(you will notice that when he refers to immigrants his examples are never good Anglo Saxon or Aryan types), his choice of words in put downs like I am a “pompous ass”( I am fully aware that that is how I come across when I write. I always have done) reflects his need to come across as superior, is typical of someone with internal self doubt.
 A poster here ventured that the Mensch and sitonfence were one in the same and there are a great many similarities in the style of writing to raise that thought. Even if not then support of the man in the street’s opposition to Europe combined with the talk of spending their leisure time either at their house in Portugal or out shooting with Boris Johnston carries ring of contradiction that raises doubts.
Finally, and I mean FINALLY on this subject, his subject matter is increasingly sailing close to the wind. To an extent that I am sure that WordPress, his hosts, would be a little concerned should they be aware f it

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mungoboyPosted on1:26 pm - Jun 29, 2016

2 thumbs down now. 
Guten tag, Herr Mensch!

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nawlitePosted on1:32 pm - Jun 29, 2016

Reiver, I see your MP received an email from Andrew McKinlay at the SFA. Can you share that, or at least, summarise it? I know you say it’s the usual fob off, but….

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stevoPosted on1:36 pm - Jun 29, 2016

I think the cause of the “offshoregame” URL display problem is that the system font has no glyph for an “ff” ligature. The text display system of the OS will be converting a bunch of letter combinations into a single character for display, for aesthetic reasons. “fi” and “fl” are also commonly combined in this way – look up “typographic ligature” for more information. Choosing a different system font should fix it. (Assuming the address bar font isn’t specified by the web browser application, in which case you could change it there instead.)

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ReiverPosted on3:18 pm - Jun 29, 2016

Nawlite @1332
It is attached to the message @1107. Click on it and it should open in a separate window. Not sure how smartphones dispaly it though.

Stevo @1336
Thanks for that Stevo. I have 25 years in IT under my belt(I tell my wife that is why that area looks swollen these days) and I hadn’t come across that before, It just shows that there is ALWAYS something new to learn.
Only thing is it has only just happened. I had an update on Firefox this morning, perhaps it relates to that.

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Pat ByrnePosted on6:20 pm - Jun 29, 2016

JJ has finally succeeded to convince me he is an out and out racist, his latest rant not only excuses the attack on an American on a tram, that was exposed on channel 4 news last night, by putting it down to high jinks brought on by over consumption of alcohol. World Press might just be interested in taking some sort of action against him as he is stirring racial hatred to such an extent that I will not be visiting his blog again. There is a bitterness there that is certainly not becoming of a person that assumes a roll which can influence what has become according to him , a widely read blog. for a so called well read intellect, he shows a distinct lack of judgement and fairness, just because he is above average ‘intellegence’ does not make him right nor does it ensure he is immune from bigoted or racist beliefs, Donald Findlay  is a fine example that comes to mind. His claims of plagiarism by of the radar Jackson is laughable, how many times has he used P McG’s articles practically word for word. It really is a pity that he did not stick to football matters.

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sickofitallPosted on8:27 pm - Jun 29, 2016

Had the pleasure of playing a round of golf with Neil McCann today . Really nice guy pleasure to play and talk with . Oh yes and I beat him good day all round

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Billy BoycePosted on9:07 pm - Jun 29, 2016

sickofitall June 29, 2016 at 20:27 Had the pleasure of playing a round of golf with Neil McCann today . Really nice guy pleasure to play and talk with . Oh yes and I beat him good day all round.
Naturally you asked him about his EBT ‘loan’.  What was his take on it?  Did he go quiet when you enquired if he is under orders to promote the same club guff in his TV punditry?

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HomunculusPosted on9:23 pm - Jun 29, 2016

Neil McCann – EBT payment £500,000. Side letter evidence seen by BBC.

So Mr McCann got £500,000, net of tax.

Realistically given the tax rates he would have had to earned close to £1m to get that amount net.

So he did the country out of about £400,000 – £500,000.

What a spiffing chap.

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Cluster OnePosted on10:14 pm - Jun 29, 2016

SICKOFITALLJUNE 29, 2016 at 20:27 2 10  Rate This 
Had the pleasure of playing a round of golf with Neil McCann today . Really nice guy pleasure to play and talk with . Oh yes and I beat him good day all round
Was it the SAME CLUB he played all the way round10

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John ClarkPosted on10:34 pm - Jun 29, 2016

Billy BoyceJune 29, 2016 at 21:07
‘…Did he go quiet when you enquired if he is under orders to promote the same club guff in his TV punditry?’
Perhaps he did not.
But I suspect that he would have blanched and perhaps have turned green around the gills if his golf partner had asked him whether, if the Supreme Court judgment goes against SDM’s tax-cheating , sports-cheating, fellow SPL club cheating, and Scottish Football supporter cheating tax ‘avoidance’ scheme, he has the readies to pay HMRC what they will undoubtedly demand.02
And, to save me the job of climbing up into my loft ,  auld geezer that I am, can some kind person remind who was the player /agent who had sussed that the ‘loan scheme’ was dodgy, and opted not to sign up? There was some such, wasn’t there?

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The Ungrateful DeadPosted on10:43 pm - Jun 29, 2016

Does anyone on here who decided to buy a season ticket based on ” an imminent statement from CFC re RES 12″ feel as if they’ve been had?Genuine question  BTW.

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sickofitallPosted on10:52 pm - Jun 29, 2016

To be honest was to busy concentrating on the golf talked a bit about his time at rangers . think he has already been quoted as saying he only signed one contract with them . 

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John ClarkPosted on10:52 pm - Jun 29, 2016

Cluster OneJune 29, 2016 at 22:14
‘…Was it the SAME CLUB he played all the way round..’
There cannot be another blog that has the same wonderful gift of humour as SFM!
I think it must be because we are relaxed in the truth, with no desperate need to keep up a pretence and spout untruths and create myths.
very comforting that.
And I’ve just tuned in to BBC Radio 4’s adaptation of Graham Green’s “The Third Man” – and heard the narrator say ‘ .. the web of lies surrounding the death of Harry Lime..”
And I thought of the web of lies surrounding the death of RFC.
How wonderfully serendipitous!

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John ClarkPosted on11:31 pm - Jun 29, 2016

Pat ByrneJune 29, 2016 at 18:20
‘….just because he is above average ‘intellegence’ does not make him right nor does it ensure he is immune from bigoted or racist beliefs, Donald Findlay is a fine example that comes to mind.’
Pat Byrne, I think our Donald ( for whom I have some sympathy: he is a deeply unhappy, suffering, conflicted ,lonely soul beneath the public facade) is on record as acknowledging that TRFC is not the same club as his ‘Rangers’.
It may be alleged that he may be bigoted or racist, but he is certainly not stupid enough to convince himself that a still -legally in -existence -in liquidation-club can simultaneously be the identical club set up by CG and admitted, after application for membership,  as a new club to the SFA.
Unlike another QC, who excitedly urged us to think ‘ethereally’, or of ‘manifestations’, or of the ‘what it’s all about’, our Donald knows and admits that his Rangers died the football death, like Third Lanark and Gretna.There was no simple change of ownership,or simple change of name.
I have looked a little more kindly on Donald since I heard him say words that led me to believe him to have the view I have ascribed to him. I hope I am right, but I can’t source where and when I heard him say what I think he said.
I must write to him to make sure that I am not giving him undue credit!

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Corrupt officialPosted on12:53 am - Jun 30, 2016

JOHN CLARKJUNE 29, 2016 at 23:31  

    You would not be offering undue credit John, but it’s a sad indictment of how our game is run, when stating the bleeding obvious is worthy of it.


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John ClarkPosted on1:34 am - Jun 30, 2016

Corrupt officialJune 30, 2016 at 00:53
‘… You would not be offering undue credit John, .’
Thank you, Corrupt Official! It would have taken me ages to try to find that.
And you’re right,of course.Our Football Authorities ought to have stated the obvious: Rangers died in football terms, ceased to exist in football terms . And they OUGHT to have made it clear that TRFC was a new club, newly admitted to membership of the then SFL’s bottom-most tier.
They know that, of course. And that’s what makes our SFA administrators liars and cheats, and spineless fearful men.
In my opinion.

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incredibleadamsparkPosted on6:34 am - Jun 30, 2016

JC, The Third Man is one of my all time favourite films. All wonky camera angles and long shadows. And the music! My picture on the left is Harry lime illuminated in the doorway of that very film.

A story of betrayal and man who is thought to be dead, then found very much alive, before ultimately being brought to justice for all of his crimes. Sound familiar?

Harry Lime was played by the always amazing Orson Welles who was also, amongst many other things, a talanted magician. I’m sure he would have appreciated the slights of hand we have witnessed in Scottish football these past few years. 

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ReiverPosted on8:49 am - Jun 30, 2016

From SII Briefs

A US Supreme Court ruling last week could bolster the abilities of US authorities to use the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations (RICO) Act to investigate corruption in football, reports the Wall Street Journal. The ruling, which rejected a lawsuit by the European Union against Reynolds American, opined that RICO is intended to have an ‘extraterritorial effect’.

I don’t whether happiness or sheer anger is my overriding emotion with that.

Happy if it dragged the SFA off to some West Virginia state penitentiary full of convicts with duelling banjos.


Absolutely fuming because the US believes they have a legal system that every human on this planet is supposed to adhere to.

Somebody help me out here.

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upthehoopsPosted on8:49 am - Jun 30, 2016

THE UNGRATEFUL DEADJUNE 29, 2016 at 22:43 
Does anyone on here who decided to buy a season ticket based on ” an imminent statement from CFC re RES 12″ feel as if they’ve been had?Genuine question  BTW.

I was buying a season ticket anyway – I am on automatic renewal. I’m delighted with our new Manager.

The main players in Res 12 seem happy enough the way it’s going, and they have often said people who say Celtic are not helping are way off the mark.  The ‘what if’ CQN article which effectively told us the content of the UEFA letter is dynamite. I am quite happy that the Res 12 guys, and Celtic will speak at the right time. These guys are serious players. 

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shugPosted on10:05 am - Jun 30, 2016

Looks like warbo is at it again lol.

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Pat ByrnePosted on10:24 am - Jun 30, 2016

JOHN CLARKJUNE 29, 2016 at 23:31
Not my usual source of information but hope it helps. 
I can give him due credit for this but still refuse to accept he is not a bigot, some of the high profile cases he took on did his image no favours either.

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Pat ByrnePosted on10:42 am - Jun 30, 2016

CORRUPT OFFICIALJUNE 30, 2016 at 00:53
My appoligise CO, I  saw your post  after I posted same link as yourself. 
Looks like Warbo is back on song with his latest comments, maybe he realises his CV is not quite of a standard that smsm would have us all believe, still only time will tell how good he really is, if he can finish in the top four with the resources that are currently available to him, the England Managers job surely beckons and I personally will tip my bunnet to a genius.

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helpmaboabPosted on10:56 am - Jun 30, 2016

John Clark
I used to make lots of marmalade with Mamade.In fact I think I still have a tin left.02

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bluPosted on11:14 am - Jun 30, 2016

PAT BYRNEJUNE 30, 2016 at 10:24
JOHN CLARKJUNE 29, 2016 at 23:31Not my usual source of information but hope it helps. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2816759/Donald-Findlay-says-Rangers-new-entity-establish-s-history-tradition.htmlI can give him due credit for this but still refuse to accept he is not a bigot, some of the high profile cases he took on did his image no favours either.

Pat, love or loathe the individual, every person in court is entitled to be represented and some say that he’s good at it. If this particular QC hadn’t represented the individuals you refer to, someone else would have. Beltrami attracted similar criticism for defending the apparently undefendable and that was misplaced too.

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Pat ByrnePosted on12:03 pm - Jun 30, 2016

I totally agree, just saying that it did not help paint him in a good light, even Bin Laden would have deserved decent council if they had had the guts to grant him the chance, Doncaster and Regan on the other hand!

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Corrupt officialPosted on12:03 pm - Jun 30, 2016

PAT BYRNEJUNE 30, 2016 at 10:42
CORRUPT OFFICIALJUNE 30, 2016 at 00:53My appoligise CO
   How very dare you scroll past my highly informative and insightful posts, often littered with wisdom and peppered with wit. Your admission shows you to be a very immature young man Pat. (Probably with dashing good looks) 
Sickening as that may be, I will accept your apology as it shows you to be the off-spring of good parentage, and able to recognise the folly of your youthful ways. 04  

   p.s. I don’t read the drivel I write either. I operate on the infinite number of monkeys, and infinite number of typewriters principle.  Unfortunately, I am but one monkey. 21

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woodsteinPosted on1:22 pm - Jun 30, 2016

June 29, 2016 at 13:17
“I think his psychology is more fragile than you may think.”
I have noticed this too.
To avoid being completely OT, I have sent you an email.

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bluPosted on1:28 pm - Jun 30, 2016

PAT BYRNEJUNE 30, 2016 at 12:03
BluI totally agree, just saying that it did not help paint him in a good light, even Bin Laden would have deserved decent council if they had had the guts to grant him the chance, Doncaster and Regan on the other hand!

1.  Apologies, I misread your earlier post as criticism of defending those accused rather the fair observation of the impact on        the reputation of the lawyer representing malign individuals.
2.  I don’t recall the Chairman of Cowdenbeath ever having defended either of those two. The following offers a clue to his              views on them though:

STV July 4 2012
“The SPL and SFA should have resolved this long before now. They have tried to pass the buck to the SFL clubs and have tried to force them to accept “Rangers” into the First Division – to provide the greatest benefit to the SPL.  This lacks any integrity and casts a dark shadow over our game.  Cowdenbeath FC condemns this approach.” 
Donald Findlay, chairman:  “Speaking for myself, and myself alone, it is clear to me that people at the highest levels of our game have tried to hold a gun to my head and the heads of my colleagues.  That will never work. 
“But I have a long memory and will not forget what they tried to do and the way they tried to bend me, and this Club, to their will.  That will never be allowed to happen” 

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TartanwulverPosted on1:35 pm - Jun 30, 2016

More Euro football tonight, thankfully. When that tournament’s over, there’s the awful chasm until the start of the new season. I’m suffering a bit as two of my main footie fixes (Messrs. Clumpany and JohnJames) have morphed into pseudo-political sites – I’ve never understood why anyone would take political advice from the likes of pop stars (or, god forbid, footballers), and I’m beginning to feel the same way about advice from football blogs. But once the new season starts, I’m sure we will have much to interest us with the renewal of the rivalry of the Big Two (athough whether Aberdeen can sustain a challenge to Rodgers’ Celtic over a season is still in doubt), and the question of whether a newcomer can split them up (or will Hearts fade a bit this season)? And how will the plucky diddy teams promoted from the division below fare? No doubt plenty to interest us to come, and perhaps the odd (perhaps very odd) court case to keep us going between matches.

Roll on 2016/17.

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woodsteinPosted on1:36 pm - Jun 30, 2016

Off Topic

Boris Johnson NOT a candidate for Cons leadership election just announced.

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wottpiPosted on1:54 pm - Jun 30, 2016

JUNE 30, 2016 at 13:35

In case you have forgotten for some of us 2016/17 starts tonight.

You can stick Poland v Portugal. Tonight it is Tynie for me. Sensible pricing policy will see a pretty full stadium for the return of European Club Football to the Capital.

Totally in the dark with what to expect from FC Infonet but good luck to Hearts and Aberdeen tonight.

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ReiverPosted on2:20 pm - Jun 30, 2016

Woodstein @1336
I think he has withdrawn because he cannot afford the time now that Nigel Farage has stopped helping him run http://www.JohnJamessite.com. Nigel feels he has found his calling in Brussels after receiving such a warm reception there. Well, it was an improvement for him over the reception he got in Edinburgh.
Boris does have a point though. Now that the level of intolerance on the site has reached fever pitch he can’t afford the time away from stoking the fires. That and, because Nigel has left him in the lurch, he will have to right all The Mensch’s diatribes himself.
Being chained to his keyboard like that is only possible because LIDL are prepared to still deliver to his bedsit. It was touch and go though after that incident when they had a Polish driver on his route. I believe that they have drawn the line though at his request to have the Pot Noodles relabeled as Linguine aux Fine Herbs and the dog food that he likes with it as Pate de Fois Gras.
How you have to suffer for your art when your so dedicated.

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upthehoopsPosted on2:54 pm - Jun 30, 2016

WOTTPIJUNE 30, 2016 at 13:54
You can stick Poland v Portugal. Tonight it is Tynie for me. Sensible pricing policy will see a pretty full stadium for the return of European Club Football to the Capital.

Although I’m not a Hearts fan I was glad to see Hearts staying at Tynecastle. It’s a great atmosphere. I’m a traditionalist in any case. I hate it when clubs leave their traditional home, although I accept in many cases the economics make sense. 

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TartanwulverPosted on3:02 pm - Jun 30, 2016

Indeed WOTTPI, but for me at least, the thinning out of fixtures across the summer doesn’t constitute the start of the season proper, and perhaps I should have clarified that I meant the start of the league programme, when everyone can get involved. Good luck to Scottish clubs involved before that, of course, and meantime here’s hoping that the remaining Euro games provide a bit more Italy v Spain, and absolutely no more Portugal v Croatia.

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jimboPosted on3:38 pm - Jun 30, 2016


Just checked the low down of FC Infonet on BBC.

They beat some minnows 36 – 0 in a cup game in 2015 20

Don’t worry that won’t happen tonight.  Good Luck!

(And good luck to the sheepies too!)

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easyJamboPosted on4:52 pm - Jun 30, 2016

Next week’s Judicial diary for John Clark (I’m away on holiday)
LORD GLENNIE – T Kell, Clerk
Tuesday 5th July and three ensuing days
Hearing on Note and Answers
P1140/15 Note: HMA for Order to failure to comply re Craig Whyte
Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service –  Gildeas Limited

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woodsteinPosted on5:01 pm - Jun 30, 2016

June 30, 2016 at 14:20


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ReiverPosted on7:10 pm - Jun 30, 2016

I watched a thoroughly enjoyable tennis match from Wimbledon today and what made it extra special was that it brought back memories of that wonderful day at Hampden in May. On the one side was Hibs in the shape of Andy Murray and on the other representing Ibrox was Yen-Hsun Lu. Of course the Hibees came out on top again.

For those of you that don’t understand what I am getting at I should point out that I love anagrams.

For those who don’t like putting a lot of effort into these sort of things I’ll give you a clue to start you off. Here is the first part. You can work our the spaces.

Luney _ _ _ _


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upthehoopsPosted on7:37 pm - Jun 30, 2016

REIVERJUNE 30, 2016 at 19:10  
I watched a thoroughly enjoyable tennis match from Wimbledon today and what made it extra special was that it brought back memories of that wonderful day at Hampden in May. On the one side was Hibs in the shape of Andy Murray and on the other representing Ibrox was Yen-Hsun Lu. Of course the Hibees came out on top again.

I hope his Maw didn’t lead off a court invasion at the end. 01

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ReiverPosted on7:46 pm - Jun 30, 2016

UTH @1937

The police horse would have refused to confront her if she had.
I take it that the guys on the crossbar were from one of her coaching classes as they all seem to be extremely skilled at getting their balls over the net. They will be getting plenty of service practise over the next few weeks. Community service.

OK, I’ll get my Parka.

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jimboPosted on8:38 pm - Jun 30, 2016


Surely a misspelling of your anagram ‘Luney sonnets’?

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ReiverPosted on8:59 pm - Jun 30, 2016


I know that it seems that way but I think spelling luny with an “e” gives the joke(?) an extra dimension as that is how they spell it in the cartoons.

I don’t know where you got sonnets from. You don’t even see the obvious do you? I obviously intended you to work out that what I meant was the word “shun”

Nil Point!

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John ClarkPosted on9:14 pm - Jun 30, 2016

easyJamboJune 30, 2016 at 16:52
‘..Next week’s Judicial diary..’
Thanks,eJ.   I should manage at least a couple of days.
Have a good break.

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jimboPosted on11:08 pm - Jun 30, 2016

It was my poor attempt of a joke back at ye.  I got your joke first time.  Sorry.

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Big PinkPosted on12:06 am - Jul 1, 2016

Tris left for a couple of weeks holidays yesterday. I will be leaving tomorrow for ten days or so.
Consequently, you have an empty!
I have alerted the neighbours and we expect a high degree of decorum whilst we are away.
The freezer is stocked with a couple of part time mods and a technician, but you shouldn’t have to use them – unless an nasty common-sense famine in the shape of a new troll appears.
Please make us proud. ?

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John ClarkPosted on1:19 am - Jul 1, 2016

Big PinkJuly 1, 2016 at 00:06
‘…. I will be leaving tomorrow for ten days or so…’
Well,have a good one, BP.
While you’re away, of course, the SFA will
-apologise to us all
-publicly announce that TRFC are not SDM’s/CW’s ‘Rangers’

require TRFC to desist from claiming to be RFC under pain of immediate expulsion from the SPFL
-remove from the records any titles ‘won’ and any honours ‘gained’ by the cheating SDM’s club-
pursue payment of the 250 grand that that charlatan CG agreed to pay as his part in the dirty 5-way agreement-
and advise the Advertising Standards Agency and the Stock market that any claim by the directors of RIFC/ TRFC to be the ‘Rangers Football club’ of 1872 is false and misleading and fraudulent-
and own up to having lied to UEFA about the social taxes situation that RFC was in

Well, perhaps that won’t happen while you are away.
But it will, because it must, happen sometime.

There will be very few clubs in the SPFL who are any more happy than Donald QC with the dirty, lying, cheating attempts by dishonourable men to whitewash the dirty, lying cheating of a dishonourable knight, and the subsequent dirty lying cheating sods who created a new club and in effect blackmailed them into the shameful, disgraceful 5-way agreement
.Donald said what Turnbull said. In free translation, bad ba.tards are at it
.We on this blog will bend every effort to make sure that they will not get away with it.
But, BP, just you relax and strum your guitar ( or whatever), and come back refreshed!

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Walter NeffPosted on8:00 am - Jul 1, 2016

Can anyone give me some notion of who John James is.  I am not interested in his identity, but I have read that he was controversial on this site and he certainly holds no love for SFM. I ask because I read a comment by Reiver and JohnJames response (since deleted) which was, quite frankly, disgusting.  He now seems to be on a UKIP love in.  He is posting increasingly hysterical rants about politics.  Before I make up my mind has anyone got background.  (I used to read the late sadly lost Paul McConville and a contributor called ECOJON – are they the same person ?)

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jimboPosted on10:07 am - Jul 1, 2016

Great to see Aberdeen & Hearts getting a result in the Europa qualifiers.  Just a pity their opponents each got an away goal.  Hope that won’t be significant.

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ReiverPosted on10:26 am - Jul 1, 2016

The Mensch says: June 30, 2016 at 1:55 pm Another stunning piece infused with FACTS and INSIGHTS.

Looks like John’s trying to deflect some of the criticism of his racist and homophobic writing by having his other nom de plume gushing over yet another distorted, biased article.

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ReiverPosted on10:38 am - Jul 1, 2016

A serious request here.
Seeing the speedy reaction that gave Walter Neff @0800 multiple thumbs down had me look at reaction to my recent posts. It would appear that I am upsetting quite a number of readers here, even with my jokes(understandable). Like Walter’s post my subject matter has been regarding the unpalatable political and social stance being adopted by the John James site. If I have caused offense or it is felt that this is not the place for such subject matter then I apologise. I would rather the point was made by stating so in a post though. No offense will be taken and it also allows us to judge whether what the likes of Walter and I are experiencing is genuine or just JJs “friends” trolling.

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ReiverPosted on11:01 am - Jul 1, 2016

Jimbo @2308

I know you were joking and in return I tried a very poor “back at ye”.
That’s the problem with the written word, you can’t easily put across your tone without using emogees and I always forget.
Anyway now that the prefects are away we need to get the party arranged. I’ll bring the Buckie and deep fried pizza. Let’s organise this properly so that it can be a classy event. So who’s bringing what?

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jimboPosted on11:02 am - Jul 1, 2016

OK Reiver for what it’s worth here’s what I think.  I think it is time to draw a line under the johnjames thing.  We all know your opinion of jj and his site now.  As for politics, I am getting more depressed every day since Brexit, it’s everywhere, BBC News, the press, social media.  I realise it’s extremely important but I wish I could come on here and my other favourite sites to get away from it all.

ps. I never gave you any thumbs down but then again I very rarely give a thumbs down to anyone.  I would rather just not vote!

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ReiverPosted on11:10 am - Jul 1, 2016

OK Jimbo, point taken. I will try to resist the temptation.
Like you I never TU/TD.

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John ClarkPosted on11:46 am - Jul 1, 2016

Andrew Smith has a piece entitled “The Old Firm Story” piece ( Part 2?- I must have missed  Part 1) in the ‘Scotsman’ today.
I have no particular comment to make on the piece as a whole- except that this sentence makes me think it’s just another piece of SMSM propaganda on behalf of the Big Lie.
” The Old Firm itself no longer exists in the eyes of some Celtic fans who seek to disassociate  themselves from a tag that had its origins in a bond over business interests.”
ps Andrew, the word is ‘dissociate’, by the way.

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jimboPosted on11:51 am - Jul 1, 2016

PARTY TIME!!!  0403091222

When I’m at home I like a bottle of Spanish White from the Co-Op (£3.69)
In the pub I drink a wee Harveys Bristol Cream and a half pint of light.

So I’m bringing said bottles, a can of Pale Ale and a packet of cheese & onion.

Lets get this party moving.


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John ClarkPosted on11:53 am - Jul 1, 2016

Walter NeffJuly 1, 2016 at 08:00
‘..He is posting increasingly hysterical rants about politics. Before I make up my mind has anyone got background.’
One hardly needs ‘background’, Walter Naff, when the guys own writings tell any sensible person what the guy is like!16

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Walter NeffPosted on12:28 pm - Jul 1, 2016

I am sorry.  I seem to have touched a raw nerve.  First can I say that I am new to this site and was not aware that the site in question had been a topic before.  If I post again I will not mention the johnjames site.  However, I had not previously considered that The Mensch was JJ himself – thanks for the thought.

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shugPosted on12:49 pm - Jul 1, 2016

I wouldn’t worry about the tds Reiver It happens to even the esteemed JC on occasion lol i see you have been mentioned and a post resurrected on the site that shall not be named.

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woodsteinPosted on12:51 pm - Jul 1, 2016


You have mail

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jimboPosted on1:47 pm - Jul 1, 2016


Just read a very insightful article on Hail Hail Media, the author describes the unveiling of Brendan Rodgers at Celtic Park.  He mentions that he spoke to Ewan Murray, Matt Lindsay and Richard Wilson.  Three men who come in a for a lot of stick from Celtic supporters, and no doubt from fans of other clubs.  It always makes me laugh that the Daily Record and the BBC are hated in equal measure by fans of Celtic and TRFC.  I don’t know the position of other clubs.

The thing is Paul Larkin (HHM) says he has met each of them several times before and that to a man they are friendly, warm and engaging.  What happens to journos when they take to a keyboard or a microphone?

For instance it should be easy for a wordsmith to be less contentious.  Don’t use words like ‘demotion’ or ’55 titles’ as an example.  But they never miss a chance.  Why is there a deliberate and collective drive to push the continuity theory?

Otherwise good men are acting like puppets.  Who or what is pulling the strings?


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StevieBCPosted on2:30 pm - Jul 1, 2016

JULY 1, 2016 at 00:06
Tris left for a couple of weeks holidays yesterday. I will be leaving tomorrow for ten days or so.Consequently, you have an empty!…
Where are you going for your holidays…North Korea where they don’t have t’internet access ?
[Say hello to Adam if you bump into him! 😉 ]
Have a good one, try not to miss us too much…and we’ll try to keep the site in one piece whilst you are both having a well deserved break from the Bampots.

JULY 1, 2016 at 13:47

The thing is Paul Larkin (HHM) says he has met each of them several times before and that to a man they are friendly, warm and engaging. What happens to journos when they take to a keyboard or a microphone?…
I think the ‘journalists’ maybe take their cue from wrestling: take a position to generate interest / reaction, good or bad.  
Like the big, bad ‘Giant Haystacks’, [one for the oldies], who I believe was a lovable, gentle giant outside the ring.
This analogy also fits nicely with the SFA’s attempts to drag Scottish football down to WWF levels of sport / entertainment !

And if anyone had lingering hopes that the DR would up its game: no chance.
Gary Ralston has been ’embedded’ in the TRFC set up whilst on its training vacation in South Carolina.
His piece today is absolute drivel, [a couple of minutes of my life I’ll never get back.]
And TRFC is playing only one game – against an amateur team, I believe.

So why would a declining Scottish paper – with its sales falling off a cliff – send a journalist to a team’s pre-season ?
…only if that paper expected a worthwhile payback, IMO.
[For balance, I assume (?) the DR has sent someone to join the CFC pre-season ?]

So, get ready for much more succulent lamb from the DR next season.  191919

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Pat ByrnePosted on3:09 pm - Jul 1, 2016

JIMBOJULY 1, 2016 at 13:47
I tend to think that the difference between the two sets of supporters is a fair proportion of TRFC fans tend to assume that there is an agenda within the smsm to discredit their standing as the establishment club. They view clubs and their supporters outwith their own as haters, regardless of the evidence proving that in most cases these fans called it right. Celtic fans on the other hand view the smsm as being totally out of touch with the Scottish club following supporters as a whole, they struggle to fathom out the logic of giving the TRFC more coverage on their back pages than all the other clubs put together regardless of which league they ply their trade. It riles them that every word that MW utters is pondered over and disected to the extent that if he actually wins something of major importance all other news will be placed in the vaults of obscurity beside the results of the Juniors Reserve League and when he dissappears from sight after the shenanigans surrounding the cup final, there was a distinct lack of comment on the subject fueling their belief that a cabal of journalists fear for their jobs if they ever have the gall to question the blue pound propoganda machine.
I understand fully where the fans of TRFC are and the reasons a siege mentality comes to the fore, they should consider though, sites like this are more concerned by the truthful and proper governance of the game in Scotland, they (TRFC) have been caught in the crossfire mainly due to their past lack of scrutiny and the previous and for that matter present custodians of their club and their failure to openly disclose the true financial and legal standing of the club/company

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HomunculusPosted on4:26 pm - Jul 1, 2016

I see Police Scotland have arrested another four people for alleged assaults and disorder post the Scottish Cup final, that brings the total arrested to 38. 

Det Supt Kenny Graham, who is leading the investigation, said: “This investigation is extensive and involves a significant number of people.
“My officers remain committed to identifying and arresting those involved in the violence and disorder that occurred on 21 May.
“As our investigation progresses, there will be further arrests and continued police action to track down those responsible.”

Let’s hope that he is right and that there are further arrests. Both to bring those involved to justice and to show others that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated in the future. 

Let’s further hope that the clubs involved ban anyone convicted from attending their matches, though I suspect the Courts will include a football banning order in the sentence anyway. 


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naegreetinPosted on5:38 pm - Jul 1, 2016

Re Journos covering The Rangers US “Tour”

The Times have journo Lindsay Herron in Charleston with The Rangers – in to-day’s missive he is reoprting Warbo has issued an alcohol ban on the trip for his players – I bet that doesn’t go for the travelling journos because there must be eff all else to do all day apart from a daily 10 minute Warbo presser . I can almost understand the DR sending someone but The Times ? How much is that costing & who deems its worth it ? The Scottish editor I presume but surely there must be other ways of spending your Scottish football budget – incredible .

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StevieBCPosted on6:04 pm - Jul 1, 2016

A rather strange – and pointless ? – article in the Hootsman today by one Andrew Smith.
At first glance, it seems like a simple, ‘Old Firm’ reinforcement piece.
But the way it is written is strange, IMO. 
Whilst there is some balance in criticism for both RFC & CFC, a couple of excerpts include;
If there had never been a Celtic, who arrived on the scene 15 years after Rangers were founded in 1872, Rangers as a club would have been very different in outlook across the 20th century.

Moreover, by the end of the 19th century, Celtic had become a public limited company as the directors both sought monies to pay top whack to players as professionalism came on-stream, and fund a new stadium. The fact handsome dividends came their way too was just a happy accident…”

[And were any Celtic players, (or any Scottish players at all), on ‘top whack’, ‘by the end of the 19th century’ ?!]

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naegreetinPosted on6:18 pm - Jul 1, 2016

Homunculus @ 16.26 1 July

Further to Police action re the Cup Final , I wonder whatever happened to the SFA’s “urgent” inquiry into fans’ behaviour – I suppose they are all busy taking notes at the Euros on how to control fans – it took UEFA 24 hours to put the English/Russian fan behaviour into a fine & potential ban situation .

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Cluster OnePosted on6:49 pm - Jul 1, 2016

NAEGREETINJULY 1, 2016 at 18:18 2 0  Rate This 
Homunculus @ 16.26 1 July
the SFA’s “urgent” inquiry into fans’ behaviour
Tony McGlennan  compliance officer.
Andrew McKinlay, the SFA’s director of football governance and regulation
all very quiet.
SFA also quiet on the deduction of LNS fine plus interest from TRFC championship winning prize money

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jimboPosted on7:16 pm - Jul 1, 2016

Slightly off topic, but seeing as how we are now self moderated I take my chance.

I once worked with an ex Scottish footballer called -James, Jimmy, Whitey McGowan.  Partick Thistle.  1940s – 1950s.

The stories he could tell you.  Working down the pit on Saturday mornings, getting permission from his boss to get away early to get public transport to Firhill.

He played about 500+ games for the Jags, played as a defender (he was crabbit, thankfully not with me).

After a works night out we went back to his house and he showed us his Scotland cap and the result of his testimonial.  A beautiful case of about 200 pieces of silver cutlery. 

He was as proud as punch of it.

How times change! 

Now average footballers could buy their wags one of those for every day of the week for the next 10 years.

Rant over.

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