Armageddon? What Armageddon?


World Cup `Bagsies` • Campbellsmoney – Uruguay • SteveBC – USA • ChristyBoy …

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World Cup `Bagsies`

• Campbellsmoney – Uruguay
• SteveBC – USA
• ChristyBoy – Italy
• Ryan Gosling – Argentina
• KickerConspiracy – Germany
• MCFC – England
• Brenda – Spain
• Redlichtie – Brazil
• Ianmacant – Chile
• Smartie1947 – Scotland
• Andy – Brazil
• Barcabhoy – Argentina
• CowanPete – Belgium
• Taratanwulwer – Belgium
• ClusterOne – Mexico
• ParaHandy – Netherlands
• Doonhammer – Portugal
• Danish Pastry – Denmark
• twopanda – France
• Macfurgley – Uruguay
• Castofthousands – Ghana
• John Clark – Chile
• Peterjung – South Korea
• Sannoffymesssoitizz – Colombia
• Resin_lab_dog – England
• Upthehoops – Germany
• Paulmac2 – Spain
• Mattyroth – Cameroon
• Tincks – Ivory Coast
• JimBhoy – Argentina
• BrigsBhoy – Spain
• Oddjob – Argentina
• Jean7brodie – España
• ScottC – Croatia
• GallingFiver – Deutschland
• neepheid – Costa Rica
• Indy14 – Germany
• BillyJ1 – Espana
• Caveat Emptor – Italia
• Flocculent Apoidea – Switzerland

A Fair and Open Draw

Make that a hat trick for England. I’m in.

(I apologise in advance for the embarrassing media hysteria that will follow if we somehow get out of the group.)

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Armageddon? What Armageddon?

I wouldn’t know Kenny Miller if I passed him in the street so when I read this article I was surprised to see how young and healthy a 34 year old can look. But just a moment – what’s this – a photo from 2000 – when Mr Kenny was bearly out of his teens – why choose such a photo from the many thousands available – what subliminal message lies therein – erm . . .

Popular lad wherever he’s been. 🙂
Strange signing though with no resale value. Still no visible signs of austerity either, but I suppose there are still season tickets to shift.

Has anyone seen Dave King?

Armageddon? What Armageddon?

Paulmac2 says:
May 26, 2014 at 11:43 pm
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Big Pink says:
May 26, 2014 at 10:35 pm

In terms of obstacles…England is insurmountable..the legal structure and economic monster it has now become is such that applying for membership and being granted it is one thing…but the level you are pushed in at would be the bottom tier…as it should be…we can not on one hand be outraged that a new club in Scotland should be considered by the authorities granted direct access to the SPL…for them to ask for entry into the first division…to finally be given entry into division 3…why should Celtic be any different in England?…

What is the purpose of going to England?…cash?…footballing success?

I can assure anyone who is interested…the legal challenge by various clubs and leagues who would be financially disadvantaged would bring the English game to a stand still…unless a new club starts at the bottom…which is at least a 10 year run of year on year promotions to reach the EPL..

As an example…Aldershot who went bust whilst in the Football League and had to start at the bottom…got promoted in their first season and their 2nd season…they then reached the 2nd tier of the Isthmian League..a league were some clubs were paying players 600-800 quid a week plus company cars and bonuses…they failed to get promoted…which was cheered loudly on the last day of the season in the bar of a game I was involved in in the same league…why was it cheered…because they carried 2k fans to every away game which was a big pay day for some of those clubs…

The Pyramid system in England does not allow leap frogging..and nor should it…so if Celtic want to join England…we start at the bottom…we should not be looking to cheat the system.

The only thing that will change the above is if the 4 home nations are dissolved and a single UK FA is created and complete restructure of British football takes place…because regardless of what we think UEFA already consider the UK as 4 seperate countries….a yes vote wont change this…

So personally BP…it ain’t happening any time soon pal!

While I agree with the thrust of this post, it’s worth noting that it is not necessarily the case that the pyramid cannot be leapfrogged.

My local non-league club King’s Lynn FC were wound up in November 2009 owing about 80 grand to HMRC. At the time they were in the Northern Premier League: tier 7 in the pyramid.

They reformed as King’s Lynn Town FC in Jan 2010. They applied for admission down the pyramid and were accepted into the UCL Premier Division at tier 9 in the pyramid for the next season. KLTFC’s crowds vary from 500-1200 depending on how they are doing and they take a significant away following (in non-league terms) so the other clubs at that level (where crowds are typically fewer than a 100) readily accepted them.

Having said all that, I can’t see it ever happening.

Armageddon? What Armageddon?
Who’s backing down? As far as I can tell, the UoF have given up demanding security over Ibrox/MP and are now asking for something else: an assurance that those assets not be sold (for leaseback) or used as loan security.

Wallace has said “we’ll get back to you on that”.

Nowt’s changed, but if that’s “close to agreement” who am I to argue.

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LNS – A Summary
You’ll find no sympathy for Bolton among the other members of the football league, particularly their odious CEO Phil Gartside. This is a man who wanted a sealed two tier premiership with entry to it based on some vague notion of “size and finance threshold”. I wonder if he stills wants to apply the same criteria?
Bolton are the epitome of how you shouldn’t run a football club, proceeding unsustainably with colossal losses year after year funded by the largesse of a single individual who has now turned off the tap.

LNS – A Summary
This judge is amazing entertainment. Refreshingly, there’s virtually no abstruse impenetrable legalese, and he genuinely seems aware of the world outside the courtroom.  The poor old counsels are almost having to earn their money.

LNS – A Summary
Would be quite funny if Dave King was charged with contempt of court for prematurely celebrating the dismissal of his contempt of court case. 03

LNS – A Summary
As much distaste as I have for Dave King, I confess that I’m still puzzled as to what was revealed of any importance in the anodyne interview with Jim White, and it sounds like the judge thinks that too. The suspicion is that MA simply wants to attack King on every front possible.
Still, I believe King’s affidavit is an amazing own goal: He just can’t stop himself lying. It would have been far more plausible to claim he’d merely misunderstood the terms of the agreement and it was an, ahem, honest mistake. There is clearly a great deal more he could have revealed about the retail agreement.

LNS – A Summary
I’m generally not that interested in stories about which manager is going where, but this quote caught me eye:

And, on Twitter on Wednesday evening, the manager said he was “bemused and frustrated by shockingly incorrect stories from certain media outlets“.

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(or is that company?)

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