Armageddon? What Armageddon?


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sickofitall says:
June 15, 2014 at 3:48 pm
What you have to remember is that the number 12 is an outcome of combining numbers 1 and 2. When I read that an awful lot of no 1s and an even larger lot of no 2s came to mind.

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Armageddon? What Armageddon?
Love the quote at the end of the McGhee article:

‘So it’s all important, for the sake of the game, to promote it in a positive way. It doesn’t always come across that way.
‘Now, without the names of Hibs, Hearts and Rangers in the division, I think it is lacking.’

So promoting it in a positive way… you think it is lacking Mark? Run that one by me again! 😯

Armageddon? What Armageddon?
Oh boy. Surely only in Scotland can elements within the MSM be looking at such a half glass empty view of Scottish football! The season just completed has been, in terms of theatre, drama, excitement, one of the best for many years with some pretty decent football performances thrown in for good measure. How about giving that the recognition it deserves?

Back at the start of 2013/14 I heard Chic Young give a predictably downbeat view on Scottish football, because we already knew who would win the top flight. But as even he must have realised as he stood on the pitch at Easter Road on Sunday afternoon, we had just witnessed the culmination of a season that, if it was a soap opera, we would have criticised for a ridiculously overblown plot. Never mind the return of dead Dirty Den, this was akin to the plane crash in Emmerdale.

We had second and third decided by virtually a last kick of the ball in the last game of the season contested by those two teams, a cup final won by Aberdeen as their first silverware in 18 years, the first silverware for St Johnstone ever electrifying the city of Perth and the introduction of a play off that saw a gripping end of season contest with five top tier teams caught in its grip. Meanwhile the Scottish Championship had three teams competing for the title until the final day of their season. All this followed by the drama of a play off where Hibs had 2 minutes of a wretched season to see out to stay in the top flight, only to be sent down by an added time equaliser followed by penalties.

As a script it would have verged on territory considered to be straining credibility beyond breaking point, yet it made for gripping drama with the reality of this non fiction underlined by the angry scenes outside Easter Road after the final whistle, the voice of Terry Butcher drained and tortured by his disastrous spell at the helm and the images of fans reactions within the stadium.

So what is the reaction of the media? Well if we were in the world of soap operas it’s suddenly as if a dramatic plot twist has seen audience ratings for Crossroads (yes for those of a certain vintage) overtake Coronation Street. It’s now about how the Scottish Championship will eclipse the Premiership next season!

Yes, the Scottish Championship will make for pretty compelling drama next season with Hibs, Hearts and TRFC all there. Each has a compelling narrative. Hearts recovering from admin. How will the new Budge/Levein/Neilson axis work out in practice? A new financially prudent regime. Will Hibs rise like a phoenix from the ashes? Can TRFC actually see through the season with their financial problems once more acute? What about the other teams there? Will Falkirk, Queen of the South, others give this “big three” a run for their money?

So plenty to get excited about and why shouldn’t TV companies be interested in greater coverage? This should be a good news story. We’re not now in a situation with an SPL competing with a separate League. There is one League body and a greater interest in SPFL games should be good news for all Scottish football. So why seek to turn this into a negative whereby a heightened dramatic interest in the Championship is to the detriment of the Premiership?

It goes right to the heart of the whole saga about TRFC, sporting integrity and Scottish Football needs a strong Ibrox club. It’s the mentality that says we have to see the biggest teams at the top. Why? If it’s that important don’t bother with a league based on points. Do it on average home attendance. Every season Celtic would most likely win, TRFC second, a “thrilling” contest between Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen for third and equally a thriller every year to see which of the Dundee clubs took the final top 6 slot. Every single year, the “biggest” clubs at the top, where they belong, because that is what Scottish football needs!!!

This moronic mindset is somehow ingrained in the thinking of too many commentating on our game. So to remind them, football is actually about, well about football. About which team gets better results than other teams. While I might miss the greater away support (and atmosphere) Hibs brings to Tannadice for next season, I would like to see my team playing against the best teams in Scotland. On the evidence of the play off, Hamilton are the much better team so they should be in the top flight.

While the Championship may be exciting next season, in terms of quality of football, the best will be seen in the Premiership, because that is where the best teams play. That’s how the system works. Please make a note MSM commentators! The fact that once again it will be a one horse race is irrelevant. It would be even if the Championship three were in the Premiership for 2014/15. But that doesn’t mean to say there won’t be plenty of excitement just as with the season just ended. Will the gap narrow with a new manager at Celtic? Or widen with them winning all three domestic trophies. How will they fare in Europe. Can Aberdeen, Motherwell, United, others? mount another compelling contest for second and close the gap on first? No obvious relegation candidate this season. We really don’t need to talk one league down just because another will be more interesting.

The exciting season just concluded has been delivered by a league of 12, second league of 10 with a play off introduced. The evidence has been that this has worked! So how about seeing if the next few seasons shape up the same way before we start revisiting league reconstruction? I’m not convinced that a top flight of 16 teams would have generated anything like as compelling a narrative. Heaven forbid but Neil Doncaster may have a point about meaningful games in a smaller league! Roll on 2014/15 and Armageddon II.

Armageddon? What Armageddon?
Para Handy says:
May 20, 2014 at 1:01 pm
bards says:
May 20, 2014 at 1:26 pm

Para Handy – Good to hear that common sense broke out at your club. I agree (as I argued the other day). This is another victory for fan power.

Bards… isn’t the key question what gives Ibrox most value? A bulldozed site (would that be allowed to happen anyway, fans + ? listed status) or the site of Ibrox stadium. If the answer is the latter then fan power still surely has considerable leverage, if most of them can unite as a force?

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History, Neighbours and Made Up News
I’m usually in lurker mode these days but I’m puzzled by this Barton story. 
If I was working for any self respecting media organisation, especially one allegedly national and objective, then I would be wondering why has this story appeared in the newspapers now, who is responsible for it being leaked and what is their objective in doing so? 
I’d also observe that based on recent precedents (see examples in BBC article, link) Barton should surely be expecting, IF guilty, somewhere in the region of a six match ban, three or four of which would be suspended.
Instead Radio Shortbread, based on the postings here, is busy already deciding the fate of the guilty (allegedly) one. I write based on postings here as I stopped listening a while back. Maybe one or two others have done the same.

Journey’s End?
Incidentally rest assured that any decline in season ticket renewal at Celtic will be put down to the fans voting on the future of Deila by the MSM. Of course that could be true. But I’d be astonished if Res 12 gets any mention as a possible factor!

Journey’s End?
BIG PINKAPRIL 19, 2016 at 08:54 39 8  Rate This 
The successes Rangers have had on the field of late have seen SFM numbers down. In fact, and worryingly for the future of SFM, over a third of our monthly subscriptions have been cancelled in the last two months and our daily traffic has reduced by a commensurate 35%.
I’d echo the comments of others on here that the decline in SFM numbers (fact) may not be an outcome of The Rangers recent success on the field (conjecture). For many if that club have won the Championship with the best team and without the benefit of financial doping (which I hope is true) then fair enough. I think it is at least as likely that there is a sense of fatigue with the continued strategy of the MSM, authorities and clubs to ignore and attempt to marginalise those who have justified ongoing concerns at the governance of our game given the events of 2011 / 2012. The recent torrent of MSM propaganda which would suggest that Scottish football is all about one rivalry with all other clubs just so much blank canvas on which to paint blue and green brush strokes doesn’t really help and indeed ignores and is an insult to the many positive aspects of what many would see as something of a renaissance over the last few years.

If what we have seen over the last four years is a war for the soul of Scottish football, it may be tempting to be concerned with the current position, but we need to take a long term view. Some battles will be won, some not. It may be that Resolution 12 is too technical to galvanise a large number of supporters of all clubs in the way the blatant attempt at re-writing the rules in 2012 so that a form of a liquidated club could be in the top flight was. But given that we KNOW the authorities have a bias towards special treatment for those that that they see as the essence of what Scottish football is all about, that we KNOW the MSM including the BBC are lickspittles to that agenda, then the role of those who continue to independently and objectively scrutinise is all the more important. Whatever the outcome on Res 12 there will be other issues. If any club is again intended to benefit from the largess of authorities more concerned with what they consider to be important instead of the fair application of the rules we have to be ready. The MSM are in decline. This is the age of the bampots.

Look Back to Look Forward
I see Livingston FC have had to apologise after a quite shocking 10 post on their official twitter feed!
I’m not clear what was more offensive, the suggestion that second tier rules would accommodate the needs of Sevco (by re-scheduling the final game for tv) or mis-naming of Sevco as “The Rangers.”
It is extraordinary the contrast between the MSM triumphant return propoganda stuff and how a low profile tweet on the feed of a second tier club can lead to such a rapid retraction. It’s a funny old world.

Look Back to Look Forward
JOHN CLARKMARCH 23, 2016 at 17:20
No I didn’t hear that JC. I find that periodically I change station or turn the volume down almost as a reflex action. 
Not surprised by the anecdote of course, that is “well behaved” journalists getting the juicy stories along with the juicy lamb! As for Kenny Mac becoming a journalistic truth seeker, well I guess anything is possible but I won’t get my hopes up! 02

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