Armageddon? What Armageddon?


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Armageddon? What Armageddon?

On the subject of the Land Deal. I have up to now been happy to let the thing go as long as there was no objection to the Celtic-centric nature of the subject.

Ecobhoy has worked very vigorously to debunk the nonsense that is out there. We are grateful to him for that, and through his efforts I think we are all on the same page as far as the spurious nature of the allegations is concerned.

Unless there is anything significantly new posted here by way of accusation that Celtic or any other agents involved in these purchases have acted improperly, can I suggest that further discussion on the matter should be reserved for Celtic forums, or;

in view of the wider interest in the matter, I am happy to open a new thread if ecobhoy would like to summarise the story in a leader post. That way we would have a record of the facts and arguments for reference and back-reading.

Armageddon? What Armageddon?
easyJambo says:

June 11, 2014 at 4:51 pm

51 weeks and it’s over. Hearts are now officially out of administration. πŸ˜›

….and now the hard work starts.

Great news and an excellent sense of perspective EJ. I have written to FOH with our best wishes and an invitation for a representative to speak to Big Pink for a future Podcast.
Be interesting to hear and see the broad direction of the maroon roadmap.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ :mrgreen: 😎

Armageddon? What Armageddon?
Re the Sunday Post piece about Telfer and Dundee United, I don’t know the writer personally, but now I know where Danny from the Partridge Family ended up πŸ™‚

Also, it looks as though the Dundee United action might well force the SFA to settle the OCNC argument once and for all.

Question for legal types: Does the TUPE mechanism ( through which I assume Telfer became a TRFC player) make the TRFC case stronger?

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It Takes Two to Tangle
John Clark
Have sent you a mail regarding the Counsel’s Opinion matter. Let me know when you receive it.

Everyone else
I thought John should have a first look at the advice I have received. Will post later when JC has had a butcher’s.

It Takes Two to Tangle
TSFM certainly doesn’t have any locus to sue. I think that, as others have said, the value of such a move would be the confidence and credibility we would gain from having counsel back up our viewpoint – or the credibility and humility we would have thrust on us if counsel contradicts our consensus and we publish that regardless πŸ™‚
It would also be good to direct counsel not to simply advise in accordance with our own preconceptions.

I don’t know the disclosure requirements for AIM, but one thing we have learned from this situation, is that AIM are about as effective a constraint to poor practice as a chocolate teapot, and as vigilant a watchdog as a dead sloth.
My suspicion is that a line of credit has been obtained in return for the deeds of Murray Park.
The money changing hands here is not Murray-esque, so although the ‘buy now-pay later’ ethos may be alive and well, the degree is less severe than in the past.

Looking forward, even the sums talked about in any rights issue or subsequent shares issue (moonbeams or otherwise) are modest in relation to the ambition. As an optimist, I suspect that Rangers fans are beginning to wake up to that.

If so it may be that some of the fan groups will start to resist the Murray/Green moonbeams approach and try to instil a greater sense of realistic expectation amongst the Bears. I certainly hope that is the case, because it will be a significant and welcome development for their club, and the start of what will hopefully be a reconciliation across the whole spectrum of the Scottish game.

It Takes Two to Tangle
On other matters which have been discussed of late, I think it is now beyond doubt that someone somewhere is putting cash into TRFC. It seems inconceivable that a company which urgently needed a million and a half quid weeks before ST renewals were announced would be in a situation where the burn rate had slowed to zero, thus requiring no cash top-up.

Subsequent ST renewal money is already Β£1.5m light due to the loan. Whilst helping with immediate cash flow, that could not justify the recent player acquisitions (which are absolutely necessary to ensure promotion in a league which is more competitive than they could ever have feared), especially given that the quest to recoup some cash by unloading already overpaid players will likely prove fruitless.

It seems certain, and a ‘Chic Young’ confirmatory nod has been dispensed in our direction, that cash has been made available by interests who are violently opposed to the scuttling of the ship.
We are trying to find out more info on whether or not the input transactions(which would inevitably show up as loans) will be visible to shareholders.

I am fairly certain that any shareholder request to open the books would be problematic for the TRFC board.

We can certainly be sure of one thing. TRFC is not running on air, or credit from a bank. They MUST be getting money from somewhere. I suspect that the silence is due to what measures they will be forced to take to pay it back.

It Takes Two to Tangle
John C
I think I we would be happy to do what you ask. I have absolutely no idea of the cost of such a venture, nor whether or not it would be money wisely spent.
Campbellsmoney has been absent of late, but his input might be useful – as would the opinion of any other legal types.
Counsel’s opinion, whatever it turned out to be, would be the basis for a blog, or podcast where we could help to inform as wide an audience as possible. I will investigate further and keep you all in the loop.
I don’t want to solicit any contributions right now, but I will report back on the likely cost and viability.

It Takes Two to Tangle
I don’t know why we are getting all hot and bothered about the Big Production number surrounding the Championship. We are talking about the 2nd, 3rd and 5th best supported teams in the country. The standard of football on offer is secondary to the box office appeal of those clubs.
Can’t blame the TV companies for wanting to sustain their sub levels.

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