Beware the angry Shareholders — they might just demand an answer!


The World Cup ============ Another missed World Cup, and another missed opportunity …

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The World Cup
Another missed World Cup, and another missed opportunity for Scottish football fans everywhere to have a few memorable days / nights in the pub cheering on the team. For me ’98 was a planned holiday back to Glasgow specifically to meet up with friends at various pubs to watch the games together and catch up. Great fun – even if the games themselves where a bit of a blur !

Today there is an interesting diagram, per link, which shows which countries have qualified for the World Cup since 1998.

The other unfortunate nations who last appeared in a World Cup in 1998 are;

And perhaps more surprising, the ‘other’ nations who have qualified 5 times in a row include;
South Korea

[Agreed, certain geographical qualification routes can be regarded as ‘easier’.]
Hopefully 2018 qualification is a real possibility – or even the Euro’s 2016.

Qualification for either could go some way to further boosting the game and the profile of Scottish football.
It would also be a significant step forward if the SFA was ‘sorted out’ before the next qualification was achieved…

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Beware the angry Shareholders — they might just demand an answer!
From The Herald
“Picture gallery: 25 years since David Murray bought Rangers

…Murray claimed that he had invested £100m of his own money in Rangers, however, since selling the club, his financial management has come under fire, especially after Rangers entered administration in 2012.

Whyte blamed Murray’s regime for causing the club’s liquidation. However, Murray has always played down his role in the club’s financial meltdown and denied claims of ‘cheating’ following his use of EBTs at the club…”
Curious article.

Some mild criticism of Murray, [well it’s a start !], and a photo gallery…

Why – when the MSM generally has avoided all things (S)DM ?

And why now ?
[Apart from the 25th anniversary that is… 🙄 ]

[Further edit: it’s also posted on the Evening Times site, and someone there might be having a subtle dig at (S)DM and ‘Rangers’…rather than in the Sports section, the article is included under the ‘Memories’ section. 😉 ]

Beware the angry Shareholders — they might just demand an answer!
How detrimental – financially and morally – is the SFA to Scottish football ?

As we all know, the last time Scotland qualified for a major tournament was way back in 1998. In the absence of subsequent, additional sponsorship/TV monies, you would expect that the SFA would now be managed in the most cost efficient manner.

In 2004 the SFA delivered a pre-tax profit of c.GBP0.7M on a turnover of GBP20.4M – or about 3.4%. [Couldn’t access 1998/9 figures on Duedil].

In 2012, the SFA delivered a pre-tax profit of c.GBP0.7M on a turnover of GBP33.2M – or about 2.1%.

Agreed, there are many ways to skin a cat etc, but on the face of it, the SFA is generating an additional c.GBP13M compared to 8 years ago, but the pre-tax profit is flat at GBP0.7M, [or actually less in real terms if you factor in inflation].

So, an observation could be that whilst the SFA is successful in developing increased / new revenue streams, it is not managing its costbase in an efficient manner.

Point 1: Lost opportunities.
An inefficient, costly SFA results in less available cash to invest in opportunities to support and develop the future well-being of the Scottish game at all levels – from children through to professionals.
The current President and CEO of the SFA are personally generating significant, negative goodwill just by remaining in post, [with the caveat that member clubs are also responsible for keeping them there].
I for one have simply refused to buy any Scotland merchandise – e.g. shirts for myself and kids – whilst the SFA appears to be mismanaged.
How many other football fans have also been disillusioned by Ogilvie / Regan in particular, to the point of missing national games at Hampden, and/or not buying SFA merchandise ?

Point 2: Lost revenue and customers.
I can’t quantify this ‘lost’ revenue, but the the SFA’s behaviour is costing Scottish football – when it simply cannot afford to lose any revenue or customers.

For differing reasons, based on the last 2 years in particular, it can be reasonably claimed that the average Scottish football fan now views the SFA as being a corrupt and/or incompetent organisation.
What sort of example is that for youngsters ?
And whilst they may be too young to take an active interest in the SFA themselves, if a parent is a football fan too then it can be reasonably assumed that a youngster may have already formed a negative view of the SFA.

Point 3: Lost credibility for the long-term.
IMO, the SFA is costing Scottish football by setting such a bad example that fans are/could become disillusioned and drift away from the game at national and/or at club level.
Again, I can’t quantify the impact of the SFA’s mishandling of all things Sevco, but their loss of credibility as an organisation could have a significant, long-term impact on the Scottish game.

Point 4: Solutions.
So, what are the answers ?
I don’t know, but… 🙄

IMO, neither Ogilvie nor Regan have the self-awareness / motivation / courage to step aside. But their remit, I believe, is heavily influenced by the requirements of the member clubs.

For the SFA to stop the rot, and to start having a more positive image amongst all Scottish football fans, the clubs themselves must realise that they have to take responsibility to make changes at the SFA.

And by changes, I don’t just mean changing personnel, but also instigating proper, meaningful engagement with fans, [like responding to emails for a start !], and having real transparency. The SFA could also actively move towards becoming a ‘professional services’ type organisation to finally dispel the image of an old boys club stuffed with blazers and buffoons.
…oh, and rename / rebrand to ensure they lose ‘the history’… 😉

That’s my tuppence worth, and to state the obvious: major change at the SFA is long, long overdue !

Beware the angry Shareholders — they might just demand an answer!
For the first time in a long time, I had a wee peek at Rangers Media site to see what was ‘topical’.
The highest viewed topic was Lawwell’s AGM comment, and the extract below is just a random – but amusing / worrying comment;

“…Lawwell saying it is different to bloggers and journos. It could be seen as the ceo of a rival company deliberately attempting to diminish a brands value on the stock market. If Declan O’Declan writes it in his blog noone pays any attention. When the CEO of the second biggest company in the country in the same field goes out his way to do so then its more serious.

Could you imagine the CEO of Samsung coming out and deliberately trying to devalue Apple stocks? There would be big lawsuits everywhere. ”
So there you have it: Lawwell’s comment was to adversely affect TRFC’s ‘brand value’… 🙄

…and after all that careful brand management by TRFC over the last year too… !

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Just a wild idea…

But, what if King declared himself bankrupt?
[Well in a court recently, he did claim he was ‘penniless’].

Of course anyone who knows of the glib and shameless one would assume King would have assets hidden, or in his wife’s name – a la wee Bazza?

Would bankruptcy effectively kill off the TOP sanctions?

At this point it seems that King’s reputation is ruined in Scotland – and with the bears and even with the SMSM?

King’s time is up playing charades as ‘the Rangers saviour’, and he must – you would think – be thinking about preserving his remaining wealth as he approaches retirement…?  09

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Mibbees after 20 years of failure, the national team and the SFA don’t deserve a dedicated, national stadium?

And Hampden is simply not worth keeping as a football venue for mainly sentimental reasons, IMO.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
CO, I think Phil’s scoop about the manner of Nicholl’s appointment deserves a: Wow Just Wow!
It displays how dysfunctional the management structure at Ibrox has become, and you would think, it is a massive red flag.
[Apart from having no cash.]

I also have my fingers and toes crossed that in 2018 my £20 bet on TRFC finishes bottom 6 comes in – with the help of an Admin. event.

[Thanks to fellow Bampots for the tip: interestingly Sky wouldn’t accept a £50 bet for a 150/1 long shot…]

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
All the best for 2018 Bampots!

And just have to add this headline from the esteemed DR, so it must be true;

“Bluenoses out of joint as Rangers pub to be turned into gay sauna’s bar”

Couldn’t possibly comment on the article…but a couple of sentences did jump out as sounding familiar;

“…Annie Millers was one of Glasgow’s most hardcore Rangers haunts and it was a real shock for a lot of fans when it closed last year.
A lot of drinkers were hoping that someone might rescue the pub so it could reopen as it was before. This definitely won’t happen now…


It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Guessing it’s quiet as the Bampots have been out watching the footy…or getting dragged around the shops by their better half for the sales ?!

Wife told me last night about the Dembele ‘sale’.
Immediate reaction was that it was nonsense from the SMSM.

There ‘could’ be some truth in it: e.g. an off-the-record tip from either CFC or Dembele’s agent, perhaps to simply instigate a bidding war ?

But, my initial reaction to any big story is to always doubt the SMSM’s veracity: the lamb munchers were exposed a long time ago…and it’s a surprise that the DR in particular is still on sale in hard copy format. 

If he is sold for X millions, how will the SMSM / Level42 spin that as ‘bad news’ for CFC…and bad for Scottish football ?  22

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