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How refreshing to hear the Dundee Utd supporters singing “your …

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How refreshing to hear the Dundee Utd supporters singing “your not Rangers anymore” at Ibrox yesterday.
This should be sung at every game that TRFC play, to remind TRFC and their supporters that they are a new club with 2 years history( until Administration/Liquidation 2).
Scottish Football needs to constantly remind TRFC and their supporters of this to ensure that they are never allowed to forget this

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The Vice Closes
As a follower of RTC and The Scottish Football Monitor since the demise of Oldco Rangers in 2011/2012 and as a Hibs supporter since 1962, I am incandescent with rage at the decision of the Hibs Board not to insist on an independent enquiry being carried out into the running of Scottish Football.
An independent enquiry should be the absolute minimum investigation carried out with respect to the shameful cover up by the Scottish Football Authorities into this sordid football scandal.
We are now being told by the SFA that all football supporters are to just sit back and accept that Oldco Rangers cheated with EBT’s to win League Titles and League/Scottish Cups in conjunction with the Scottish Football Authorities turning a blind eye to it all.
Absolute bullocks. Most people are brought up to know the difference between good and bad, but we have Scottish Football Authorities that could not give a **** between right and wrong and will allow one member club to do what it likes with impunity.
While the minimum punishment to Oldco Rangers for the illegal use of EBT’s and the resultant non registration of players should be “declared null and void – due to cheating”, I fully understand that other supporters want the titles reallocated in this instance.
Every Scottish Football supporter with the exception of those supporting Oldco Rangers/TRFC have been completely sold down the river by Scottish Football Authorities who could not care about Sporting Integrity.
Ignoring the SMSM who have been completely implicit in spreading the lies, deceit and cover up by the Scottish Football Authorities, every person involved in this sordid affair should be removed from their current position in Scottish Football.
It is absolutely imperative that we can find a way to ” rake over the coals ” to determine the whole truth into the most shameful event in Scottish Football history.
Until Sporting Integrity has been returned to Scottish Football, we cannot move on.
As for my clubs position – ” Not in my Name”

Two wrongs and a right
Scottish Championship penalties 2015/2016
The Rangers – 12 Penalties
All other 9 teams – 10 Penalties

Not at all sure that is correct.

Two wrongs and a right
As a Hibs supporter there are a number of observations resulting from the game played at Ibrox on Monday.
1. Hibs lost to the better team by producing a poor performance.
2. Fraser Fyvie deserves his 2 game ban for simulation of a “head knock”
3. Halliday should have received 2 red cards, one for the kick at Fyvie and one for the shoulder barge at Fyvie
4. Halliday’s appeal should be rejected by the SPFL and should be banned for violent conduct.
5. The offensive and illegal “party singing” by a minority of 40K TRFC supporters should be investigated by the 
    SPFL, SFA, and Police Scotland and appropriate action taken by all parties to ensure that these actions are 
   eradicated from Scottish Football for ever.
As we rapidly approach 2016, is there any possibility that Scottish Football Supporters will no longer have to be
subjected to this barrage of offensive singing from TRFC supporters at every game that they play.
I would like to think so, but know that the Scottish Football Authorities and Police Scotland will continue to do nothing with regards to this cancer in our game

LNS – A Summary
Tayred’s letter to Stewart Milne has hit the jackpot.
As a Hibs supporter/season ticket holder/shareholder Hibs are playing in the Scottish Championship on merit due to their relegation in season 2013/2014.
While I desperately want Hibs to return to the SPFL, it is absolutely imperative that this is achieved on “merit” only and not by some dodgy deals created in Hampden to enlarge the league to accommodate the “top” teams, or more importantly some new club from Govan.
This would be a complete absurdity and would also result in myself walking away from the sport I love.
The onlytwo words that should repeated by every fair minded football supporter in Scotland is “Sporting Integrity”, as without it the game is up.

Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?
As a Hibs supporter who has previously purchased shares in the club, which very quickly became worthless, I would welcome the opportunity to purchase further shares in my football club, provided that there is a proper management team in place with a fully detailed plan for the long term future of Hibs.

The one thing I would want to be no part of, would be being led up the garden path by a bunch of Spivs like the TRFC 2012 supporters, as there club is bled dry by people with no other thought than personal greed.

My one wish is that whoever is in charge of running Hibs, they only have the best interests of the club at heart.

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