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‘Rangers’ / TRFC has become a shibboleth.

There is a reason it cannot be called ‘Rangers FC Ltd.’ and instead it has to be called The Rangers Football club. The reason is to do with the consequences of cheating. And it is not something that anyone at Ibrox has any right to gloss over, far less try and finesse others into so doing.

The entity that currently inhabits edmiston drive is not the same Wavetower FC that won those 50 odd titles. Because if that were to be the case, then no footballl club anywhere could ever be compelled to behave in an any way honest manner ever again. Its that important.

The continuity was broken. To use an analogy: a substitute came off the bench and slotted into the place of a player that left the field of play. The first player left the field because a broken leg left him unable to continue. The broken leg was sustained in the commission of an egregious foul for which – by rights – he should have been dismissed with a red card anyway.

The substitute who took his place on the park may have the same surname. He may have a very similar sounding Christian name He may be tasked with the same role. He may behave in a similar manner. But he is not the same player. The number on his shirt is different.
And he isn’t on a hatrick like the player he replaced was. Trying to claim otherwise would only make him look foolish and dishonest.
And he hasn’t been booked like the player he replaced was. Lucky him!

I use TRFC because ‘The Rangers Football Club’ is their name.
They used to be called sevco,so that is acceptable too – like Muhammed Ali used to be called Cassius Clay. Same man, 2 names.
Rangers and TRFC are 2 distinct footballing entities with similar sounding names. Both currently still exist, but only one is still involved in the game. So calling TRFC Rangers would not be correct, nor – given the circumstances I have outlined, seemly or proper, in my view.

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Bonkers OCNC Thread
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June 20, 2014 at 1:06 am



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Exactly so.

Bonkers OCNC Thread
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…So how can we move on together?

The tried and tested method is to agree to disagree about irreconcilable differences and build trust by focusing on areas where there is potential for agreement:

I can immediately see 2 huge areas where there is real potential for the majority of TRFC fans to unite and agree wholeheartedly with the rest of Scots football, and speak together as one voice:

1. The governance is not fit for purpose and has failed the game. A public admission of failure, resignations and a plan to fix things and move forward is needed.
2. Ally McCoist is a mince footballing manager 👿 .

Bonkers OCNC Thread
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‘Jags’ could refer to ‘Partick’ or ‘Caley’.
‘Caley’ could refer to either Caledonian Thistle of old, or the new club ICT.
No objection to people using ‘Rangers’ as a shorthand. It would be laughable to try and stop bears talking about sevco as ‘the gers’.
But there is a constituency that wants to airbrush from history an episode which damaged the sport massively and from which important lessons have unfortunately still to be learned.
These are the people that need a great big ‘THE’ to remind them of this fact.
When/if those lessons are actually learned, I shall feel alot less strident about policing my acronyms
It all comes down to context.

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The Offline Game
Here’s why the TOG report should desperately concern every fan of Scottish football. Here is why this is not some Celtic obsession.Let’s (for the sake of argument) leave the events of 2012 behind us and all move on together arm in arm with a spirit of cameraderie and good natured competition, come one, come all, TRFC fans and allcomers… hail fellows well met…Wind forward a few months to April 2017. Its been a mixed season on the park for TRFC and a very bad one off it. Legal bills, unforeseen costs and some straw breaks teh camel back. Another insolvency looms, but the board so thi scoming and a CVA looks possible this time.o among us has any confidence that our administrators would act without fear or favourIt could happen. But… oops… an insolvency means a points deduction. And a points deduction might mean relegation. Who upon reading  the TOG report could have any confidence that our adminsitrators would not intervene unfairly to prevent such an occurrence?Who among us (CFC fans probably excepted by virtue of league strength) can be sure that it would not be our club – who played by the rules that should apply equally to all –  that was unfairly relegated instead? Why would I turn up for an alleged sporting contest where this very possibility was even countenanced?Not I!

The Offline Game
Good stuff!
I’m still catching up after an enforced absence due to family circumstances, but glad to be able to get back to this.
And so – in summary – where do we find ourselves today?
Well to buy a ST – or even a match ticket, or not? That is the salient question.
And the answer is – for me – overwhelmingly : Not.

And Why?

The game is conspicuously rigged. And rigged by the very people who were charged with keeping it honest.

And we are being kept in ignorance of this fact.

And Kept in ignorance by the actions of the very people who should be charged with keeping us informed.

Its all gone a bit North Korea in Scottish football.

So its perhaps not surprising that fans like me will be ‘heading South’ so to speak.

Shame. There’s alot to like about ICTFC.
If they could only find an honest league to play in, things would be rosy indeed!

Whose assets are they anyway?
There is a way forward. 
A new rangers logo. 
An rfc crest 
Cheated. (Sorry) 
That would circumvent the mash ip issue, reconcile Scottish football. 
It’s not the desire to punish former rfc fans (hail fellow John james, well met) that motivates me. There but for the grace of God and all that. No time for the knuckle draggers. But without a blatant nod in the direction of the cheating that was tolerated hitherto, games a bogey for all of us. We are here to compete against ranjurs. On a level playing field. We lose fair and square so be it. But when you tilt the park until you are sure to win, as you did for a decade, be sure to keep your nadgers out of range! We are not kicking you when you are down. We are pulling you by your exposed scrotum back into the real world from a mental illness that had consumed you and hurt us. The appropriate response is gratitude. Hint.

The Case for a New SFA.
Viz top tip:
Are you a Scottish sports journalist or fan of Ibrox club struggling to understand the meaning of the word “liquidation”? 
Simply Google ” Redcar steelworks”.
Then grow a pair. 
And stop insulting the intelligence of everyone else in the world and spare a thought for some genuine victims who were not the architects of their own downfall. 

The Case for a New SFA.
EPL pricing out fans.
It Will not end well.
Economics 101
Addicted die hard fans are already deserting the Bollinger of Stamford bridge for the Buckie of lower league outfits. Have you seen the price of an EPL season ticket?
And all it takes is one EU or TTIP legal challenge and TV money is vapour! 
And what does that leave?
Unpaid bills and dishonoured contracts. 

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