Celtic’s Champions League windfall is a bonus for Scottish football, not a handicap


Why were Paul Murrays Knights templar trying to save Rangers …

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Why were Paul Murrays Knights templar trying to save Rangers from liquidation, apparently liquidation does not count in football, from what i have read in our press they were just put down a few divisons, and became debt free, put down for what i do not know or undestand, the media said they never did nothing.
Sounds like a good bit of business to me if you want rid of debt, i mean they do not have to pay the taxman and nothing has changed. They might have lost a wee bit of ground and had to put their 55 plan on hold but surely it must be worth it. 
You would think everyone from their granny to the tea lady would want to invest in this debt free, intact history club, and you  would expect them to be challenging again and accumulating debt if they need to as they could simply take another wee vacation if they fell on their arses in debt,cannot see any reason for it not been done again, according to the MSM it never had any impact, nobody was shafted in the football circles all the clubs were paid their debt.
Funny how a new company had to pay off another companies football debts but not the shareholders or publics debts or the taxmans debts, funny old game this football.

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Celtic’s Champions League windfall is a bonus for Scottish football, not a handicap
John ClarkSeptember 6, 2017 at 23:55
Hey, steady,bigboab! less of the ‘again’:the new club has never been liquidated before.
Whit am i like,well you can always dream16

Celtic’s Champions League windfall is a bonus for Scottish football, not a handicap
jimboSeptember 5, 2017 at 21:05 
ps, Check BigBoab’s post above,  5 TDs.  WHY?  Come on here and discuss it.

Jimbo, who cares mate hail hail the SFA two R and D are scumbags and i could not give a shit about Scotland whilst they run the show. I am a proud Scotsman but to be proud and true you have to have morals and be prepared to stand by them.Whilst they are in the nest there is a smell of shite and i do not want to be tainted with the smell.We are watching tax dodgers and complicit organisations destroy our game and people are wishing these two to get a free holiday in Russia all expenses paid from over priced corruption, nah mate i’ll stick to Celtic and wait till these two farts are hosed away.
Anyway my wee rant was why should the parents pay more than the weans to watch the same pish that if they had the choice would not entertain.

Celtic’s Champions League windfall is a bonus for Scottish football, not a handicap
Why are parents charged more than the kids when thety take them to an event. it costs a parent more to watch a shitty cartoon or movie they do not want to see, but have to go or their kid does not get in.

Scotland international games parents are more advanced 20 years of not qualifying and know the product is pish and they do not want to go out on a pishy Monday night, therfore, why do they have to pay more than the kid who is not aware Regan is a knobend and the games are crap.11

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Questions, questions, questions

Interesting the new Therangers top does not include the 5 stars, More puzzling is if they claim to be the old that they do not display a star to signify the achievement of the European Cup winners cup star as like Aberdeen do with their two stars to signify European success.

Questions, questions, questions
John Clark 16th May 2022 At 01:02

“Vernallen 15th May 2022 At 17:29
‘.., the club formed in 2012, would be level with Celtic on European trophies, not one up as Keevins writes.’
Ach, I wouldnae bother with what , to me masel and in my opinion, is a tiresome auld scunner of a football hack. He bought into the absurd nonsense that RFC of 1872 is not in Liquidation, ”

I don’t think a man of his intelligence bought into the lie, more I think he helped with others to create it in order to protect his wages and ensure that some sort of old firm is kept alive to protect sports hacks from been made redundant, The man is a snake oil salesman who looks down on people who are more intellegent and clever in their opinions reyling on facts and refuse to lie for the wonga.

Questions, questions, questions
If it was revealed that the SFA decieved the public which in turn had implications for shareholders, would DD not been in breach of his duties to his and the clubs shareholders, which would make DD gulty, IMO, within the companies acts regulations.

Questions, questions, questions
Toffee accounts


Questions, questions, questions
John Clark 19th March 2022 At 22:41

I’ve just been reading the nonsense about TRFC being RFC of 1872 at this link

Official Site

That url link https://sydneysupercup.com.au/# about this tournament and the printed contents within are the biggest load of shite i have read for a long while. 55 is a lie for obvious reasons. same team as old is a lie for obvious reasons , demoted is another lie as the club never existed after liquidation to be demoted unless it achieved a CVA.
If this was world war 2 and German propaganda you could understand the reason for the lies and the need for morale; but it’s not it’s peactime and this is simply football and the death of an incorporated football club, They died end of and the evidence is easily obtainable for anyone interested.

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