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Ryan/BB We need to draw a line under this right now. …

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We need to draw a line under this right now. This discussion has been moved to this thread (as previous comments have) because we can’t allow spats to take up the main blog.

Ryan, try to keep your powder dry on this and trust the mods to do their jobs. It doesn’t help if we keep stoking the fires.

BB, the length of a post is immaterial. If it goes against the guidelines of the blog, it has to go. Ryan’s history of comment on the blog is neither here nor there as far as I am concerned – but it’s of no interest to readers who are quite capable of coming to their own conclusions.

We are going to have to agree to disagree on the reasons why I took the action I did a few days ago. We have no doubts that it was the correct one.

It is a pity it has come to this, but my inference is that your post was an attack on another poster. It was also the inference drawn by a good many folk. I thought that this might have been enough for you to see that at worst you had been misunderstood, but subsequent comments you have made, including the one above have only confirmed my initial impression.

I admire your certitude. Perhaps the tone is the problem rather than the message, but I think we have all agreed in the past that the tone is important.

Hopefully we will be able to move on from this, but I fear there is more hope than expectation that we will.

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Comment Moderation Thread
Not quite causaludendi,

A couple of posts (this morning not this afternoon), the first of which was an OT non sequitur attempting to introduce sectarianism into the debate, were removed. Only the first of those posts was worthy of moderation. The other was simply following on from it and was also removed. The author of the second post (Blether veteran ianagain) was mailed with an explanation.

Neither praised the behaviour of Rangers fans, although the second pointed to an absence of sectarian singing.

Although it does beg the question, “why on earth would we over-zealously remove posts which were positive about TRFC?”; and I am dismayed that one of our regulars would assume it to be so.

Comment Moderation Thread
Actually one example of evolving moderation is the collective decision to allow the Dundee United / Celtic debate to take place. Mods had been accused of over-Nannying the blog and we did try to take that on board.

Comment Moderation Thread
On the current debate with respect to one sentence of a post being removed;

1. The removal of the sentence was indicated on the post.

2. The sentence in question mentioned an historic incident involving Neil Lennon. Not the first time that the poster in question has traduced the former Celtic manager. “Thug” was one word used previously.
The mod in question removed it and checked with me right away. I agreed with him that the intention the sentence was to inflame the debate (trolling in other words), and its removal did not change the ostensible sentiment of the comment.

3. There is no question of naming individual mods. Our experience of trolls is that they will simply move the debate to PMs (or the comment moderation thread) if they are indulged.

4. We simply have no time to notify people when a post is removed/edited. Seriously, 99% of the time people who are affected are well aware of the reason for moderation. My guess is that the figure is actually 100%, but that some choose to make an issue out of it.

5. As ecobhoy says, the issue here is the refusal to accept that the mods are acting in good faith. And he is correct in that if an error is made we try to make good on that. Moderation policy evolves in concert with trolling strategies, and from learning from our mistakes.

6. If we had 10p for everyone who claims their comment’s removal proves beyond doubt that this is a Celtic or anti-Celtic forum, we wouldn’t be making pleas for funds. We do have an imbalance in the sense that Celtic fans are the biggest constituency of our active membership (although not a majority). Consequently moderation is sometimes tricky, but made all the more difficult when trolls hijack the debate. I think some of the posts removed (not moved) this morning more than justify the mod’s suspicions.

7. I clearly have more time on my hands than usual 🙂

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