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Gabby says: March 21, 2015 at 9:10 am ======================= I agree that when …

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Gabby says:
March 21, 2015 at 9:10 am

I agree that when a post is edited, the Mods should leave some trace of their action. And I have always thought that where a post is deleted, the Mods should make that fact known to the poster, either privately, or by a note on the forum at the place where the post would have been.

As regards providing reasons for posts being deleted or edited, I can see that the Mods simply don’t have the resouces to go down that road.

On your own post, I’ll try to help, because I think I can see why it was edited. You say that as a fact, a player simulated a dive following a foul by himself, the dive getting an opponent sent off. That’s fine in the abstract, you and I could watch the video of the incident a few times and agree that’s what happened, no doubt. That does not turn our opinion into fact, however, and the player being accused might well disagree with our conclusions. At that point this forum is wide open to legal action for defamation. So my advice is that it’s best not to name names at all, or if you do, qualify it as “in my opinion”.

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Comment Moderation Thread
I’m not sure if this is the correct place for this, but here goes anyway.

I’m in a state of confusion (and not just the general one that Mrs NH points out daily) regarding the posting of links to external sites, such as blogs, newspapers, etc. and the alternative approach of doing copy and paste routine with other people’s stuff.

Would it be possible to draw up clear guidance on the subject, so that we can have a consistent approach, without the risk of any copyright infringement problems for the forum or its members?.

Comment Moderation Thread
jimbo says:
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August 3, 2015 at 6:09 pm

Starman, Can’t see anything about it in the Moderation thread, although I don’t know how that thread works, seems a lot of questions are left unanswered.

Why don’t you state your post in a different way?


I have no issue with moderation, but I do get a bit annoyed when a post disappears without explanation, or even any indication that it ever existed.

I would suggest that a simple comment in place of the post, on the lines of “this post was removed by the moderators” would be helpful. I do understand that the mods probably don’t have the time to provide a detailed explanation in every case, but then, I have no idea how many posts get removed. I think most people will understand the reason for moderation (even if they don’t agree with it), and only a limited number will want any further explanation.

In ths instance, I read Starman’s very eloquent post, and was surprised to find it had been removed shortly afterwards. Maybe I missed some potential libel, or whatever- that’s why I couldn’t be a moderator 😳 😳 .

Comment Moderation Thread
Apologies TSFM, if I stirred the pot. I was trying (in a very incompetent way) to cool things down.

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Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
The Celtic Board have a huge shareholder majority behind them regarding any actions they take, or don't take. The Board can argue convincingly that any financial loss suffered by Celtic over the Res12 issue, is more than compensated for by the continued existence of a football environment in which the PLC makes pots of money.

That football environment is predicated upon the continuation of the "Old Firm" at any price. Part of that price (in the Board's view) is allowing the deep corruption at the heart of the SFA to continue unreformed. 

I am not an advocate for any of this, far from it. I walked away years ago, over Ogilvie's enthronement for a second term as SFA President, unopposed by Celtic. That episode, forgotten no doubt by most on here, was the writing on the wall for me.

Everything that has happened since  has confirmed me in my view that the Celtic Board have no intention whatsoever of rocking the boat. I can understand why. But it sticks in my craw, and always will. 

Honesty has no price, in my world. To say that Celtic were totally unaware of the contents of the 5 Way Agreement? Sorry chaps on the Board, but I'm not buying that one.

These days I watch St Roch's when I can. That's football for me now. A breath of clean air.




Is Regan a DIDDY?
This is worth a read on the Morelos transfer saga- apologies if already posted.

Is Regan a DIDDY?
I see that Sir Walter is being touted for the Scotland manager vacancy. I can fully understand why the deadly duo of Jack and Jackson are pushing this so hard.
TRFC are (as always) in some financial difficulty, despite having a squad containing galacticos in the £8m bracket. They need to get the paper value of that squad even higher, to encourage the Real Rangers Men to come forward with donations (sorry, loans). Their children’s inheritance will seem so much safer if the club has some valuable tradeable assets on its books.
This is where Walter comes in. A few international caps can do wonders for the value of even the most pitiful dumpling. Just watch, as caps are doled out to every player in the TRFC squad who has a Scottish qualification. Look on in wonder as TRFC squad value is doubled or trebled in a matter of months.
That’s the plan, folks. Desperate men, desperate measures, and all that. Shame about the better players edged out of the Scotland reckoning, an even bigger shame for the Tartan Army, who will see any prospects of Euro/World Cup qualification go up in smoke.
By the way, I agree entirely with Homunculus regarding JJ’s latest. Whether true or not, it is a disgraceful piece. 

The Elephant in the Room
From Twitter. This made me laugh on a cold winter morning


The Elephant in the Room
I may be wrong but I understand the loans to be viewed as money taken from the company
I may be wrong but I understand the loans to be viewed as money taken from the company –HMRC Guide 1. OverviewA director’s loan is when you (or other close family members) get money from your company that isn’t:a salary, dividend or expense repaymentmoney you’ve previously paid into or loaned the company– please advise?
That HMRC advice relates to the common situation where directors borrow money from their company. Here RIFC (or TRFC?) has borrowed money from its directors.

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