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Tris, Thanks for the reply, it is genuinely appreciated. As is …

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Thanks for the reply, it is genuinely appreciated. As is the thankless task of moderation that you (and others) perform, without which I have no doubt that the blog would have foundered long before now.

I had caught sight of the dreaded, highly contentious ‘S’ word but didn’t mention it for fear of becoming part of a discussion that we weren’t meant to be having.

As I said I had only skimmed over so wasn’t properly aware of content or context and that was the reason for posing the question. It is frustrating trying to read the blog when outside influences (namely work, so shouldn’t really complain too much! ?) prove a constant hinderance.

I hope you don’t think I was questioning the motivation of your moderation or suggesting any ulterior motive as nothing could be further from my mind. I should probably refrain from looking at the blog until I am settled and able to give it my full attention and that way I won’t be quite so confused – heaven-knows I’m bad enough at times! 😳 😆

Keep up the good work! ?

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Comment Moderation Thread
Self moderating here, but is there a reason for the, what appears to be slightly over-zealous moderation this afternoon? There are a few posts I’ve seen in the passing that are no longer there. From a quick glance they appeared to be praising the behaviour of the fans at ibrox. As the yoof are so fond of saying; “hashtag” :irony:

Comment Moderation Thread
Has the PM facility been removed?? All I get is the message ‘Page not found’ ?!

Comment Moderation Thread
Hmmm, where to start?!

Jack, you know that you are swimming against the tide here. I can feel empathy towards the position you find yourself in. I have disagreed with a lot of what you have said over the period of time I have ‘known you’ through this blog. But, as I stated in a very early spat we had, I will defend and back your right to an alternative view to the hilt (which, even to me seems a bit perverse considering I may not agree with said view!)

Having read what you sent to me I must confess to finding it a lot less contentious than I thought it was going to be. I thought it would be earth-shatteringly explosive. Not in my eyes.

By the same token do not take that as a ringing endorsement of your ‘key-rattling’! By naming individuals you almost asked the mods to censure you, akin to a child being told not to take a biscuit but taking one anyway whilst smirking at the parent!

I agree that at times the level of moderation is puzzling. And it certainly does come across as exhibiting favouritism at times. In my own mind I put that down to different mods being on shift at different times, thereby demonstrating what people often fail to take into account when discussing/criticising a lot of our subject matter – an individuals’ perception. I myself have been censured for trying to raise a point I felt worthy of discussion only to see the same point being posted on by others with no apparent similar restrictions enforced. Different mods, different views, different perceptions? So yes, it can be frustrating when it seems that ‘he can talk about it so why can’t I’.

I’m no big hitter on here. I most certainly know my place in the cheap seats, hanging on to the coat-tails of the great and the good whilst sticking my neb in now and again. But for what it’s worth, I really don’t think there was any need for TSFM to take your post above piece by piece writing what (s)he did. It comes across as a bit puerile and, personally, I find it unbecoming.

I think it would be good to realise though Jack, that although there is a large contingent of Celtic supporters on here there are surprises in amongst the regulars. I thought I had most sussed out in my early days of visiting the site but, even still I find the odd surprise when an allegiance is declared. It’s worth remembering that not everyone who abhors what has happened and indeed continues to happen within Scottish football, it’s governance, and it’s coverage in the media does so due to a hatred of all things “Rangers”. Unfortunately for supporters like yourself, it just so happens that a large majority of the bad things have involved your team, hence drawing the ire of a cross section of fans.

And finally, I saw your post talking of ‘…exposing it for what it is’, or words to that effect. I was a bit bemused and amused in equal measure at that one. I put that down to the blogging equivalent of flicking the bird at TSFM in a touch of pique?! Happens to us all!

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To Comply or not to Comply ?

To Comply or not to Comply ?

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
WRT DUFC selling off the GA Arena (over the road from Tannadice), it is reported on the Club’s website that the contract of sale includes an option for the club to buy it back in due course for no personal gain to the purchaser, Mr Martin.

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
Queen of the South’s statement re. the rescheduling of the game at Tannadice. More proof that the SPFL don’t give a damn for the paying customer, the fans – the lifeblood of the game:
Club Statement with Respect to Dundee United RearrangementQueen of the South can confirm that we have been ordered to return to Dundee to play Dundee United this coming Tuesday March 6th to try again to play the game postponed last Tuesday. We can also confirm that as a club we are very disappointed with this decision and have made representations to both the SPFL and Dundee United. We accept the circumstances on Tuesday night were unfortunate and largely out of everyone’s control. However, having made a hazardous return trip on Tuesday, with the travel restrictions still in place around the country, most of the weekend’s football already postponed and continued forecasts of snow for the next seven days we find the decision to insist on us making another lengthy trip on the immediate Tuesday ridiculous. In particular, having been informed of this decision this morning despite having already made our objections clear, having to make travel arrangements on three days notice is far from ideal and expecting supporters to arrange time off work to make a lengthy midweek trip on two working days notice is not fair on them either. Our players have been unable to meet for training so far this week since Monday and there are no guarantees of them being able to do so any time soon. Officials from both clubs discussed possible rearrangement dates on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and, although Dundee United were keen to go for an immediate rearrangement, we noted there were four other available midweeks between now and the end of the season, which left ample opportunity for a later rearrangement even allowing for the subsequent postponement of United’s match with St Mirren this evening. We cannot understand the need for this game to be immediately rearranged and note that, as far as we are aware, no other games postponed this week have been ordered to be rearranged immediately. We are disappointed as a club that no account seems to be taken on this occasion by the governing body of the difficulties there may be in a 300 mile round trip in darkness and bad weather for both supporters and staff.

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
MACFURGLYFEBRUARY 28, 2018 at 16:59

That piece is strewn with grammatical errors and seems to have a fair few ‘chopped’ words. One would think the mouse was moving too quickly during a copy and paste exercise?!

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