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Moderation is just like being a referee. There are a …

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Moderation is just like being a referee. There are a set of basic rules and anyone who transgresses commits a foul. The referee is the sole arbiter of what constitutes a breach of rules. If you cannot accept the rulings of the referee then take your ball and go play somewhere else. What constitutes rough but fair play to one ref can be construed as a foul by another. It would help improve posting if some indication was left in the thread to alert others to foul play.
eg, swearing, trolling, ad hominen,

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On Grounds for Judicial Review
The time has come to form a conclave of the best minds in Scottish football who seek integrity in Scottish football. Forgive me if I miss someone out but since the tragic and untimely death of Paul McConnell I’d propose a brains trust of (in no particular order) Phil McG, James Forrest, Auldheid, JohnJames, BRTH ,The Mensch and RTC et al to brief the QC employed by Celtic . We will only get one chance to find justice and it has to be awesome. 

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
April is a momentous month for Sevco. Dave King ignoring the TAB and refusing to buy out shares. The Supreme Court ruling against the Oldclub liquidators.The 3 Amigos getting compensation and contracts upheld. Getting beaten twice in a week by Celtic. What more will happen?

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
If thousands of pounds worth of criminal damage was caused by Sevco supporters to Celtic Park then Sevco will obviously and legally have to recompense Celtic FC for the cost of repairs. That is a given. Sevco could then seek to recover money from any guilty parties. I would not welcome such people back into the stadium for a second time. Celtic FC should demand a $1,000,000 bond being lodged by Sevco prior to any Sevco ticket allocation in 2017.

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
When Sevco come to Celtic Park for the first time they should be welcomed. Their sectarian supporters should be shunned. Sadly the women’s refuges and the casualty departments are always filled to capacity when any version of a “rangers” lose to Celtic. They will be very busy Saturday night.

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
In 2012 the Scottish media were in agreement. Rangers died. I’ve seen their front page headlines. Now they try to promote the survival myth. This reminds me of an event in Jerusalem nearly 2000 years ago. That was a miracle.
The Scots legal system, UEFA and common sense agree that life after death is impossible.
There has been no miracle in 2012. 
I cannot stop a new club calling itself any name but my intelligence tells me that the new club will soon play their first ever game at Celtic Park. I expect the match programme to reflect this truth.

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