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I’m totally not understanding this. Read Starman’s posts above …

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I’m totally not understanding this. Read Starman’s posts above nothing harmfull. And Neepheid’s too?

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Comment Moderation Thread
Glad to see the back of those TUs & TDs.  I lost count of the amount of innocuous posts that got TDs, and I’m not just talking about me.  I think they could be used to be disrespectful because of the posters club allegiance alone.

And I agree with Tris. I think it encourages posters (lurkers) to be lazy.  TD it and job done!  Instead of engaging with a couple of lines giving an alternative view.

Not even sure if I would have any ratings, but the stars are better than previous.

Comment Moderation Thread
Pig Pink you seem to have double standards when dealing with certain posters on here.  You pulled what I thought was an innocuous post from here when I replied to a comment by Hoopy 7.    I followed that up by giving you the benefit of the doubt and apologised in case I had transgressed.   Did I get an explanation or an acknowledgement?

The very next post was BB and YOU were apologising to HIM for blanking part of his post.  BB is btw one of my favourite posters.

I earlier posted about poor refereeing in Scotland in general and the SFA.  You were not happy that refereeing came up as a topic but let Auldheid (Whom I greatly admire) off with it:

“Auldheid’s contributions are tangentially related of course, but in a more general sense.”

My post was also in a general sense.

You got favourites BP?

Now that you have made the case, it would appear so!

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Questions, questions, questions
How come my ‘thumbs up’ vote does not register. ie the number remains the same?

In fact I just gave John’s last post a thumbs up there and the 1 vote already recorded – disappeared!

In the Service of Fools
Happy New Year when it comes John and everyone on SFM.

Here we go again
Suffice to say his ‘expertise’ was damaging both On the pitch as well as Off it!

Here we go again
Couldn’t agree more John. But out of respect for this site the least I say about Peter Lawwell -especially after last night – and his role at Celtic the better!

Here we go again
I’ve always thought it a good thing for Scottish football to have representation at European level – EUFA etc.
I read recently that Peter Lawwell is still going to hang around the Celtic board in order to maintain his role at the ECA.
I’m at a loss as to what on earth he could bring to the table which would benefit Scottish football or Celtic!

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