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BP, I see my comment @1.31, has an “Awaiting Moderation” notice. Strange, …

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I see my comment @1.31, has an “Awaiting Moderation” notice.

Strange, when it accuses nobody of anything other than questioning how a decision could be reached with so little scrutiny of information given in court.

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Comment Moderation Thread
Could you explain to me to what are you referring here.

“TtT, you know ad hominem stuff is off limits. Please address the issues without the invective.Also we have a Mods thread for moderation issues.Tris”

Wasn’t me

On the first moderated part of my post, I was referring to your tone of excusing MW for being unfamiliar with the media.
Tell me you were not being disingenuous.

I wasn’t being disingenuous

You suggested an equivalence in treatment of the two managers, by offering a mitigating factor in MW’s case.

No I didn’t.

You could have said that Mr. Warburton was enjoying the benefit of a friendly media, as had every manager of the former club throughout history and especially, his immediate predecessor.

I could have said that – except I don’t believe it to be 100% true – and it wasn’t the point I was making. The point of having a blog is so we can all say what we think personally – not shoehorn our own position into a space we think others will occupy.
What I said had no tone attached to it – and I think if you read it again carefully, you would agree with that.
I think your problem has more to do with what you inferred from what I didn’t say rather than what I said. Also, the tone of your reply (which I haven’t seen) is what caused it to be moderated (or so I have been informed)

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On Grounds for Judicial Review
BLUAUGUST 16, 2017 at 12:09
Thanks for the reply.
Not only were Celtic restricted in their business, but other clubs, like Hearts,who were denied a Euro place, due to granting of a licence under dubious circumstances.
Events have caught up with our exchanges, in that the Celtic Supporters Ass. reps have just reported on a meeting they had with Doncaster and Mc.Kenzie.
I don’t think that Celtic have officially called for a JR, but there are moves afoot to seek one.
Auldheid and BRTH are the men to explain what is happening there.
It was disclosed at that meeting that although Celtic were the only club to call for an Independent review publicly, the SPFL Board, with the support of the clubs, backed the call.
Fear is the reason that none of them spoke out. Memories of the trouble that visited Raith Rovers, after Turnbull Hutton’s stance, including an attempt to burn Starks Park.
Celtic’s power in Scottish football translates to one vote in the chambers of power.
Same as every other club…and so it should.
However, any business, and football is a business, should have the right to develop their enterprises in a fair market.
Scottish football has not been that for at least the last twenty years. It is the SFA’s responsibility to ensure the conditions prevail that all clubs can operate to their own limits, without the nonsense that they have protected and sanctioned.
They have been found out and exposed.
If they are unwilling or unable to reform, then they have to go. If not, then I would like my club to leave their corrupt operations.
Not feasible, I know, but it is the only honourable option.
It is not a Celtic v TRFC thing, even though many would like it to be seen as such.
It is up to 41 clubs to see that your Armageddon scenario doesn’t happen.
I don’t think I can add any more to the subject…..for now!

On Grounds for Judicial Review
JOHN CLARKAUGUST 15, 2017 at 23:36

Amen to that.#serendipity.

On Grounds for Judicial Review
BLUAUGUST 15, 2017 at 14:38

To date, I may be wrong, but Celtic are the only club to publicly state their disquiet at the silence from the authorities, re any ramifications of the Supreme Court verdict.
They have asked for a review of the LNS conclusions. They also expressed concern at the time.
It would appear that all other clubs are happy to operate under the status quo, even though it has been exposed as a corrupt sham.
The grounds for seeking to leave are connected to the inability to pursue their business in an open and fair environment, which can have a detrimental effect on investors and shareholders, as well as an emotional effect on supporters.
Recent events have shown how physically unsafe Ibrox is and that is before you consider structural safety.
There is no appetite, there’s that word again, either in political. football or media circles to push for meaningful change and certainly not amongst “diddy”, (your word, not mine) clubs.
Personally, I think that those are enough grounds to kick the dust of Scottish football from our heels.
As to whom you apply and where do you go, that is the uanswerable question.
It would have to be by invitation, as in the case of Derry City, when their playing invironment became intolerable.
It would all be needless,if the aforementioned stakeholders, for once, acted in the name of integrity and for the proper good of the game.

On Grounds for Judicial Review
Sometimes, very rarely, actually, I have a certain sympathy for Scottish journalists.
I think their main fault is in trying to keep hold of their job in a small theatre of action.
None of them are free to write whatever they want. They are controlled by editors and owners.
In Scotland, that is about two or three entities.
Anyone scribe who submits a critical piece on the glaring issues in the game, would first of all find his article spiked….closely followed by his P45 on his desk.

As in the game in general, the supporter, reader, customer, is the one with the ultimate power.
Another wee thought.
In the absence of any vocal demand from the other 40 clubs, for a proper J R,
Would Celtic have a case to present to ? for relocation?
As thing stands, Scottish football is not a fair or safe place for the club to conduct it’s business.
All that would be unnecessary if the combined authorities in Scotland acted in a manner that would cleanse the game from all it’s evils.

On Grounds for Judicial Review
It is difficult to reject the idea, in light of the now transparent breaches of the Law of the Land and of Football, that should the football authorities and ALL clubs not seek to cleanse the game of the practices that facilitated the misdemeanors, that a club, who feel that they are the main victims, should seek fresh pastures.
(Sorry for the long sentence, but I couldn’t get off it!)
Sorry also for being parochial, but, at the outset, I claimed that my club, Celtic, had only two options open to them, if they were not going to be seen as complicit in events and condoning them, much like an innocent, deceived spouse who continues to live with the deceiver.
Those options were to relocate to another League, if any would have them,like Derry City,
Shut the shop and say that the cheats have won, like Belfast Celtic.
Unless the SFA/SPFL are called to account, to continue to be a member club is condoning the actions by default.
I may add that neither of my options are feasible, therefore unless meaningful change is effected, then all clubs will be complicit in condoning the actions of the governing bodies.

Trish, you’ve got mail.

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