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I see my post of this morning has been pulled,why. YHAL That …

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I see my post of this morning has been pulled,why.

That WAS me so I can answer. You were having a go with a broad brush at Hearts fans. SFM isn’t a vehicle for that. Your comment was unnecessary, provocative, and untrue – as were your subsequent remarks (which have been deleted).

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Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
Whats to stop Scottish based VAR operators from having honest mistakes just like the match officials,we would probably need an external VAR operator to monitor the Scottish based operators,I know ,I know,now wheres my replay button.

We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
Can someone clarify where a pitch starts and ends ,is it the playing surface only does it encompass the advertising hoardings when exactly does it become a pitch “invasion “young supporters  who struggle to see much of the game from their disadvantaged positions then celebrate a game winning goal and want to hug their Captain who had been getting  booed for  the past fifteen minutes of the game,pitch invasion indeed here in Scotland we don’t have pitch invasions,oh wait a minute 

We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
Another referee getting the treatment,they will be shouting for officials from Mars next and then Willie Column to be brought back if that doesn’t work,they really are howling at the moon

We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
Where does this leave Madden as he had as clear a view as you would ever get 

We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
I vaguely remember Celtic being awarded 3 pens at Pittodrie a few years back missing two and being beaten on the day referee being Willie Young

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